Hutton Golf Club, Preston, Lancashire. (1908 - WW1)

The club was founded 1908.

The second qualifying round for the Breakell-Moss Cup was played on Saturday 19th November 1910. A T Carnson and D H Brown qualified for the final.

The third qualifying round for the Breakell-Moss Cup was played on Saturday 3rd December 1910. R J Leigh and F Whincup qualified for the final with scores of 47.

On Saturday 10th December 1910 the final for the club prize was played in wet and windy weather, scores; A T Carnson, 86; R J Leigh, 89; J Bertwistle and J K Bolton, 93; E L Dodd and F Whincup, 94; T Robinson, 96; D H Brown, 97; W Eastham, jun., 98; H Gerrard, 105.

In the fifth qualifying for the Breakell-Moss Cup in December 1910 T Dodd and J K Bolton proved successful. 

Below is the result of a match between Hutton Golf Club and W H Bertwistle's team played on Saturday 22nd July 1911.

W H Bertwistle's Team   Hutton Golf Club  
W H Bertwistle 1 A T Carnson 0
S J Wilson 0 J W Bertwistle 1
A Ellison 0 D W Brown 1
G Starkie 1 J K Bolton 0
W E Ord 0 F Best 1
H Heaton 0 N E Swindells 1
J Crumbleholme 1 A Breakell-Moss 0
A Laycock 0 J Platts 1
  3   5

The first qualifying round for the prize given by the President, Lawrence Rawstorne, J.P., D.L., was played on Thursday 3rd August 1911. Thirty members competed and the following qualified; J W Platts, 94-20-74; W Mate, 105-30-75; R J Leigh, 95-18-77; J D Bertwistle, 88-8-80. Bogey score for the course was 76. 

There is a reference to the Hutton Club in the Manchester Courier & Lancashire General Advertiser in January 1913 regarding a rule dispute.

Result of the first qualifying round for the President's Prize played in April 1913; First Division - R Iddon, 90-13-77; J F Snelham, 90-13-77; Second Division - Harold Crofts, 107-24-83; G T Hull, 109-24-85. 

The final for the club prize was played on Saturday 20th September 1913; John Hunter, 92-20-72; J F Snelham, 88-13-75; W Eastham, 90-13-77; G F Dagnall, 80 scratch; J D Bertwistle, 91-8-83; C Alston, 101-17-84.

In the final of the President's prize played in November 1913 J F Snelham beat D H Brown by 2 and 1.

In 1914 the secretary was J D Bertwistle, Whitestake, Preston. An 18-hole course; the club had a membership of about 200. Visitors’ fees were, 1/6 a day, 4/- week and 7/6 a month. Sunday play allowed. The station was 3 miles away with a tram service to within 1 ½ miles of the course.

A local historian informed us that the course was on the site of the current Lancashire Constabulary at Hutton. 

The O.S map below from 1912 shows Hutton Hall unfortunately no golf course marked.


Hutton Golf Club, Preston, Lancashire. Hutton Hall on the 1912 O.S map.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1912}


Hutton Golf Club disappeared after WW1.