Hest Bank Golf Club, Lancaster. (1905 - WW1)

Founded 1905 when the professional was Charles Brooks. 

Hest Bank had a 9-hole course with natural hazards, with a total length of 2,694yds, an inland course practically on Morecambe Bay. Hest Bank was a seaside resort and the course gave great pleasure to the many golfing visitors. The clubhouse stood in its own attractive grounds and everything was done to give visitors a comfortable and memorable time. The clubhouse stood in its own attractive grounds and everything was done to give visitors a comfortable and memorable time.

In March 1905 it was decided that the course would be open on Sundays after 1pm. Mr C Clark, J.P., was elected president; Dr. Clegg, Morecambe, club captain; Isaac Moore, secretary; J T Derham, treasurer.

In 1905 Charles Brooks, the club professional, played in the open amateur/professional competition at Trafford Park.

On Wednesday 30th May 1906 the final qualifying round for the Captain’s Cup was played, result; C F Sheriff, 119-22-97; H Warbrick, 11-18-100.

On Wednesday 18th July 1906 a garden fete and fancy fair was held at the clubhouse in aid of club funds, Mrs Dawson Green performed the opening ceremony, Mr H J Coulston presided. The club had been open for over a year and already had a membership of 150. In the evening “the marquees and grounds were illuminated with fairy lamps and Chinese lanterns by acetylene gas, and looked very pretty.”


Hest Bank Golf Club, Lancaster. The clubhouse.

The attractive clubhouse on a pre-WW1 postcard. Authors Collection.


Hest Bank Golf Club, Lancaster. View at the rear of the clubhouse.

View at the rear of the clubhouse showing the Lancaster Canal.


Result of a qualifying round for the president’s prize played in July 1907; G Holme, 111-24-87; J Cormack, 118-30-88. In August F B Simpson qualified with a score of 91. In August the monthly medal was won by H K Thompson, 93-20-73.

Winners of the Christmas prizes in 1907; J McConnell, J E Derham, C E Barron, H K Thompson, H Warbrick, C S Cross, W Whittaker and G Chirnside. Winner of the monthly medal was J McConnell.

Below is the result of a match played at Morecambe on Saturday 18th July 1908.

Morecambe Golf Club   Hest Bank Golf Club  
C J Clark 0 V C L Bovet 1
W Birtle 1 H Warbrick 0
Rev W L Appleford 0 S Fawcett 1
J C Miller (half) 0 J McConnell (half) 0
H H Wright 0 E Derham 1
N Gorton 1 H Satterthwaite 0
G H Charnley 0 G Holme 1
J Farney 1 A Wood 0
R Whiteside 1 C K Ennott 0
J Fawcett 0 J Moore 1
B Holroyd 1 R Bailey 0
W Aspden 1 T Bradley 0
  6   5

In the final for the president’s cup played in November 1908 G E Derham and G Chirnside finished all square, the former won the play off by 3 and 2.

Result of a match played at Kirkby Lonsdale in April 1909

Kirkby Lonsdale Golf Club   Hest Bank Golf Club  
W Bayliff 1 R B Jackson 0
T W Punchard 1 W Till 0
F A Morphet 1 J K McConnell 0
J S Punchard 0 H Warbrick 1
Dr. Martin (halved) 0 George Holme (halved) 0
T Huddart 1 H Satterthwaite 0
Rev. J A Burrow 1 J C Moore 0
H Jackson 1 E P Mawson 0
Rev. B Williams 0 A Burrow 1
J J Jopson 1 J Cromack 0
S G Sedgwick 0 Rev. Carruthers 1
A Pearson 1 J R Hall 0
  8   3

Below is the result of a match played at Hest Bank against Morecambe in May 1912.

Hest Bank Golf Club   Morecambe Golf Club  
S P Mawson (half) 0 Dr Clegg (half) 0
J Mawson 0 P Schofield 1
J McConnell 0 W Birtle 1
J R Sharp 0 A C Slater 1
R Roberts 0 R C Hallam 1
R B Bailey 0 H H Wright 1
J S Morrison 0 B Holroyd 1
I Moore 0 H Warbrick 1
Dr Moss 0 W Aspden 1
J R Mawson 1 J C Miller 0
W Fawcett 0 S B King 1
D H Davies (half) 0 A Caunt (half) 0
J C Pullan 0 J Sill 1
J Atkinson 0 G Walker 1
B Eden 1 J Webster 0
F Hartley 0 J R Gibson 1
N R C Spencer 0 J Fawcett 1
  2   13


Hest Bank Golf Club, Lancaster. Garden Fete booklet from 1913.

A fund raising Garden Fete & Fancy Fair held in aid of the Hest Bank Golf Club in July 1913.


In 1914 the secretary was J McConnell and the professional until 1917 was W Buckle, H Saul was also listed as professional during part of WW1.There was a club membership of 150, with was no entry fee. Subs were £1/10/0. Subs for Country members were 15/-. Visitors’ fees were; 1/6 a day and 5/- a week. Sunday play was allowed after 1pm without caddies. The L&NWR Station was 8 minutes away, and Morecambe 3 miles.

Hest Bank Golf Club, Lancaster. Location of the former golf course.

Hest Bank Golf Club disappeared shortly after WW1.

Grid reference SD47930,66300, co-ordinates 347930,466300.