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Burnham Ladies' Golf Club, Somerset. (1892 - WW2)

The Burnham Ladies was a club in its own right, the clubhouse and course was on the town side of the lighthouse. Between there and the present day Burnham and Berrow course was another club known as Mid Somerset Golf Club (there was also a Mid Somerset at Langport, see separate listing). Burnham Ladies Golf Club began life in 1892, and, when it was much over subscribed, the Mid Somerset club was created. Both clubs had 9-holes and in 1896 they were able to amalgamate, thus creating an 18-hole course. Some men were admitted as Associate Members. Burnham Ladies continued until the mid 1930s when their golfing activities moved to the present day course.

Saturday 20 August 1892 was the conclusion of two prize days. The first prize played for on Friday, a handsome silver cream jug and sugar basin, presented by the Gentlemen's Club, was won by Miss May Armstrong, 93 scratch; second prize of twelve golf balls, presented by Mr J Warren, Colthurst, Miss Sybil B Sinclair, 125-30-95; third was Mrs Cheston, 140-22-118. On the Saturday the prizes were presented by the Rev Canon Kennard, result; Mrs K Cheston, 118-28-90; Mrs Colthurst (won play off), 130-30-100; Miss M Armstrong, 95-5-100. "Lunch was partaken of in a small wood near the links by a large company, and the new scarlet uniform of the club was donned for the first time." 

The November 1893 medal resulted in a tie between Miss Sinclair and Miss Piers. The tie was played off on Friday 3rd November and resulted in a win for Miss Piers.

The Burnham ladies’ club had 68 members in July 1894. Mr W J Holt was the president and Mr T Warren, Colthurst, secretary.


Burnham Ladies' Golf Club, Somerset. The Burnham Ladies' Clubhouse.

The Burnham Ladies' Clubhouse.


On Saturday 8 September 1894 a mixed foursome took place.  Result; Miss C Piers & T W Colthurst, 89-18-71; Miss Kewich & T Holt, 95-22-73; Miss K Edwards & H G Wheeler, 96-17-79; Miss Wilson & Mr Wilson, 101-19-82; Miss Slater & Lieutenant Bethune R.N, 9-16-83; Miss Piers & Surgeon-General Cunningham, 101-25-83; Miss Warburton & H Alison, 112-28½-83½; Miss Lister & J W Trevor, 110-25-85; Mrs H Cheston & T Holt, 101-15-86; Mrs Macdougall & Captain Jones, 114-28-86; Miss Edwards & H Cheston, 103-15½-87½; Miss Bellairs-Harries & Mr Warburton, 109-19½-89½; Mrs Bethune & Lieutenant Bethune, 112-20-90; Miss Akerman & D W Wheeler, 103-11½-91½. The September medal was played in “thundery conditions” result; Miss Edwards, 111-20-91; Miss Piers, 122-30-92; Miss C Piers, 124-32-92; Miss Keswick, 128-36-92; Mrs H Cheston, 118-22-96; Miss Perfect, 134-36-98; Miss Akerman, 107-7-100; Mrs Bethune, 139-36-103; Miss K Edwards, 128-22-106.

Results from the autumn meeting in October 1894


Burnham Ladies' Golf Club. Results from the autumn meeting in October 1894.

"Golf" Friday 2 November 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the January 1895 medal; Miss Brice, 113-24-89; Mrs A B Hill, 123-24-99; Miss Piers, 129-20-109; Miss S Sinclair, 135-20-115; Miss C Piers, 155-18-137. There were several no returns.

A foursome competition took place over the ladies’ links on Wednesday 16 March 1898; Miss Gowan & Miss A Gowan, 101-15½-85½; Mr Bethune & Miss Bethune, 113-25-88; Mrs Macdougall & Miss N L Gowan, 109-10½-98½; Mrs Marwood-Elton & Mrs Bolderstone, 123-28½-94½. There were scores over 95nett and also no returns

Following is the result of the January 1903 medal; there were 14 entries; Mrs Lucas, 98-20-78; Mrs Marwood-Elton, 99-20-79; Miss Lewis, 101-20-81; Miss Edwards, 97-15-82; Miss Akerman; 100-16-84; Miss Blathwayt, 101-14-87; Miss E Handley, 103-16-87; Mrs T Holt, 97-8-89; Mrs Booth, 110-18-87; Mrs Hill, 125-24-101.

Result of a mixed foursome played on Saturday 17 January 1903; Mrs Lucas & F E S Lucas, 77-8½-68½; Miss D Akerman & G D Barne, 76-6½-69½; Miss E Handley & E Akerman, 86-16-70; Mrs Akerman & P Akerman, 92-15½-76½; Mrs Marwood-Elton & A Marwood-Elton, 93-14½ -78½; Miss C Handley & C H Alison, 87-9½-77½; Miss Blathwayt & A E Creswell, 92-10½-81½; Mrs T Holt & Colonel Gordon, 91-8½-82½; Miss K Barne & E B Smith, 91-7½-83½.

In 1904/5 the secretary was Arthur E Greswell, the captain Mrs T Holt, and the green-keeper Mr Woods. Entrance fee was 21/-; Subs 21/-. It was listed as an 18-hole course with a membership of 170. Visitors' fees were; ladies, 1/- a day, 5/- a week 15/- a month; gentlemen , 1/6 a day, 7/6 a week, £1 a month.

The following course description appeared in the 1905 Nisbets Golf Yearbook "The average length of the holes is about 200 yards or a little over; sandy lies, good turf, bunkers of all kinds making straight shots essential to a good round. The course very quickly dries, and is playable after heavy rain; it is situated on ground entirely private. 


Burnham Ladies' Golf Club, Somerset. Article from The Sketch November 1911.

From The Sketch Wednesday November 15 1911. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of a bogey competition played on Friday 5 January 1912; Mrs R T Nicholson (15) 5down; Mrs D Tucker (18) 6down; Miss Batchelor (11) 7down; Mrs Porter (4) 8down; Mrs T Holt (5) 8down; Miss Berry (6) 8down; Miss Caulfield-Stoker (15) 9down; Miss Burrington (6) 10down; Mrs Caulfield-Stoker (14) 13down.


Burnham Ladies' Golf Club, Somerset. The ladies links and clubhouse.

The above James Knight postcard of the Ladies' course was franked in 1913. Authors Collection.


Result of the January 1914 monthly medal; Mrs Hart, 81-10-71; Hon. Mrs Rogers, 96-25-71; Mrs Brownrigg, 99-25-74; Mrs Gooding, 94-19-75; Miss Berry, 83-7-76; Mrs Alison, 97-20-77, Mrs Copleston, 92-24-78; Mrs Batchelor, 93-15-78; Miss Hart, 96-18-78; Miss St John, 90-10-80; Mrs Tidman, 106-25-81; Mrs Akerman, 103-17-86. There were 14 entries.

Result of the monthly medal for July 1914, there were 12 entrants; Miss A McNeile, 73-11-62; Miss A Kershaw, 89-24-65. 

1896 - 1899 Arthur Day.
1899 - 1905 Ernest A Bradbeer.
1905 - 1913 J Woods.
1913 - 1914 G Law.


There were ten entries for the ladies’ medal competition held on Saturday 2nd August 1919; Lady Slade, 93-13-80; Miss Berry, 90-8-82; Mrs T Holt, 104-12-92; Mrs Mouncey, 116-20-96; Mrs R T Nicholson, 125-23-102.


Burnham Ladies' Golf Club, Somerset. Golf Competition Spoon dated 1925.


Burnham Ladies' Golf Club, Somerset. Golf Competition Spoon dated 1925.

Burnham Ladies' Golf Club competition spoon made by Willliam James Dingley 1925. Images courtesy


Below is the result of a match played at Burnham against Pickeridge Ladies in May 1933.

Burnham   Pickeridge  
Mrs Wilton (1up) 1 Miss Burnett 0
Mrs Howes (5&3) 1 Miss Newton 0
Mrs Holmes (4&3) 1 Miss E Vansittart 0
Miss G Holt (half) 0 Miss Baddock (half) 0
Mrs Risley  1 Mrs Williams 0
Mrs C Akerman 1 Mrs Gregory 0
Miss Prue Bentley 0 Mrs Price (4&3) 1
  5   1

Result of the ladies’ monthly medal played on Wednesday 19th July 1933; Mrs Collings, 91-9-82; Mrs Skrimshire, 88-5-83; Mrs New, 98-14-84; Miss Esme Davies, 91-7-84; Mrs Brogden, 95-11-84; Miss Hart, 94-8-86; Mrs Mackie, 110-24-86.

The annual junior meeting was held on the Burnham ladies’ course in April 1934. The open tournament was won by M Stevens who beat P V Nepean on the 22nd hole.

Result of the December 1934 monthly medal; Mrs A J Palmer, 85-24-61; Mrs Risley, 87-18-69; Miss Berry, 79-9-70; Mrs C Smith, 106-36-70; Mrs Long-Price, 91-19-72.


Burnham Ladies' Golf Club, Somerset. From an unknown publication.

The above image is from an unknown publication, probably 1930s?


Leading scores in the March 1935 monthly medal; Mrs Skrimshire, 85-5-80; Miss D R Fowler, 87-4-83; Mrs Collins, 100-10-90; Mrs New, 101-11-90.

Result of the April 1935 medal; Mrs C Akerman, 85-23-62; Mrs Long-Price, 88-22-66; Mrs A J Palmer, 95-21-74.

Result of the January 1936 monthly medal; Miss K Tofield, 93-33-60; Mrs Bentley, 91-30-61; Mrs Archdall, 86-19-67.

Burnham-on-Sea ladies easily defeated Clevedon at Burnham in the second round of the Rogers Cup Competition. The match was played in March 1936, result below.

Burnham Ladies' Golf Club   Clevedon Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss D B Fowler 1 Mrs Walker 0
Miss E Davies 1 Mrs Treen 0
Mrs Forgan Grant 1 Mrs Stevenson 0
Mrs Collings 1 Mrs Watkins 0
Mrs New 1 Miss May 0
Mrs Howes 1 Mrs Middle 0
Mrs T Holt 1 Mrs W Light 0
  7   0

Result of a match against Weston-super-Mare played in April 1939.


Burnham Ladies' Golf Club. Result of a match against Weston-super- Mare in April 1939.

Western Daily Press Wednesday 5 April 1939. Image © Reach plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Burnham Ladies' Golf Club, Somerset. The clubhouse and course.

Early postcard of the Ladies’ Links. Authors Collection.


Burnham Ladies' Golf Club, Somerset. Location of the former courses.

Location of the Burnham Ladies' course (to the south).


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former Burnham Ladies' course.