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Hapton Golf Club, Burnley, Lancashire. (1923 - 1941)

The following report appeared in the Burnley Express on Saturday 31st March 1923:-

“A few weeks ago the Burnley Golf Club decided to cease operations at Hapton, and the course and clubhouse have now been taken over on very generous terms from the old club - by Harpton and Padiham residents principally.

The first general meeting was held in the pavilion on Saturday. There was a good attendance and the following officials were elected; President, Mr C P Riley; captain, W Helm J.P; council – E Riley, G Park, Adams, Graham, Shoesmith and H Park; secretary, W Clayton. Tennis secretary, F Park. It was decided to impose no entrance fee for the current year, and the annual subscription was fixed at £3 for gentlemen and 25/- for ladies. The fee for country members, radius 10 miles, was fixed at 21/-, and fees for juniors, under 18, were to be £1/1s for boys and 12/6 for girls. The first competition will take place on May 5th against bogey for a box of golf balls given by Mr Helm."

In the mid 1920s the secretary was W Clayton, South View, Hapton and the greenkeeper A Rigby. Hapton was a 9 hole course with a membership of 120. The amateur course record was held by C Slotton (73). Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day, 2/- at weekend and 5/- a week.

The following members represented Hapton in the East Lancashire Golf Association Scratch Shield competition in June 1930; J P Cosgrove, 85; C Shotton, 81; R Kay, 82; H Eatough, 81.

The final of the President’s Cup was played on Saturday 16th August 1930 over 36 holes. The finalists were B Kay and H Eatough , both playing off a handicap of 4. Mr Kay went round the first nine holes in 36, one under bogey, and was 3up. At the eighteenth hole he was 4up and maintained the lead to the 27th. Mr Eatough also played some excellent golf but eventually Mr Kay won by 5 and 4. In the evening a mixed foursome was held with a very good entry. The first prize winners were Mrs Baker and Mr Scars. Miss Westall and G Large were second and Mrs P Riley and Mr Clayton third. A potato-pie supper followed, and the captain, Mr G Large, presented the prizes among which was a handsome tripod of silver golf clubs mounted on an ebony stand which was presented to Percy Riley for recently achieving a hole in one on the third.

The AGM was held in the pavilion on Saturday 11th April 1931, W W Helm JP., in the chair. Mr Driver presented the balance sheet which showed a loss of £22/13s/3d. The loss was mainly due to the making of a new green, the installation of gas and alterations to the premises. The secretary presented his report and stated that there were now 130 members. He regretted the departure of two of the clubs best players Messrs. Shotton and Eastough. The following officers were elected; W W Helm, president; E Sears, captain; J Driver, vice-captain; W Clayton, secretary; Messrs. Park and Schofield elected to the council. 

Below is the result of a match played at Great Harwood on Saturday 11th July 1931. 

Great Harwood Golf Club   Hapton Golf Club  
F Haworth 0 E Sears 1
R Mercer 1 B Kay 0
F Hartley 1 H Park 0
Dr Hawke Genn 1 W P Clayton 0
J Wilson 1 G Large 0
D Mercer 0 W Clayton 1
A Robinson 1 P Riley 0
W Derbyshire 0 J Driver 1
C Mercer 1 C Clucas 0
E Ratcliffe 1 J K Jones 0
H Whittaker (Half) 0 W M Mellor (Half) 0
J T Procter 0 J H Evans 1
  7   4

In August 1931 the final for the captain’s prize, a handsome rose-bowl, presented by Mr E Sears, was won by B Kay who beat H Park by 4 and 2.

In 1932/3 the secretary was W Clayton and the green-keeper A Rigby. Amateur course record by H Eatough 69. The club had a membership of 130. Visitors’ fees 2/- a day, 2/6 at weekend, 5/- a week. 

Below is the result of a club match played at Hapton against Great Harwood in May 1933.  

Hapton Golf Club   Great Harwood Golf Club  
J Schofield 0 A Woods 1
A E Clucas (half) 0 C Mercer (half) 0
B Kay 1 R Mercer 0
W P Clayton (half) 0 J Wilson (half) 0
H Park 1 D Wilson 0
J Driver 1 A Robinson 0
P Riley 1 P Haworth 0
J K Jones (half) 0 J Hope (half) 0
J Duerden 1 J R Lee 0
B Kay & W P Clayton 1 J Clayton & R Mercer 0
P Riley & J Driver 1 J Wilson & P Haworth 0
H Park & A E Clucas o D Mercer & F Hartley 1
J K Jones & J Duerdan 0 A Robinson & J Hope 1
E Sears & J Schofield 0 C Mercer & A Woods 1
  7   4

Report on the annual meeting in April 1935.


Hapton Golf Club, Burnley. Report on the annual meeting held in April 1935.

Burnley Express Saturday 20th April 1935. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1935 the amateur course record was held by H Eatough( 69). Visitors’ fees were now 2/- a day, 2/6 at weekend and 5/- a week.

In 1940 the secretary was B Kay, 74 Manchester Road, Hapton.Still a  9 hole course with a SSS of 70 and membership of 130. Fees were as before. The station at Hapton was 7 minutes away.

The following report is from the Burnley Express Saturday April 5th 1941. “Hapton golf course is to be ploughed up in the next few weeks and the club officials have decided to disband. The decision was reached with some regret as the club was in a flourishing condition with 70 members and a substantial bank balance. A sale of all buildings and fittings will be held shortly after Easter, and local charities may benefit from the proceeds as the re-opening of the club in other surroundings is extremely doubtful.

The course was opened in 1894 and was used for a time by the Burnley Golf Club” 

Hapton Golf Club,Burnley. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the course in the 1930s. Hapton Golf Club had disappeared by 1951.

Grid reference SD78370,31465, co-ordinates 378370,431465.