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Port St. Mary Golf Club, Isle of Man. (1903 - 1936)

Founded in 1903.

The first course was located on the Cronk (1903 - 1919) this was originally a nine-hole course extending to eleven-holes by WW1; the second course was located at Ballacreggan (1926 - 1936.)

The club moved to its present location in 1935/6.

We would like to thank the Port St. Mary Golf Club for allowing us to use extracts from the book “A Light Hearted look at Port St. Mary and the Golf Club 1903 – 2003.” The extracts from the book record some of the history of the earlier courses (1903 – 1936)

The first course, laid out by Willie Fernie, opened on an area known as the Cronk in 1903. Fernie is quoted as saying “It was one of the most sporting nine-hole courses he had ever dealt with – the length of the holes varied from 185 to 450 yards.” 

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Hon. secretary - A Cregeen, The Laurels, Port St Mary; Captain, Dr S W Williams; Entrance fee nil and subs £1/1s; Nine-holes; Visitors' fees 1s/6d a day, 5s a week, 7s/6d a fortnight and 10s/6d three months. A good course in excellent condition. The magnificent view commands seven bays. Hotel - "Bay View. Railway station at Port St Mary, quarter of a mile.

Report from the Manchester Chronicle and Lancashire General Advertiser Tuesday 5 August 1913 - "The great feature of the Port St. Mary course is its situation, from which magnificent views of land and sea are obtained. It is a short, sporting course of eleven-holes. The usual plan is to play these eleven-holes, then the first dour and last three. During the past winter a great many improvements have been made. The first green has been enlarged to nearly twice its previous size, and the sixth green extended in such a manner that the tee shot has a better chance of finding it. New tees have been made at the fifth, sixth, ninth and tenth holes. On Monday next there is an open competition for the Poulson Challenge Cup". 

There is documentary evidence that shows that this earlier club was wound up in April 1919.

The pictures below are of the Cronk Course prior to WW1.


Port St Mary Golf Club, Isle of Man. The clubhouse and course.

Postcard from 1910 by S. K. B. & Co, Ellan Vannin Series.


Port St. Mary Golf Club, Isle of Man. Pictures taken from the Cronk course prior to WW1.


Port St. Mary Golf Club, Isle of Man. Pictures taken from the Cronk course prior to WW1.


Port St. Mary Golf Club, Isle of Man. Picture of the Golf Links Hotel prior to WW1.

The Golf Links Hotel advert dated May 1912.


In 1926 the club laid out a nine-hole course at Ballacreggan, it had a total measurement (twice round) of 5,094 yards. Refreshments were available at the pavilion  

The 1926 Port St. Mary Commissioners Guide Stated – “An excellent nine-hole course is situated close to the Promenade and Railway Station. The course is up-to-date with the latest improvements and is a model of some of the popular links on the mainland. There is an influential local Club attached. The fees to visit are very moderate.” 

Extract from the club book – “Probably the most interesting hole was the fourth, for which the tee was situated in the hollow by the Pottery and from where an iron shot was played up the hill to a plateau green out of sight from the tee. Syd Kelly (member of the club) recalls with some glee that the unusual layout of this hole gave high spirited Junior Members ample scope for practical jokes. In the winter months sheep grazed on the course, making putting an interesting exercise.”  

Entry from the 1933 Golfer’s Handbook; Membership of 40; hon. secretary – A G Collistor, 15 Victoria Road, Port St. Mary; professional, Alfred Crebbin; green-keeper, Jack Kneale; course records; amateur, J E McArd 31; professional, A Crebbin 29; visitors; 2s/6d a day; Sunday play allowed.


Port St. Mary Golf Club, Isle of Man. Layout of the second course at Ballacreggan.

The nine-hole course layout at Ballacreggan. Reproduced by kind permission of Port St. Mary Golf Club.


The club moved to its present location later in 1935/6. 

The Google Map below shows the location of the earlier Ballacreggan golf course.