Liskeard & District Golf Club, Cornwall. (1930s)

Appeared in the early 1930s when the secretary was W P Mann, Lloyd’s Bank Ltd., Liskeard. The club continued to the late 1950s. A 9 hole course. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 10/- a week and £1 a month. The station at Liskeard was 2 ½ miles away.

Admiral Wykes-Sneyd presided at the annual meeting held on Wednesday March 2nd 1932. The Hon. Secretary, Mr Louis Reid, reported that as much constructional work was done on the course as funds would allow and a clubhouse had been provided by the gifts of members. The membership stood at 152, an increase of 29 on the year. The standard of play had improved and the gift of three silver cups would stimulate competition. Mr E C Morrison, treasurer, reported a credit of £3 on the year’s expenditure of 380. Mr C C Morley of Trelawne was elected president, Mr F L Caunter, captain, the treasurer and secretary were re-appointed.

A meeting at the Public Rooms, Liskeard, on Tuesday 30th October 1934, received the report of the committee appointed to inquire in to the continuance of the golf course at Higher Lodge. J A Eliott presided. Mr S Maggs reported that there was a credit balance in the bank to the OLD golf club, and Dr B B Metcalfe stated that arrangements had been made with the Duchy of Cornwall, owners of the land, with a view to the appointment of joint trustees. Dr E S Toogood pointed out that the present lease would terminate on December 25, and moved that an extra-ordinary general meeting be called with a view to re-leasing the ground from the tenant, Mr Wills, and continuing the club. Dr N Garrard seconded, and the resolution was unanimously carried.

At the annual meeting in January 1936 it was stated that there had been renewed interest in the club and more use of the course by members during 1935. The acting secretary, Mr J T Pawlyn, reported that the general opinion was that the club had had a very successful year, and its continuance had been fully justified. The membership, however, had shown a small decline from 99 to 93. The excellent work of the greenkeeper was shown by the superb condition of the course. Dr B B Metcalfe said they should be aiming at membership of 100 plus, and this was definitely achievable.

Result of a mixed foursome match played in September 1936 against Fowey Golf Club at Liskeard. 

Liskeard Golf Club   Fowey Golf Club  
Dr Toogood & Mrs Edgcumbe (6&5) 1 Dr O'Keefe & Mrs Sabian 0
B Spooner & Mrs Hancock (half) 0 L R Williams & Mrs Maslen (half) 0
H Toms & Mrs Toms (1up) 1 J H Rawlings & Mrs O'Keefe 0
Dr Garrad & Mrs Badcock  0 V Carter & Miss Sabian (7&5) 1
S Maggs & Miss Nuttall (1up) 1 L Maslen & Mrs Williams 0
S Lew & Mrs Lew 0 L Rapson & Miss Mitchell 1
  3   2

At the annual meeting of the club on February 1st 1937 Dr N Garrard presided in the absence of the president, Admiral R S Wykes-Sneyd. The treasurer, Mr A Hugh, said the club had made a profit of £8. That sum represented the increase in members subscriptions, while green-fees were slightly down. Officers elected; president, Admiral Wykes Sneyd; joint secretaries, D P Mann and D Drew; treasurer, Mr Hugh; captain, Mr Drew.

Competition results from September and October 1937; Wykes Sneyd Cup, D Drew beat Dr Toogood 4&3; Toogood Cup (ladies), Mrs K Mallett beat Mrs E Lewis at the 21st hole; September running medal, F Alford, 80-18-62; September running medal (ladies), Mrs K Mallett, 97-34-63.

Result of a club match played at Whitsand Bay in September 1938, the home team also won the foursomes.

Whitsand Bay Golf Club   Liskeard Golf Club  
E Garland 1 C E Woodford 0
Capt Kelly 1 F Alford 0
A Lobb 1 S Lewis 0
A Davey 1 H Leaman 0
J Hanley 1 Capt Oddie 0
C Hancock 0 S Maggs 1
W J Bean 1 H Toms 0
M Peiniger 1 Dr Raynes 0
H Dyer 0 L Hancock 1
Capt Williams 1 D R Venning 0
  8   2

The Liskeard & District club held its second annual dance in November 1938. There was a large attendance including members of neighbouring golf clubs. Entertainment was supplied by Nicholas and his Band, the M.C was Mr E Lewis. 

The Google Map below pinpoints Higher Lodge, the location mentioned above.