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Ashford Golf Club, Kent. (1903 - 1927)

First appeared in 1903 at Bybrook.

Originally a 7-hole course it was extended to nine holes in 1905, there was a pavilion style clubhouse. In the early 1920s a further three holes were added.


Ashford Golf Club, Kent. The Cottage on the Golf Links.

The Cottage on Ashford Golf Links in the 1900s.


The following is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Hon. Secretary - J H Gill, 23 Albert Road, Ashford; Captain - E G Colville; Entrance Fee - Gentlemen, £1/1s; Ladies, 10/6; Subs - £2/2s and £1/1s; Nine Holes; Professional - P Knight; Green Money - 1s/6d a day and 5/- per week; A short sporting inland course. Putting greens good. 

The club moved to its current location at Sandyhurst Lane in 1927.


The earlier Ashford Golf Club course in the 1900s.

Ashford Golf Course, early 1900s “to the fifth”. Authors Collection.


The later Ashford Golf Club Clubhouse.

Above is the later Ashford Clubhouse. 


Ashford golf course map

The location of the Bybrook course in 1908.

Grid reference TR01550,44270, co-ordinates 601550,144270.