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Stanwick Golf Club, Northants. (1905 - WW1)

The club first appeared in 1905.

A six-hole course laid out on fields belonging to the “Squire of Stanwick” Mr Wetenhall.

Following WW1 the Stanwick course was ploughed up and this prompted a move to Rushden  where the Rushden & District Golf Club was established in 1919.

Below is the result of a match played at Stanwick against Wellingborough Golf Club in March 1908.

Stanwick Golf Club   Wellingborough Golf Club  
Dr Baker (half) 0 C Woodcock (half) 0
G Mason 1 C Nicholson 0
R Smith (half) 0 H W Miller (half) 0
F L Heygate 0 W K Woolston 1
C A Wetenhall 1 Rev D H Meggy 0
Dr Greenfield 0 A C Chambers 1
R Marriott 1 D D Chisholm 0
Dr Owen 0 S H Cook 1
C Claridge 0 J Watts 1
O Claridge 0 R A Shouler 1
W H Lovell 0 F G Coales 1
O Parker 1 R Tebbitt 0
  4   6

Below is a result of a club match played at Wellingborough on Thursday 18th February 1909.

Wellingborough Golf Club   Stanwick Golf Club  
C Nicholson 0 Rev A Wetenhall 1
J Pendered 0 Dr Baker 1
R D Pendered 1 Geo Mason 0
Rev D H Meggy 1 R Smith 0
W H B Bowers 1 C A Wetenhall 0
J Watts 1 F L Heygate 0
A C Chambers 1 R F Knight 0
Rev E P Powell 1 R Marriott 0
R A Shouler 1 W H Lovell 0
D D Chisholm 1 Dr Greenfield 0
J Sharman 0 Dr Owen 1
S H Cook 1 Rev E W Snart 0
  9   3

Thanks to Martin Izzard author of Northamptonshire’s Lost Courses for his help with Stanwick and other defunct clubs and courses in Northampton. 

If anyone can help with the exact location of the former golf course please "Contact Us" via the website homepage.