Mid Somerset Golf Club, Burnham. (1890s)

Mid Somerset (see also Burnham Ladies) had a 9-hole course between Burnham & Berrow and Burnham Ladies’.   

Founded by would be golfers, both men and women, who could not get into either of the other clubs, it set up in opposition in 1894. The three courses in a row along the foreshore were soon in competition for new members, all advertising in the Burnham Gazette. Mid Somerset and Burnham Ladies’ with their combined strength gave them a good 18-hole course and they were pioneer’s of the present day “mixed” club.

The following report appeared in the Bristol Mercury on Wednesday 4th July 1894:-

The opening of the Mid Somerset Golf Club for gentlemen and ladies took place on Thursday last, in splendid weather. The links are situated in the neighbourhood of Burnham, and are of the most sporting character. The ground, in addition to a considerable amount of sandhills, comprises a level field, in which are fine tennis courts and a large pavilion. Result of a ladies competition played over the course; Miss M Armstrong, 99 scratch; Mrs Edwards, 132-30-102; Miss A Gowan, 145-30-115; Miss Harries, 136-18-118; Mrs Akerman, 145-16-129. There were 14 competitors.

Mr P Greenhill, Puriton Manor, was secretary of the club in 1894. The professional was S Coombs.

Leading scores in the monthly medals played at the Mid Somerset Golf Club, Burnham,  on Friday 1st March 1895; Ladies – Miss A Gowan, 111-20-91; Miss N Gowan, 130-35-95; Miss F Gowan, 146-30-116; Miss Gowan, 156-35-121; Gentleman’s – C Greenhill, 106-22-84; E R Armstrong, 94-9-85; W W Aldridge, 99-12-87.

Mid Somerset Golf Club, Burnham, Somerset. Location of the  course at Burnham.

Grid reference Mid Somerset ST30025,50580, co-ordinates 330025,150580.
Grid reference Burnham Ladies ST30240,50280 co-ordinates 330240,150280.