Knowle Golf Club, Bristol. (1905 - 1925)

Founded in 1905.

Initially a 9-hole course laid out near Racecourse Cottages it was extended to 18-holes prior to WW1; the  course was located in the area of the current Wellgarth Road, Greenwood Road and Crossways Road.  Founder members of the club were; Dr J J P Lucas, P C Berrill and W P Lucas. Mr Percy C Berrill served as secretary from 1906 and throughout WW1.

The third annual dinner was held at the Grand Hotel on the evening of Friday 16th January 1914. Amongst those present were; Mr H B Napier, president; Sir Herbert Ashman, Bart; Dr J J Lucas, vice-president; P Berrill, secretary; H H Hulme, committee chairman; H L Butt, treasurer; L O Clarke; W P Lucas; E J Thornton; C J Rider; Frank Moore; H Orchard; Geo McKenna; A Musselwhite; Rev P Goodwin; Rev Pugh; C Thomas, Portishead GC; W J Rossiter, Knowle GC; J W Towers, Nailsea GC; R E Witherspoon, Long Ashton GC; F E Preston, Rodway Hill GC. There were also over 100 members and their friends attending. Mention was made in the after dinner speeches of the extension of the course from nine to eighteen holes which took place in 1912, a new clubhouse had also been erected. Throughout the enjoyable evening the guests had been entertained by Mr Tapp’s orchestra.   

Result of the spoon competition held on Saturday 25th January 1914. It was reported that the ground was soft but the ball was usually lying well, the greens varied and putting was a tricky art. Only two players returned scores under bogey; first division – J Fowlie, 84-12-72; Hugh Miller, 78-4-74; P Berrill, 85-10-75; W H Williams, 91-13-78; second division – G Lawson, 92-22-70; C J Rides, 97-22-75; C W Allen, 96-19-77; H Walker, 94-16-78.

On Saturday 7th February 1914 the atrocious weather in the morning deterred a lot of golfers from entering the monthly spoon competition although conditions did improve for the afternoon players, leading scores; division one – A Musselwhite, 89-11-78; N P Lucas, 85-5-80; division two – L Baldwin, 92-16-76; E L Hall, 96-20-76. 

In March 1914 the  gentlemen members clubbed together to make a presentation of a gold watch to the professional, C Jenkins, who was leaving to take over as professional at Portishead, the lady members presented him with a silver cigarette case, both gifts were suitably inscribed, and much appreciated by the departing professional. *George Horn* was appointed to replace Mr Jenkins as professional at Knowle.

*Following information courtesy of "The PGA Remembers" project - George Horn; Club - Knowle Golf Club, Bristol 1914-1917; Regiment - Bombardier: 124th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery; Service Number 75239; Died - Died of wounds 9th May 1918. Age 29; Buried - Lapugnoy Military Cemetery. Ref: VII. F. 13; Notes - George Horn moved to Knowle Golf Club in 1914 after beginning his professional career at the Mendip Club.  Serving with the Royal Artillery he died of wounds while in action on his gun in May 1918.

On Tuesday 10th March 1914 the Knowle ladies’ entertained Alveston, result below.

Knowle Golf Club   Alveston Golf Club  
Mrs Hugh Miller (4&3) 1 Miss Langley 0
Mrs W P Lucas (5&4) 1 Mrs Langley 0
Mrs Rioch (3&1) 1 Miss Joyce Williams 0
Miss Fowlie 0 Mrs Lloyd (1up) 1
Mrs Stampe 0 Mrs Wright (1up) 1
Mrs Hulme (7&6) 1 Mrs Tanner 0
  4   2

 Playing in a club match against the Bristol Medical Golf Society in July 1914, Hugh Miller holed in one on the 215 yard 12th hole. It was stated at the time that this was the first hole in one that had been recorded in the district and the Knowle members were delighted that the record should belong to their course. The Bristol Medical Golf Society were an enthusiastic and keen group who enjoyed their golf but had little time to practice and usually found the club teams to strong. They put up a good show against Knowle on this occasion, result below.

Knowle Golf Club   Bristol Medicals  
W P Lucas 1 Dr H W Aubrey 0
Hugh Miller 1 Dr Orr Ewing 0
Rev E B Lane 0 Dr C W W James 1
P Berrill 0 Dr C Visger 1
B Shellard 1 Dr C F Hereford 0
D V Pugh 1 Dr F T B Logan 0
A Musselwhite 1 Dr E W Hey Groves 0
  5   2

Also in July 1914 a mixed foursome competition was held, prize for the winners were silver spoons, result as follows; Mrs Anders and F Ringham, 100-24-76; Mrs Wright and M H Hulme, 94-17½-76½; Mrs M H Hulme and W H Williams, 93-14-79; Miss K Evans and Mr Bick, 101-20½-80½; Mrs W P Lucas and Rev E B Lane, 91-8½-82½.

Playing in a four-ball match in July 1914 L O Clarke holed in one at the 160 yard 15th hole. The other players were Hugh Miller, Harry Miller and George Horne, the professional.

On Saturday 15th August 1914 the first competition in aid of the war relief fund took place, result as follows; division one – A W E Stampe, 3up; W P Lucas, all square; Hugh Miller, 1down; M B Turner, 4down; division two- H Rossiter, 4down.

Result of a mixed foursome competition played in August 1914; Mrs L Richards and W P Lucas, 89-9½-79½; Mrs W P Lucas and P Berrill, 92-9-81; Mrs M H Hulme and Rev E P Lane, Mrs Wright and M H Hulme, 105-17½-87½.

Results from the holiday competitions played in August 1914; foursome stroke – Rev E B Lane and C W Allen, 86-12½-73½; P Berrill and G Lawson, 86-12-74; Rev J E Pugh and Harry Miller, 86-9-75; W P Lucas and A Musselwhite, 83-7½-75½; continuous bogey, (first division) – Rev E B Lane, (6) 6down; Harry Miller, (6) 1down; B Shellard, (8) 1down; W P Lucas, (3) 3down; A Musselwhite, (8) 3down; M B Turner, (8) 3down; second division – L Baldwin, (11) 3up; A E Clarke, (14) 1down; C W Allen, (13) 3down; S W Walden, (15) 4down; stroke competition – C W Allen, 89-17-72; Harry Miller, 81-8-73; A E Clarke, 93-18-75; S W Walden, 95-20-75.

There was also a match between Mr Berrill’s team and Mr Shellard's team, result below.  

Mr Berrill's Team   Mr Shellard's Team  
P Berrill 1 G Lawson 0
M B Turner 1 B Shellard 0
Harry Miller 1 H Rossiter 0
Rev E B Lane 1 L Baldwin 0
P Bishop (half) 0 R Stagg (half) 0
C W Allen 1 S W Waldin 0
C Martin 0 C E Edwards 1
  5   1

The annual meeting was held at the George Hotel in September 1914, the following officers were elected; H B Napier, president; Dr J J S Lucas, vice-president; L O Clarke, match captain; Bert Shellard, match secretary; H L Butt, hon. treasurer; Percy Berrill, hon. secretary; committee – M H Hulme was chairman, A E Clark, H Orchard, A Musselwhite, Hugh Miller, W P Lucas, M B Turner, E F Thornton, C J Rides and L Baldwin. It was decided to increase the annual subscription by 10/- for full members and 5/- for five day members, whilst the membership had been limited to 200 for full members. A scheme for re-planning the course which would increase the length as well as minimise the need for crossing was submitted and approved. Many members had had answered the call to join the colours and they were to be regarded as honorary members during the time they were away.

The third round of the “Sir William” Challenge Cup was played in September 1914; Hugn Miller beat F Ringham; B Shellard beat A W E Stampe; L O Clarke beat M H Hulme; W P Lucas beat H A Chalk. 

In October 1921 there were 30 entries for the stroke competition for the spoons, result as follows; first division (tie for first place) – A E Clarke, 81-9-72; G Gummerson, 85-13-72; Hugh Miller, 76-3-73; G W R Cooper, 82-8-74; Harry Miller, 79-4-75; W H W Turner, 83-8-75; E E Shellard, 82-6-76; J G Cowen, 92-14-78; second division – J Berrill, 89-17-72; W R Maine, 94-18-76; F A Webber, 99-18-81.

The Lucas Competition, stated to be the most popular at the club, was to start on Monday 17 October 1921, there were over 70 entries.

A meeting of the lady members took place on Friday 14th October 1921, Mrs Percy Burrill in the chair. The secretary, Mrs A W E Stampe, referred to the prosperous state of the club and the enthusiasm of the members. She thanked Mrs Clark and Mrs Houlgate for their gifts for the club room. Mrs W P Lucas was re-elected as match captain, Mrs Stampe was re-elected as secretary. There were over 70 lady members. The following were re-elected to the committee; Mrs Barton, Mrs Berrill, Mrs Cowherd, Mrs W P Lucas, Mrs Newholme and Mrs Simmonds. In the afternoon there were 20 entries in a one club competition, result;Mrs T B Simmonds, 100-23-77; Miss Brown, 121-38-83; Miss Callaway, 109-25-84.  


Knowle Golf Club, Bristol. Location of the earlier course.

Above is the location of the early course, grid reference ST60460,70510, co-ordinates, 360460,170510.


Knowle Golf Club, Bristol. The old golf house.

The above image is attributed to the Western Daily Press 3rd June 1925.


The club moved to its current location at The Fairway in 1925.