Higher Bebington Golf Club, Merseyside. (1901 - 1930s)

Founded in 1901.

In 1913 the secretary was B A Russell, Millside, Higher Bebington. The professional was H Ward. 9-hole course with a membership of 130 gents and 50 ladies. Entry fees were £3/3/0 and subscriptions £2/12/6. Visitors' fees were gents 1/6 a day, ladies 1/-. There was no Sunday play. Stations at Rock Ferry and Bebington were both 1 ½ miles away.

Result of a ladies match played at Higher Bebington against Wirral A  in March 1914.

Higher Bebington Ladies' Golf Club   Wirral A Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss Thompson (3&2) 1 Miss Gavin 0
Mrs Glasgow (5&3) 1 Miss Jerome Smith 0
Miss M Graves (5&4) 1 Mrs Nethuen 0
Miss Hill 0 Mrs Stanley Smith (3&1) 1
Miss Hodgson 0 Miss Methuen (6&4) 1
Mrs Russell (5&4) 1 Miss Quincey 0
Mrs Dalby 0 Miss Woodall (3&2) 1
  4   3

Result of the June 1914 monthly medal; C W Clare, 89-18-71; J L Ferguson, 86-14-72; D A Anderson, 88-16-72; James Wood, 95-23-72; B A Russell, 77-4-73; G M Cousins, 78-5-73; J M Waite, 84-10-74; J F Legget, 86-12-74; John Gray, 91-17-74; Charles Band, 81-5-76; James Stuart, 82-6-76; J J Best, 92-16-76; J R Campbell, 82-5-77; C H Shaw, 93-16-77; A Graham, 95-17-78; J L Heyworth, 97-18-79; S Gooch, 87-8-79; J C Douglas, 97-18-79.

In 1923 the secretary was W J Turkington, 38 Mersey Lane South, Rock Ferry. Telephone Rock Ferry 397.

The green-keeper was J Taylor. Visitors' fees were now gents 2/6 a day, ladies 1/6. Saturdays 5/-.

In the late 1920s and early 1930s the secretary was W J McCormack, "Tunstall" Thornton Road, Higher Bebington and the professional H Taylor. During this time club membership was about 175. The amateur course record holder was A Lee with a score of 67.

Higher Bebington Golf Club, Merseyside. Location of the golf course.

Location of the former Higher Bebington golf course

Grid reference SJ32370,85180, co-ordinates 332370,385180.

The Higher Bebington course was required for development in the mid 1930s and many of the members joined the new Brackenwood (Bebington) Municipal club at Bracken Lane. It was reported at the time that "the greens from the old Bebington course were relocated to Arrowe Park GC".