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Fulshaw Golf Club, Wilmslow. (1907 - 1923)

The Wilmslow Golf Club originally played on the site of the current Alderley Edge GC. Wilmslow abandoned the course in 1903  and moved to Warford. In 1907 a group of golf enthusiasts established Fulshaw Golf Club at the former Wilmslow course at Brook Lane . Fulshaw Golf Club disappeared in the mid 1920s and became Alderley Edge in 1923.

There was a good turnout in January 1908 for the first monthly medal for the new Fulshaw club, leading scores; J Taylor, 107-25-82; A Rathbone, 89 scratch; F D Dewse, 107-15-92; F N Terry, 117-22-95; A L Bedale, 114-18-96.

The two group pictures below are from the official opening of the course in March 1908. The President was A.J. King MP.


Fulshaw Golf Club, Wilmslow. Group of men at the opening of the course.


Fulshaw Golf Club, Wilmslow. Group of ladies at the opening of the course.

Above images from opening day 1908.


Below is the result of a match played against Bramall Park Golf Club on the Fulshaw course in May 1913. 

Fulshaw   Bramall Park  
P Brookes 1 J C Hoyle 0
S S Parkinson 0 Henry Cooke 1
J A Dewar 1 F A Radford 0
A L Bedale 1 O Stott 0
W Pearson 1 G Rostron 0
F D Dewse 1 F J Chadwick 0
J B Dalton 1 F O S Leak 0
A S Cartwright (capt) 1 J Smith 0
Dr Jessop 0 R Smith 1
  7   2

The clubhouse was originally a cricket pavillion, acquired by Stockport GC (at its original site) and then sold on to Fulshaw for £60, including delivery!


Fulshaw Golf Club, Wilmslow. The Fulshaw Golf Club Clubhouse.

The Fulshaw Golf Club "Club House."


Fulshaw Golf Club, Wilmslow. Programme of events for clubhouse.

Programme of events for the opening of the pavilion in 1913.


Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 21st March 1914; P Brooks, 81-1-80; J Martindale, 92-10-82; A L Bedale, 89-7-82; R F Cuningham, 92-10-82; H L Hunnell, 101-18-83; A Sumner, 93-10-83; J B Dalton, 89-6-83; T Cuppleditch, 98-11-87; W Wilkinson, 110-12-88; F W Massey, 109-20-89.

In 1914 the secretary was A L Bedale, Mirfield, Wilmslow. The professional was H Pierpoint. A 9 hole course with a membership of 200.  Entry fee for gents was £3/3/0, there was no Entry fee for ladies. Subs for gents were £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day, weekends and Bank Holidays 2/6 a day, 5/- a week. Ladies 1/- a day. Sunday play allowed without caddies.

In 1923 the secretary was R F Cunningham, Lockwood, Wilmslow. The professional was still H Pierpoint and the greenkeeper W Burgess. The club now had a membership of 150 gents and 75 ladies. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, weekend and Bank Holiday 5/- a day. There were stations at Alderley Edge 1mile and Wilmslow 1 ½ miles.

The club minute books, bizarrely, do not explain why in 1923 the club name was changed to Alderley Edge. 


Fulshaw Golf Club, Wilmslow. Location of the course.

Wilmslow golf course in the 1890s.