Rochdale Golf Club, King's Road and Lobden Golf Clubs, Lancashire. (1888 - 1906)

The club was founded in 1888.

The first course was laid out on Shawforth Moor, a remote spot and quite a distance from the centre of Rochdale. Added to this, the local children were having great fun at the golfers expense, for example, by going round the course filling the holes with cow dung. It was obvious that a new site was required, so land at Lobden Moor, Whitworth was acquired and a 9-hole course laid out. In 1894 another course at King's Road was developed. The two courses were jointly called Rochdale Golf Club and members were permitted to play on either course.


Rochdale Golf Club, Lancashire. Entry from the Golfing Annual 1888/89.

Entry from the Golfing Annual 1888/89.


Report on the first course of the Rochdale Golf Club in January 1889.


Rochdale Golf Club, Shawforth Moor Course. Report on the club and course in January 1889.


Rochdale Golf Club, Shawforth Moor Course. Report on the club and course in January 1889.

Rochdale Observer Saturday 26 January 1889. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In 1890 the secretary was Allan Stevens, Manchester and Salford Bank Ltd. The professional  from 1891 to 1895 was E Cobb.

Result of the competition for the silver shield played on Saturday 5 September 1891; B Schofield, 97net; G D McLellan, 103net; T T Henyan, 106net.

On Saturday 8 July 1893 the final of the Subscription Cup was played on the Whitworth course, result as follows; A H Crowther, 95-17-78; W A Scholes, 88-9-79; J Broadbent, 93-10-83; L A Porritt, 102-17-85; A Hosegood, 105-17-88; F Pilling, 109-18-91; E Healey, 112-18-94; James Elliott, 115-20-95; E B Petrie, 111-12-99; A M Stevens, 114-13-101. On the same day the club provided a prize of a golf club, result; B Schofield, 104-18-86; G D McLennan, 98-10-88; A Bell, 105-16-89; J Jackson, 111-18-93. There were several no returns. 

Below is the result of the competition for Captain’s Cup (scores under 100), with Mr Ben Schofield’s prize added, which took place on the King’s Road course on Saturday 16 June 1894.

R Godby 95 13 82 B Schofield 109 18 81
Mr Thackeray 96 14 82 Mr McLennan 103 12 81
E B Petrie 97 12 85 A Bell 107 14 93
L Shawcross 108 22 86 Mr Brierly 116 22 94
J Broadbent 100 13 87 H C Mackenzie 114 16 98
W S Petrie 93 5 88 F G Padwick 105 6 99
F Pilling 99 10 89        

Result of a competition for Mr R G Heape’s prize played on Saturday 8 August 1896; F Pilling, 87-9-78; E Brierley, 96-18-78; A Hosegood, 91-12-79; W S Petrie, 85-3-82; B Schofield, 95-13-82; F Lye, 102-18-94; G D McLennan, 98-13-85; E B Petrie, 101-12-89.

Below is the result of a match played against Todmorden on the King’ Road course on Saturday 9th October 1897. 

Rochdale Golf Club   Todmorden Golf Club  
W A Scholes 0 A S Roberts 0
W S Petrie 0 A B Cropley 3
F Pilling 8 P M Roberts 0
A Bell 2 E J Cropley 0
G D McLennan 3 W Brown 0
R G Heape 8 W Smith 0
J Broadbent 4 F W Horsfall 0
T H C Mackenzie 0 W Currie 0
E Healey 2 E Aitken 0
E Brierley 3 W Ormerod 0
  30   3

A medal competition for a prize given by Mr T H C Mackenzie was played at King’s Road on Saturday 3rd November 1900, result; A Kershaw, 86-8-78; A Porritt, 100-20-80; W H Kershaw, 90-6-84; B Schofield, 95-11-84; G D McLennan, 98-13-85; G Healey, 102-15-86; A W Holroyd, 98-9-89; R Snow, 100-9-91; F Lye, 107-16-91.

In 1902 King's Road Golf Club was listed as having 9-holes. The station at Whitworth was 12 minutes walk away.

In 1905 there were problems regarding the lease at Kings Road and it was decided that an attempt should be made to find a site suitable for an 18-hole course and this came to fruition when land at Bagslate Moor became available.

The Rochdale Golf Club is still at Bagslate. Lobden broke away and became a separate club in 1906.

Shawforth Moor, location of the first course, is pinpointed on the Google Map below.