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Bladud Golf Club, Bath, Somerset. (1898 - 1930)

The club was founded 1898.

The Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette announced the opening of the club in an article on Thursday 19 May 1898. In somewhat un-golf like weather the Bladud Golf Club was opened on Thursday on the links on Stirlingdale Farm, Englishcombe. The continuous rain for some weeks past had made the course rather heavy, and the frequent showers in the afternoon rendered the conditions of things still worse. There was very considerable response to the invitations issued by the committee, and a goodly number of visitors assembled at the clubhouse, whence, after heavy showers had passed over about four o’clock they sallied out to enjoy the game. The start was made by a member of the committee, Mr Walbrook, and the professional H Hiscocks, formally hitting off from the first tee over a somewhat trying natural bunker. They were followed by a series of further players. After the rounds were completed the lady visitors and other members were entertained to tea in the clubhouse. After tea a mixed foursomes was played. It may be observed that several members – in one case a gentleman who had never handled a club before – showed considerable skill and a number of excellent drives were made. Notwithstanding the unseasonal weather, the opening was deemed to be a considerable success and promising. The absence of Mr S Fox Andrews, the chairman of the committee, due to urgent business commitments, was much regretted. The club now had nearly 80 members. The catering was admirably carried out by Mr Alfred Taylor, under the personal direction of his son, Mr Arthur Taylor. Thanks to the energy and excellent arrangements of the Hon secretaries Messrs Stuckey and Lee, Mr Scudamore, Mr Goldsworthy, Mr Norris and the other members of the committee, the opening had proved a great success.

Result of a match against West Wilts Golf Club played in June 1907.


Bladud Golf Club, Bath. Result of a match against West Wilts in June 1907.

Wiltshire Times and Trowbridge Advertiser Saturday 15 June 1907. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The annual autumn meeting was concluded on Saturday 14 September 1907, results and leading scores as follows. Bogey competition; G A Dauncey, 1up; G W Lovell, all square; A C Olds, 1down; C H Long, 1down; W F Long, 1down; F R Hill, 1down; W C Lee, 1 down. Mixed foursome; W C Lee & Miss Cassidy, 72net; Mr & Mrs C H Long, 72½; Mr & Miss Withy, 73½. Foursomes; W H Cavell & A E Withy, 90-16-74; W C Lee & G W Lovell, 92-14-78; H G Montagu & F Windebank, 93-14-79; W E Webb & C H Long, 100-18-82. Ladies’ medal; Mrs C H Long, 81; Mrs S Norris, 83. Fox Andrews Cup Competition; A C Olds, 87-20-67; S Norris, 89-16-73; W C Lee, 85-11-74; C H Long, 94-20-74; W Charles, 100-25-75; A Beasley, 90-14-76; G A Dauncey, 93-16-77; W F Long, 97-18-79; W E Webb, 96-14-82; G H Pickwick, 103-21-82. 

Below are results from the Spring Meeting played in May 1911.


Bladud Golf Club, Bath, Somerset. Results from the Spring Meeting played in May 1911.

From the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette Thursday 25 May 1911. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of the 1913 July bogey competition; G W Lovell (strokes received 11) 4up; J H C Dunn (12) 3up; R J Perry (13) 3up; J B Blackmore (5) 2up; I J Maggs (11) 2up; C A Rawlings (17) 1up; H Griffin (6) 1up; E W Batten (14) all square; C H Long (11) all square. 

During August 1913 the course, the greens in particular, had suffered from the recent dry conditions. This had not prevented some good scores being achieved and in the August Bank Holiday medal competition Mr J B Blackmore returned a score of 78, a new record for the course, leading scores; J B Blackmore, 78-6-72; H Griffin, 80-7-73; J A Edwardes, 97-22-75, S Norris, 93-17-76; G A Colbert, 99-20-79.  

In 1914 the secretary was Sidney Norris, 57 Wellsway, Bath. The professional and greenkeeper  was William Johnson, who came to the club as pro in 1899, remaining until closure. A 9 hole course that was situated near Englishcombe Lane, Odd Down, Bath. There was a membership of 78. Entry fees were £1/1/0 and subs £2/2/0. Visitors’ fees 1/- a day, Saturday 2/-. Sunday play was not allowed, there were no restrictions for ladies. Stations (GWR & MR) both 2 miles.

On the 4th December 1914 the death was announced of the secretary Mr Sidney Norris aged 60. He had worked as an Inspector of Schools in Bath and had been secretary of the Bladud club for several years.

In 1922 the secretary was E R Goldsworthy, 33 Milsom Street, Bath . Visitors’ fees on introduction, were  2/- a day, weekends and Bank Holidays 2/6, 7/6 a week, 15/- a month. The course was one mile from the city. A tram service was available from the city centre.

The following officers were elected in April 1924; A E Withy, president; J C H Dunn, captain; P W Burgess, hon. secretary; C Greenwood, hon. treasurer. A proposal to allow Sunday play was defeated.

In July 1928 the Bladud club visited Kingsdown Golf Club, result below.

Kingsdown Golf Club   Bladud Golf Club  
Major B Matthews (half) 0 H Griffen (half) 0
Major J Fradgley (4&3) 1 J Bird German 0
H Foley (6&5) 1 W J Hone 0
C G Wood (half) 0 A O Leggatt (half) 0
C Ashplant 0 A L Leggatt (2up) 1
F E Biggs 0 R E Morgan (3&2) 1
W Charles (2&1) 1 W Lee 0
M A Hallett (2up) 1 C H Long 0
H Bennallack (1up) 1 H H Morgan 0
C Quartley (2up) 1 Captain Ludlow Wood 0
  6   2

Below is the result of a match played at Bladud against Lansdown Golf Club on Saturday 18 August 1928.

Bladud Golf Club   Lansdown Golf Club  
F L White 1 S G Parry 0
W Palmer Jones (half) 0 V Dark (half) 0
Dr Pickles 0 N L Bubier 1
C Pidgeon 1 H Game 0
C A R Stinson 0 D E Cleaver 1
J Blackmore 0 J Payne 1
J C E Lee 0 A G Blagrove 1
W J Hove 1 A J Taylor 0
  3   4

In 1928 the secretary was A T Candy at the Clubhouse, Woodfield Cottage, Bloomfield Road, and the professional William Johnson.

Ordnance Survey Map showing the location of the golf course.


Bladud Golf Club, Bath. O.S. Map showing the location of the golf course.

O.S. Map Revised 1929 to 1930; © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1933}.


Bladud Golf Club closed in 1930.


Bladud Golf Club, Bath. Report on the closure of the course in 1930.

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette Saturday 29 March 1930. Image © Reach plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.