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Morecambe Golf Club, Lancashire. (1901 - 1923)

The Lancaster and Morecambe Golf Club fist appeared in 1901.

From the Preston Herald Saturday 1 June 1901 - "Golf - A new golf course is being laid out for the Lancaster and Morecambe Golf Club, and George Lowe, of St Annes, has been engaged for this work". 

The original 9-hole course was laid out by George Lowe of St Annes on land between Bare Lane Station and what is now Morecambe High School, the clubhouse being located on Thornton Road. The club had a ladies section, formed in 1923, the club continued at Bare Lane until 1923, when it moved to its present site.

It was reported in August 1905 that over 170 members had joined the recently formed Morecambe Club. An official opening was to be arranged for the newly laid out nine-hole course. The gold medal presented by Mr Stewart to the former Morecambe & Heysham club had been “handed over to the new institution” as well as Mr E P Charlewood’s medal. A trophy had also been given by the captain, Dr Glegg. A professional had also been appointed.

The first qualifying round for the Cross Hill Cup was played on Wednesday 1 November 1905, leading scores; Dr Glegg, 87-6-81; P H Ellis, 112-25-87; J Tarney, 106-19-87; Dr Heathcote, 111-20-91; J C Miller, 121-25-96.  

A  further qualifying round for the Cross Hill Cup was played on Saturday 25th November 1905; W Bertie, 102-15-87; Dr Heathcote, 111-20-91; R Charnley, 114-20-94; J Fahy, 123-25-98.

Below is the result of a match played at Morecambe against Hest Bank Golf Club (now defunct) on Saturday 18 July 1908.

Morecambe Golf Club   Hest Bank Golf Club  
C J Clark 0 V C L Bovet 1
W Birtle 1 H Warbrick 0
Rev W L Appleford 0 S Fawcett 1
J C Miller (half) 0 J McConnell (half) 0
H H Wright 0 E Derham 1
N Gorton 1 H Salerthwaite 0
G H Charnley 0 G Holme 1
J Farney 1 A Wood 0
R Whiteside 1 C K Ennott 0
J Fawcett 0 J Moore 1
B Holroyd 1 R Bailey 0
W Aspden 1 T Bradley 0
  6   5

At the annual meeting held in January 1912 Mr Joseph W Paton of Foxley, of the firm of Simon, Israel and Paton Ltd (Bradford and Manchester) was elected President of the club. The secretary at Morecambe Golf Club, Thornton Road was Tom Atkinson, Thomas Palmer was the “groundkeeper”

Below is the result of a match played at Hest Bank against Morecambe in May 1912.

Hest Bank Golf Club   Morecambe Golf Club  
S P Mawson (half) 0 Dr Clegg (half) 0
J Mawson 0 P Schofield 1
J McConnell 0 W Birtle 1
J R Sharp 0 A C Slater 1
R Roberts 0 R C Hallam 1
R B Bailey 0 H H Wright 1
J S Morrison 0 B Holroyd 1
I Moore 0 H Warbrick 1
Dr Moss 0 W Aspden 1
J R Mawson 1 J C Miller 0
W Fawcett 0 S B King 1
D H Davies (half) 0 A Caunt (half) 0
J C Pullan 0 J Sill 1
J Atkinson 0 G Walker 1
B Eden 1 J Webster 0
F Hartley 0 J R Gibson 1
N R C Spencer 0 J Fawcett 1
  2   13

In the semi-final of the Cross Hill Cup played on Saturday 12th July 1913 Dr Clegg beat T E Barrow by 2up.

At the annual meeting in January 1920 a record year was reported both from a playing and a financial standpoint by the captain, M S B King. The membership of the club stood at 220. The following officers were elected; president, General Sir A Hunter J.P; captain, J R Gibson; secretary, Geo. Walker; treasurer, R Whiteside J.P; committee – Dr Glegg, T Atkinson, W Birtle, W J Dance, J Fawcett, F D Huntington, M S B King. Mr King announced that the committee had not lost sight of the need for an 18-hole course or an extension to the present course. Negotiations were proceeding with the Town Council. 


Morecambe Golf Club, Lancs. Location of the Bare Lane course.

The earlier Morecambe course.

Grid reference SD44575,64695, co-ordinates 344575,464695.