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Ditchfield Hall Golf Club, Hough Green, Widnes. (1920s - 1950s)

Founded in 1901/2. 

Originally known as Hough Green Golf Club (See seperate entry for early history 1901 to mid 1920s) Golf was first played in Widnes on a 9-hole course laid out in the grounds of Ditchfield Hall, Hough Green, the club continued until the outbreak of WW1.

The  club and course was revived following the Great War and continued to appear in to the 1950s when it was known as Ditchfield Hall Golf Club (from the late 1920s). The original clubhouse was later used by the members of the Hough Green Working Men's Club.


Ditchfield Hall Golf Club, Hough Green, Widnes. The former Ditchfield Hall.


Ditchfield Hall Golf Club, Widnes. Location of the golf course at Hough Green.

Location of Ditchfield Hall course; the house (top picture) was demolished in the 1960s and the land has been built over.

Grid reference SJ48070,86160, co-ordinates 348070,386160.