Rossall School Golf Club, Fleetwood, Lancashire. (1895 - 1913) 

The earliest record found so far for the Rossall School Golf Club is the match below against Fleetwood Golf Club played in April 1895.

Rossall School Golf Club   Fleetwood Golf Club  
F E Rowe 0 Dr Penman 3
J A L Rowley 11 R Greenwood 0
A F M Wilson 1 R F Addie 0
G F Harden 1 Dr Grimshaw 0
F E Duckworth 8 P Yates 0
F C Topp 9 Dr Robinson 0
R F Topp 7 R C Ward 0
M S David 4 S Scott 0
H Avis 1 J Bennett (sub) 0
  42   3

The report below again involves a match against Fleetwood Golf Club a year later.


Rossall School Golf Club, Fleetwood. Report on a match against Fleetwood Golf Club in February 1896.

From the Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News Saturday 29th February 1896. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


In 1902 the secretary was A F M Wilson, Rossal School, Fleetwood.

The professional in 1908/9 was W Sanderson.

A 7-hole course that closed in 1913.