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Culverden Golf Club, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. (1895 - 1950)

Founded in 1895.

Originally a 9-hole course by 1914 it had been extended to 18-holes. The course was close to town about 500ft above sea level with plenty of hazards and bunkers. Holes ranged from 147yds to 457yds and was about 5,000yds in length. The station at Tunbridge Wells was ¾ mile away.

In July 1896 it was announced that Mr J C Drew of Culverden Castle, had kindly offered two challenge cups for competition; The Culverden Challenge Cup and the Castle Challenge Cup.

In October 1896 a match was played between Mr Hare, a member of the club, and Mr Divall, the Crwoborough professional. Mr Hare (who received a stroke a hole) halved the first round, Divall won the second, and the match by one up.

Below is the result of a match played on the Culverden course on the 5th April 1898 against Henley, Frant Golf Club. The Henley club was probably a forerunner of the later Shernford Park Golf Club that appeared prior to WW1 (see separate entry for Shernford Park Golf Club history).

Culverden Golf Club   Henley, Frant Golf Club.  
M Drummond 0 Eustace Malden 1
Ernest Malden 0 G L Jameson 2
C T Scott 0 G S Wilson 2
C Austin 3 C E S Bower 0
Lt-Col. W T McLeod 2 E B Rawstone 0
W G Courtenay 0 Marquis of Headfort  0
W Roberts 7 H M S Malden 0
H Semon 4 D B Thorpe 0
  16   5


Culverdan Golf Club, Kent. Sir David Salomons President of the club.


Sir David Salomons (pictured above) was President of the Culverden club. Sir David was a Director of the South Eastern Railway, Chairman of the City of London Electric Lighting Company, and a past Vice-President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers. In the days when the motor-car was threatening to take over from the horse Sir David devoted much of his time in developing horse-less carriages.

Result of the July 1898 monthly medal; H P C Hare, 94-9-85; S W W Delves, 115-28-87; Lieut-Col. W T McLeod, 99-10-89; G Austin, 101-7-94; F L Goldsmid, 122-28-94; N Tapp, 110-15-95.

Below is the result of a match played against Crowborough Beacon Golf in May 1899.

Culverden Golf Club   Crowborough Beacon Golf Club  
E A Tewson 0 G T Langridge 9
C E Austin 4 A J White 0
R B Limbery-Buse 2  R S K Eyre 0
Colonel W T McLeod 0 G S Ashby-Darby 0
W G Courtenay 0 A B Langridge 0
H Semon 0 C A Ashton 4
P A Hayne 6 J D Cowan 0
H P C Hare 1 A A Talor 0
  13   13

In the above match Mr G T Langridge, playing with Mr Tewson, made a new course record, as follows; Out - 5,4,4,5,4,5,5,4,5 = 41; Home - 6,4,4,4,4,4,3,4,5 = 38 - Total, 79. The previous course record of 80 was set by Mr J F Smith on the 28th May 1898. 

Result of the Drew Challenge Cup played on the 10th June 1900; H Semon, 81-14-67; C E Austin, 76-5-71; H St. J Kneller, 81-9-72; H P C Hare, 90-16-74; M Nash, 88-12-76; S W W Delves, 89-12-77.

Below is the result of a ladies' match played at Maidsone Golf Club on June 29th 1900.  

Maidstone Ladies' Golf Club   Culverden Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs Hill 0 Miss Andrews 7
Miss True 0 Miss Cary 3
Miss Pound 0 Miss Anderson 5
Miss Hallowes 8 Miss Strong 0
Miss W True 5 Miss Williams 0
Mrs Prosser 0 Miss McKenzie 2
Miss Pound & Miss Hallowes 0 Miss Andrews & Miss Cary 8
Miss W True & Mrs Prosser 2 Miss Anderson & Miss Strong 0
Mrs Hill & Mrs Machonochie 4 Miss Williams & Miss McKenzie 0
  19   25

Result of the monthly medal played on April 20th 1901; Dr J T Abbott, 104-30-74; C E Austin, 81-4-77; C R Bosanquet, 108-30-78; Col. Le Mottee, 109-30-79; E A Tewson, 82-2-80; W Dickinson, 95-14-81; R B Limbery-Buse, 89-6-83; H P C Hare, 98-14-84; M Nash, 95-9-86.

Result of the President's Challenge Bowl played on the 4th October 1902; W Malden, 97-20-77; H J Allen, 98-16-82; C A Tewson, 84-1-83; C E Austin, 85-2-83; W Dickinson, 94-11-83; H P C Hare, 93-9-84; N R Stone, 100-16-84; A J Brander, 104-16-88. 

Result of a ladies' match played at Hastings in November 1904.

Hastings & St Leonards   Culverden  
Miss Brymer 0 Miss Andrews 1
Miss Strong 0 Miss Cary 1
Miss Alexander 0 Miss Anderson 1
Miss Ladds 1 Mrs Homan 0
Miss Vores 0 Miss Beeching 0
Miss Satchell 0 Miss Boddington 1
Miss Williams 1 Miss Fowler 0
Miss Peters 1 Mrs H Mason 0
  3   4

In 1906 the secretary was H P Christian Hare, 1 London Road, Tunbridge Wells.  The professional was G H Stephenson. Course Records were, Amateur E A Tewson  with a score of 73 and Professional G H Stephenson 72. Visitors had to be introduced, unless they were members of a recognised golf club and fees were 1/6 a day, 7/6 a week and 20/- a month.

Result of a mixed foursome nine hole match-play competition played on April 18th 1907; first round winners – Miss Fowler and M Hare, Miss M Vanderzee and A Le Morgan, Miss A Vanderzee and G Limbery-Buse, Miss Miller and D Le Morgan, Miss Strong and R W Homan, Miss Hull and C Betteridge, Mrs Middleton and G Hamilton, Miss Beeching and G Betteridge. In the final Miss Miller and D Le Morgan beat Miss Strong and R W Homan by 2up.

Below, result of a boys 18-hole medal competition played on April 23rd 1907.

F H Knott 85 13 72
G Limbery-Buse 82 9 73
L H Lang 87 11 76
V W H Duke 88 11 77
A D Broughton 92 14 78
A C DeMorgan 92 13 79
J Betteridge 95 16 79
R W Homan 91 11 80
F M C Hare 97 13 84
E Hamilton 96 10 86
S H Snelgrove 99 13 86
G Knott 111 20 91
C Betteridge 115 18 97

Result of a ladies’ match played on the Culverden course against Hastings (now defunct) on Tuesday 11th June 1907. 

Culverden   Hastings  
Miss Andrews 1 Miss Alexander 0
Miss Anderson 1 Mrs Pigott 0
Mrs R Homan (half) 0 Miss Strong (half) 0
Miss Beeching 1 Miss Murray 0
Mrs Middleton (half) 0 Miss Peters (half) 0
Miss M Vanderzee 0 Mrs Barker 1
Miss A Vanderzee 1 Mrs Fraser 0
  4   1

A new course record was set on Wednesday 14th August 1907. It was achieved by the professional, J T Coleman, he was partnered by club member Mr J Moulson. Coleman’s score for the first nine holes; 4,5,3,3,3,3,4,3 4 = 32; second nine – 4,5,3,3,3,3,4,3,5 = 33 total 65. This beat the previous record of 66, the bogey score for the course was 70. 

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 17th August 1907; F Bennett, 81-14-67; J F Dixon, 84-14-70; H A Beeching, 86-15-71; H V Simpson, 84-12-72; H T Philpotts, 92-16-76, Col A J Brander, 95-19-76; W E Royce, 96-19-77; S A de Morgan, 103-24-79. There were four no returns. 

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played on the Culverden course against Bexhill on Monday 4th November 1907. 

Culverden   Bexhill  
Miss Andrews 1 Miss A Wallis 0
Mrs R Homan 1 Miss A T Drake 0
Miss Beeching 1 Mrs Richardson 0
Miss Vanderzee 0 Mrs Barker 1
Miss Homan 1 Mrs Saison 0
Miss R Boddington 0 Miss Hickens 1
Miss Satire 1 Miss Parsons 0
  5   2

Below, result of the ladies’ medal played on Tuesday 5th November 1907. 

Miss E Fowler 105 26 79
Miss M Vanderzee 100 18 82
Miss Fowler 112 27 85
Mrs R Homan 92 7 85
Miss Andrews 94 6 88
Miss How 118 29 89
Miss K L Sutton 113 23 90
Mrs Middleton 107 15 92
Mrs Shelto Jones 122 30 92
Miss Hull & Miss M Homan NR    

Result of the ladies’ monthly medal played on December 3rd 1907; Miss Sutton, 98-28-70; Miss Miller, 114-30-84; Miss Boddington, 106-20-86; Miss E Fowler, 109-20-89; Miss M Vanderzee, 107-18-89; Miss A Vanderzee, 109-18-91.

Result of the gents’ medal played on December 19th 1907; M B Snell, 84-18-66; A J S Butler, 84-10-74; Lieutenant-Colonel K Logan, 85-10-75; Colonel W W Ward, 90-15-75. 

Result of the Drew Challenge Cup played on Boxing Day 1908; S Delves, 91-15-76; F Bennett, 94-12-82; J F Dixon, 96-14-82; A R Cheale, 91-8-83; S Gurney, 93-10-83; F M C Hare, 100-14-86; R Ferguson, 108-18-90. Result of a Xmas bogey competition; S Delves, 7down; S A de Morgan, 10down; Col Johnstone, 11down.

Result of a ladies’ medal competition played in February 1909; Mrs L Middleton, 94-13-81 and Miss Miller, 107-26-81 tied for first place, Miss Miller won the play-off; Miss Moulson, 114-25-89; Miss M Molyneux, 116-22-94.

Below, result of the monthly medal played in April 1909. 

D Davies (disqualified) 84 14 70
A T Howell (medal winner) 94 15 79
T L Sulwain 88 8 80
J W Dartin 89 9 80
J Watts 102 22 80
S A de Morgan 100 19 81
T J Shipton Green 90 8 82
C H Dyer 98 16 82
H K McLawland 93 7 86

Also played in April 1909 was the President’s Challenge Bowl, result below. 

H T Phillpott 83 14 69
A F Spencer 88 18 70
T J Shipton Green 81 11 70
Colonel Johnstone 93 19 74
E H Wix 87 12 75
R Ferguson 93 18 75
S Delves 89 12 77
C H Dyer 94 16 78
S A de Morgan 98 18 80
D Davies 95 14 81
A T Howell 98 15 83
T Watts 107 22 85
S Gurney 99 10 89

Result of a club prize, played April 1909; T E Curry, 99-25-74; W Wells, 88-10-78; D Ives, 91-12-79; R Ferguson, 99-18-81; F A Spencer, 107-25-82.

Result of the April 1909 ladies’ medal; Miss Moulson, 105-25-80; Mrs L Middleton, 94-13-81; Miss J Hull, 107-24-83; Miss Ferguson, 112-29-83; Mrs Marsh, 115-30-85; Miss Miller, 114-26-88; Miss Snelgrove, 114-25-89; Mrs C Burns, 98-7-81; Miss S Shipton Green, 106-14-92. No returns from Misses R Boddington and Roberts.

On Saturday 22nd May 1909 the much awaited extended 18-hole course was formally opened. Stated to be laid out “In one of the most delightful spots in England” It was with the co-operation of the landlord, Sir David Solomons, that the necessary land was acquired, and the extra nine holes were added. The additional greens were laid by the club professional, J Coleman, who had been advised and helped by the Ashdown Forest professional, J Rowe. The work had been carried out in a remarkably short time and Coleman was congratulated on transforming the rough and uncompromising ground into a course with beautiful true greens. The Culverdan course, with its splendid views and charming clubhouse, would, it said, make it one of the best in England.

The weather was fine and sunny with a cooling breeze for the opening ceremony, conducted by Mr Shipton Green. A large crowd gathered on the first tee to watch Lord Hardinge drive the first ball and declare the course open.

Some 500 spectators then followed an exhibition match which was played by the famous J H Taylor (Mid Surrey) and J Rowe (Royal Ashdown Forest). Both men were in excellent form from tee to green. Rowe led by a stroke at the ninth hole going out in 35 to Taylor’s 36. Taylor played really well on the back nine and eventually won the match with a total score of 71 to Rowe’s 72, scores as follows:

Taylor – Out 4,5,4,4,4,4, 4,4,3 = 36; In 3,4,3,4,4,5,3,4,5 = 35 total 71.

Rowe – Out 4,5,4,3,4,4,4,4,3 = 35; In 5,4,4, 4,4,5,3,4,4 = 37 total 72.

Following the match the committee entertained the many visitors to lunch in the clubhouse.

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played at Ashdown Forest in November 1909. 

Ashdown Forest   Culverden  
Miss M Rostron 1 Mrs R Homan 0
Miss Freeland 1 Mrs L Middleton 0
Miss Andrews 1 Miss Baines 0
Mrs C Burns 1 Miss Homan 0
Miss Rawlinson 0 Miss R Boddington 1
Lady Edith Fox Pitt 1 Miss J M Hull 0
Miss Hatfield 1 Mrs B Murdoch 0
  6   1

Result of the December 1909 monthly medal; Senior – T L Sullivan, net 84; Junior – Colonel Johnstone, net 77.

Result of the August 1911 monthly medal; Senior - J C Robinson, 75 net; Junior - F McKinnell, 76 net.

Result of the October 1911 monthly medal; Senior - A R Cheale, 73 net; Junior - Captain Grant, 74 net.

In December 1911 S H Snelgrove (4) 75 net, won the Drew Challenge Cup. Result of the monthly medal; Senior - J M Wilkinson (6,) 75 net; Junior - J S Sword (25,) 68 net.

Result of the Captain’s Prize played on Saturday April 27th 1912; J N Wilkinson, 77-6-71; Rev T A R Williamson, 92-20-72; Dr H C Dyer, 82-9-73; W H Godden, 91-18-73; F J Watts, 91-18-73; J Shepherd, 87-12-75; J C Robinson, 87-9-78; Dr G Trustram Watson, 98-20-78; S Gurney, 87-8-79; F McKinnell, 91-12-79; Dr Davies, 90-10-80; Dr Lock, 106-25-81; F Weare, 94-8-86; F A Spencer, 112- 25-87. 

In 1914 the secretary was J F Dixon of Lloyds Bank Ltd and the professional was Stephen Guard (1909 to 1919).  There was a membership of 150 gents and 73 ladies. Entry fees were, gents £4/4/0 and ladies £3/3/0. Subs were gents £3/3/0 and ladies £2/2/0. Visitors fees were 2/6 a day, 3/- on Saturday, 10/6 a week and £1/1/0 month if introduced or members of a recognised club. Sunday play was allowed with caddies.

Result of a foursome competition played on 26th December 1919; Dr F C Linton & Dr C H Dyer, 87-10-77; J L Oliver & J F Dixon, 90-12½-77½; A T Price and Captain May, 86-6-80; D M S Mackenzie & A W K Brackett, 91-11-80; A Giles & A I Happell, 85-4½-80½; S Gurney & G N M Atkins, 94-12-82; J C Hope Fowler & H W Carruthers, 96-13½-82½; S Delves & H A Beeching, 94-11½-82½; Colonel McLeod & G Limbery-Buse, 99-9-90; Dr Davies & Dr Pedrick, 99-8½-90½.

The Drewe Challenge Cup (bogey) was played on 27th December 1919. F H Knott the Kent cricketer and visitor to the club (not eligible to compete for the Drewe Cup), received 5 shots and returned the best score of 1up. Dr F C Linton (7) won the Drewe Challenge Cup with a score of 2down. Other scores; J M Wilkinson (scratch), 3down; I Myrtle (14), 3down; Geoffrey Limbery-Buse (3), 5down; J L Oliver (8), 5down; A W K Brackett (11), 5down; S Gurney (6), 6down; Dr C H Dyer (8), 6down; H A Beeching (9), 8down.                    

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 3rd January 1920; A J Aitkens, 84-9-75; J Myrtle, 93-18-75; J L Oliver, 89-11-78; Dr C H Dyer, 90-11-79; F H Knott (visitor), 87-5-82; W H Derry, 98-16-82; Dr F C Linton, 94-9-85; Dr Pedrick, 93-8-85.

Result of the 1920 Ladies’ February monthly bogey competition; Miss Snelgrove (10), 1down; Miss Weare (14), 1down; Mrs H P Mason (15), 2down; Miss D Maneer (14), 5down; Miss Jones (17), 5down; Miss Andrews (10), 6down; Miss Dixie Wood (13), 6down; Miss Sword (13), 8down; Miss R Hay (14), 9down; Mrs Pedrick (17), 9down; Miss R Boddington (18), 9down; Mrs B Murdoch (16), 10down; Miss Faulkner (12), 12down; Mrs Edwards and Miss Hull no returns.

Result of the Winch Challenge Bowl played on February 21st 1920; Dr Pedrick, 92-8-84; A J Atkins, 96-9-87; J L Oliver, 98-11-87; Dr Lees, 106-15-91; A Anson, 109-15-94.

Result of the Captain’s Prize played on May 1st 1920; A J Happell, 77-2-75; J Myrtle, 94-18-76; Dr Pedrick, 84-8-76; J F Dixon, 91-14-77; G Limbery-Buse, 83-4-79; G N M Aitkens, 95-16-79; J H Podmore, 94-14-80; R Greatorex, 89-8-81; Dr Linton, 89-8-81; Dr Davies, 90-9-81; Dr Dyer, 92-11-81; A Anson, 96-15-81; H A Beeching, 94-12-82; J L Oliver, 95-10-85; A Giles, 94-8-86; J C Robinson, 98-11-87; C Massey Collier, 106-14-92.

Result of the Drewe Challenge Cup played on June 26th June 1920; A W K Brackett (11), 2up; J H Podmore (11), 1up; O R Robinson (7), 2down; J C Robinson (8), 2down; A J Aitkens (7), 3down; Dr C H Dyer (7), 4down; W E Royce (14), 4down; G Limbery-Buse (3), 5down; Dr Linton (6), 5down; J Myrtle (11), 8down.

Result of the monthly medal played on July 3rd 1920; W E Boyce, 90-18-72; J L Oliver, 83-10-73; Dr Davies, 85-9-76; A Anson, 91-15-76; W A Phillips, 86-9-77; Dr Dyer, 90-11-79; J T Robinson, 91-11-80; H A Beeching, 92-12-80; J H Podmore, 94-13-81.


Culverden Golf Club, Kent. View of the Culverden golf course 1920s.

Postcard from the 1920s showing Culverden Golf Course.


Below is the result of a match played on the Culverden course against Tunbridge Wells in August 1922. 

Culverden   Tunbridge Wells  
A J Mitchell (8&6) 1 G B Robertson 0
J M Wilkinson (4&3) 1 H L Colebrooke 0
J L Oliver 0 R Ross King (4&3) 1
Dr Pedrick (6&4) 1 A G Scott 0
A T Prince (1up) 1 C G Mitchell 0
W H Berry 0 D Lavender (3&1) 1
W A Phillips (6&5) 1 H Clifford 0
Dr F C Linton (3&2) 1 R S Leman 0
A J Aitkens (2up) 1 E H L Dowsett 0
D Davies (on the 19th) 1 F Waterlow 0
  8   2

In 1924 the secretary was still J F Dixon. Telephone number 206. The Club Telephone number was 366. The professional was B F James (1919 to 1934). Membership was now 153 gents and 89 ladies. Course records were, amateur A J Mitchell with a score of 71 and professional B F James 65. Visitors’ fees were, 2/6 a round, 3/- a day, Weekends 3/- round, 4/- a day, 15/- a week, £1/5/0 a fortnight and £1/11/6 a month.

The trophy below is engraved Culverden Golf Club first hole 175 yards in one by Mr John Whitehead 3/3/1928.


Culverden Golf Club, Kent. Hole-in-One trophy for John Whitehead March 1928.

Hole-in-One trophy dated March 1928.


Result of the monthly medal played on 4th March 1939; J R K Pennink, 74-6-68; F E Laughton, 85-16-69; Dr Linton, 80-8-72; W Adams, 80-7-73; P A L Maplesden, 88-13-75. There were nine entries. 

Result of the Salomons Challenge Bowl played on 1st April 1939; A B H Read, 74-14-60; B Merritt, 78-10-68; W A Adams, 76-7-69; J McLeod, 85-14-71; G T Wilson, 92-18-74. There were ten entries. 

Below are results from the Culverden Golf Club Artisans section. The matches were played in April 1939.

Below is the result of the first team match played away on the Spa course.

Spa   Culverden  
C J Skinner & J A McNab 0 E Chapman & E Hollingsbee (3&2) 1
E T Morris & S Knight 0 T Sefton & B Muggridge (2&1) 1
A Fletcher & F P Daly 0 W H Chapman & O McCoey (6&4) 1
R Mansfield & E G Liddiard (2&1) 1 F Livesey & J Hyman 0
  1   3

Below is the result of the second team match played on the Culverden course against Spa. 

Culverden   Spa  
F G Williams & C Marshall (1up) 1 R W Weller & G Coker 0
F Hohl & W Williams (6&5) 1 G Swash & C J Stoner 0
F Edmonton & J Damper (5&4) 1 W Reeves & E C Roberts 0
J Fowler & R Pitts (6&5) 1 W H Cormack & A E Symonds 0
  4   0

The annual meeting was held on Saturday 13th May 1939. In the unavoidable absence of the captain, Mr H Scott Dennington, the treasurer, Mr W Reeve was in the chair. A satisfactory balance sheet was produced, visitors’ green fees were on the increase and clubhouse takings were much improved. The professional, D Macdonald and the grounds-men were congratulated on the condition of the course which had never been better. Mrs Macdonald was also thanked for her splendid service in the clubhouse. The club had suffered the sad loss of the President, Sir J H Blunt, Bart., who had always been a most generous and sympathetic landlord. Mr W C Adams was elected captain; J A Chalmers, vice-captain; F M Collins, secretary; Committee as follows, Noel Snell, J L Chalmers, C J Lewis Keeble and S Cedric Smith. 

Result of a ladies match played at Tonbridge on Thursday 18th May 1939.    

Tonbridge   Culverden  
Miss Keane (4&3) 1 Mrs D Basden-Smith 0
Mrs Gardner (7&5) 1 Miss Scott 0
Miss Sharp (half) 0 Mrs Soulby (half) 0
Mrs Bunce (half) 0 Miss Williamson (half) 0
Mrs Jones 0 Mrs Stoakes (4&3) 1
Mrs Barnes 0 Mrs Hayward (6&4) 1
Mrs Poile (half) 0 Mrs McLeod (half) 0
  2   2

From 1937 to the last appearance in 1954 the secretary was W Adams, Coombe Mavis, Culverden Down. The professional was R Littlechild and the greenkeeper D McDonald. 18 holes with a SSS of 67 and Par 68. Membership was about 220 throughout this period.  Course records were, amateur J L Oliver with a score of 67 and professional D McDonald 63. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a round, 3/6 a day, Weekend and Bank Holiday 3/6 a round, 5/- a day if introduced and playing with a member then 15/- a week, £1/5/0 a fortnight, £1/11/6 a month, £2/12/6 3 months, £4/4/0 6 months.

Below is the result of a match played at Culverden (Artisans’ Section) against Heathfield Golf Club (now defunct) in June 1939.  

Culverden Artisans' Club   Heathfield Golf Club  
E Hohl & M Littlechild (4&2) 1 G A Dann & C Dann 0
R Hinchcliffe & G Mitchell (5&3) 1 C E G Dann & A W Dann 0
A Williams & W Williams (half) 0 V Blackford & R Pilbeam (half) 0
G Baker & J Fowler (4&3) 1 R Pilbeam & R O Bailey 0
W Edmonton & R Pitts (4&3) 1 J Bailey & G Mepham 0
W Piper & R Mercer (9&7) 1 A Frost & A Bailey 0
  5   0


Recollections of Culverden from Colin and Janet Roe. “The Culverden had a parent club based off Culverdan Road with the Artisans located on the Rusthall site. The parent clubhouse was a modest building. The Artisans occupied the upstairs part of a barn just off Lower Green Road in Rusthall. Regrettably part of the Rusthall site was lost as soon  as WW2 ended, prefabs replacing holes 5,6 and 7. The Artisans moved to a small side room at the parent club until 1950. Parts of the remaining course were eventually lost to development”

Culverden Golf Club, Tunbridge Wells. Scorecard dated 1949.

Card of the course from 1949.



Culverden Golf Club, Tunbridge Wells. Course layout holes 1 to 10.

Thanks to Colin and Janet Roe for scorecard and course plans of Culverden.


Culverden Golf Club, Tunbridge Wells. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Culverden course.

Grid reference TQ57165,40145, co-ordinates 557165,140145.