Morecambe & Heysham Golf Club, Lancashire. (1892 - 1904)

Founded following a meeting on 23rd May 1892 when the professional was W Clark.

The 9-hole course was laid out on land on Banks House Farm, rented from Mr Robert Mashiter for £43 per year.  The course was designed by George Lowe, the professional at Lytham & St Annes, it was later extended to 12-holes. The land was subsequently sold to the Midland Railway Company in approximately 1900 - 1901. Morecambe then joined with Lancaster to form a club at Scale Hall, Lancaster (see Lancaster Golf Club). That club was dissolved in 1904. There was no golf course in Heysham until the current club was founded in 1910.

The following report is from the Lancaster Gazette dated Saturday 28th May 1892:-

“A meeting of gentlemen interested in the formation of a golf club was held at the Midland Hotel, Morecambe, on Monday evening last, when it was resolved that a club be formed to be called “The Morecambe and Heysham Golf Club.” The following officers were elected; Captain – Rev C V Gorton, Rector of Morecambe; secretary and treasurer, Mr B Cookson, Morecambe; council – W Stewart (Lancaster), C T Clark (Cross Hill), Dr J Glegg (Morecambe), F Bannister Morecambe), R Charnley (Heysham). The club has secured ground at Heysham, which has been inspected by George Lowe who reports as follows “I beg to say after seeing the ground at Heysham , that it is well suited for golf links, and that it can be made in good golfing condition at little expense.” The course consists of nine-holes, and it is situated on the coast at Heysham, the ground is sandy and consequently perfectly dry at all times, the grass being of that fine nature, which is so admirably adapted for golf links. The putting greens are quite natural and now getting in good condition. The hazards consist chiefly of sand bunkers, walls, whins and cops. The surrounding scenery in every direction is most picturesque and comprises fine views of the Lake Mountains and of the coast extending to Fleetwood. The annual subscription has been fixed at one guinea, without any entry fee for members joining the first year, and arrangements are intended to be made to enable visitors to make use of the clubroom and greens. Members may invite ladies to play over the course.”

Result of a ladies’ monthly qualifying competition played in March 1893; Mrs Glegg, 65-18-47; Mrs Stewart, 53 scratch; Mrs Shuttleworth, 73-20-53; Miss G Spink, 56 scratch; Miss Wearing, 90-25-65; Mrs Mason, 92-18-74; Miss Charnley, 115-25-90.

The Christmas competition was played in beautiful weather on Tuesday 26th December 1893. Interesting to note that the handicap competition “was played over two rounds, 24 holes” indicating that the course had been extended to 12-holes. Result; W Stewart (captain), 108+2-110; Dr J Clegg, 116-6-110; Captain Le Feuvre, 122-12-110; C E Mason, 146-24-122; R Charnley, 147-24-123; H A Paley, 143-18-125; George Stewart, 148-24-125; R Preston, 153-26-127; Rev C V Gorton, 169-33-136. Mr Stewart (captain) set a new record for the twelve holes going round in 52.

At the same meeting the final for the captain’s prize, a table lamp and gold momento, was played off by the winners of the monthly competitions. There was a tie for first place and a play off would be needed; Dr Glegg, 116 scratch; Captain Le Feuvre, 122-6-116; R Charnley, 147-18-129; B H Cookson, 163-18-145; J Leeming, 163-20-143; A I Swift, 178-21-157.  The competition was “Played under special sealed handicap” two rounds of 24 holes.   

The pictures of the medals below have been provided by Linda van der Westhuyzen (Linda Anne Kennedy Glegg.) We would like to thank Linda for allowing us to use the images from her family archive. You will see from the text that the Glegg family appeared in several of the competitions.

The medal below is from the Christmas competition in December 1893. It was won by W Stewart, captain of the club, Dr J Glegg finished runner-up and received the silver award.


Morecambe & Heysham Golf Club, Lancashire. Medal presented for competition by E P Charlewood in 1893.


Morecambe & Heysham Golf Club, Lancashire. Medal presented for competition by E P Charlewood in 1893.

Medal presented for competition by E P Charlewood in 1893.


Following is an extract from an interesting report in the Leeds Mercury dated Thursday 25th October 1894. The headline read “Golf – Alex Herd v Harry Vardon”:-

“A match, arranged by the Morecambe and Heysham Golf Club, between Alex Herd (St Andrews), professional to the Huddersfield club, and Harry Vardon (Jersey), professional to the Bury club, took place on Heysham links yesterday. The event had aroused considerable interest in golfing circles, both players ran so well up in the championship meeting at Sandwich, but had never met in competition. The promoters subscribed a purse of £10. The course was a twelve-hole one, and the conditions were the best of 36 holes. Additional interest was manifested in the presence as referee of Mr H Hilton of Formby, ex amateur champion. The Rev George Willis, Ellel, Lancaster, and Mr J A Pearson, Liverpool, acted as umpires in the morning, and Captain Le Feuvre taking place of the last mentioned gentleman in the afternoon. The game commenced at eleven o’clock in a heavy gale of wind and rain, notwithstanding which there was a capital attendance, including a number of ladies. After luncheon, the weather cleared, the attendance was increased. The game concluded in favour of Herd by 8up and seven to play. There was no doubt the winner showed much better form of the two, his driving, particularly in the early portions of the game, being exceedingly long and true, whilst his approaching and putting left nothing to be desired. In fact in the latter department he was almost invincible, holing out repeatedly from distances from two to four yards. On the other hand, Vardon was hardly driving up to his best form, and for some reason or other did not seem able to get clean hold of his shots. Herd in consequence gained an advantage, which, by the accurate short game he was playing, gave his opponent no chance of retrieving the early disadvantage. Both the referee and players spoke in glowing terms of the excellence of the links, the condition of the greens especially reflecting great credit on William Latto (St Andrews) the Heysham Club’s professional.”

On Wednesday 20th November 1895 a competition was played for a prize presented to the Morecambe and Heysham club by A Pearson, ex Mayor of Lancaster. Leading scores; B H Cookson, 102-18-84; Frank Storey, 104-18-86; W Stewart, 85+2-87; W A Wade, 107-20-87; Captain Le Feuvre, 94-6-88.


Morecambe & Heysham Golf Club, Lancashire. The Stewart Medal winner in 1895 was Dr J Glegg.


Morecambe & Heysham Golf Club, Lancashire. The Stewart Medal winner in 1895 was Dr J Glegg.

The winner of the Stewart Medal in 1895 was Dr J Glegg.


Below is the result of a match played on the Heysham course against Preston Golf Club in June 1896.

Morecambe & Heysham Golf Club   Preston Golf Club  
W Stewart 6 Dr Penman 0
Dr Glegg 8 Dr Carter 0
R Preston  5 Dr Hardy 0
J Leeming 1 R P Woodhouse 0
B H Cookson 7 Dr Garner 0
Rev G Willes 0 E C C Firth 3
R Charnley 0 Dr Rigby 0
J Wolstenholme 2 R Langharne 0
  29   3

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former Morecambe & Heysham course at Banks House.