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Cannington Park Golf Club, Bridgwater. (1906 - 1932)

Cannington Golf Club opened on Easter Monday in 1906. It was situated on the south east slope of Cannington Park near the Quarry, and across the road from the present day Cannington Club. The 9 hole course was 2200yds in length and had a par of 38. The ground was rented from Alfred Berry of Park Farm who was a founder member of the club. There was no clubhouse in the early years. Golf Cottage, a Grade 2 listed building, was the home of the greenkeeper. A small extension was made to this building, used for dispensing refreshments, tea, sandwiches etc. Play was suspended for the duration of WW1 when the course was needed for the war effort. Play resumed in 1919, by the mid 1920s a new clubhouse was built at a cost of £350. Due to a combination of factors, including a decline in membership numbers and difficulty in attracting visitors, the club finally closed in 1932. The clubhouse was moved to the nearby club at Enmore, where it remained until its demolition in 1990. Enmore Golf Club celebrated  its centenary year in 2006, the early years, to 1932 were based on the Cannington Park Club.

Below, result of a home club match played against Wells Golf Club on Saturday 8th June 1912.

Cannington Park Gaolf Club   Wells Golf Club  
Mr Sully 0 Mr Ham
Mr Berry 0 Mr Ellicott 1
Mr Oule 1 Mr Woodhams 0
Mr Bird 1 Mr Hincks 0
Mr Routh 1 Mr Williams 0
Mr Collins 0 Mr Gregory 0
Mr Bond 0 Mr Hodgson 1
Mr Templeman 1 Mr Gould 0
  4   3

In 1914 the secretary was Dr R Coates, 38 Monmouth Street, Bridgwater. The professional was A Marsh (1911 - 1917).  The club had a membership of 90. Entry fee was 10/6 and Subs £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees 1/- a day, 3/6 a week and 7/6 a month.

During WW1 the land was taken over for the war effort. Golf returned in 1919. A clubhouse was built at a cost of £350 in the 1920s.

Competition results from October 1921.

Cannington Park Golf Club, Bridgwater, Somerset. Competition results fro October 1912.

Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser Wednesday 12th October 1921. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1922 the secretary was Dr R H F Routh, Malvern House, Bridgwater. Telephone number 59. The professional was E Knight. Membership had slightly reduced to 80. Visitors’ fees were;  2/- a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Sunday play allowed without caddies. The station at Bridgwater was 4 miles away.

Below is the result of a match played on the Cannington course against Pickeridge Golf Club on Thursday 9th April 1931.

Cannington Golf Club   Pickeridge Golf Club  
H Bedale (4&3) 1 C R Davis 0
J D Ware (3&1) 1 W P Day-Dewdney 0
C W Green 0 H R W Meredith (1up) 1
S Rolfe (2&1) 1 F Ayrey 0
C Perrens (half) 0 R P Clarke (half) 0
E Boucher 0 P R Sully  1
W J Welland (6&4) 1 H S Johnston 0
R H F Routh (2&1) 1 F W Roberts 0
Bedale & Ware (half) 0 Davis & Day-Dewdney (half) 0
Green & Rolfe (4&2) 1 Meredith & Clarke 0
Boucher & Welland (2&1) 1 Ayrey & Johnston 0
Perrens & Routh (3&2) 1 Roberts & Sully 0
  8   2

The reserve teams played at Pickeridge on the same day.

Pickeridge Golf Club   Cannington Golf Club  
C Edwards (6&4) 1 J P Templeman 0
J E Donovan (half) 0 C C Harris (half) 0
G P Clarke (6&4) 1 H Milton 0
E J Lock (5&3) 1 V G Crawford 0
W H Lock (5&4) 1 I J Maggs 0
C H Drayton (half) 0 F Turner (half) 0
R W Taylor 0 C W Winslade (1up) 1
J Vinson (5&3) 1 B Duckworth 0
A J Percy 0 B W Van Trump (4&3) 1
Edwards & E J Lock 0 Crawford & Van Trump (1up) 1
Donovan & W H Lock 0 Harris & Maggs (5&4) 1
Clarke & Drayton 0 Milton & Turner (3&2) 1
Taylor & Vinson (2up) 1 Winslade & Duckworth 0
  6   5


Towards the end of its existence in the early 1930s the secretary was still Dr Routh now of Durleigh, Bridgwater, and the green-keeper E Knight. Visitors’ fees were; 2/- a day, 7/6 a week and 15/- a month. Local hotels were the Bristol Arms, Clarence, Albany and White Hart. 

Thanks to Tony Locke for the following “I lived next to Golf Cottage in my youth (1943 – 1963). The golf course was then permanent pasture, mostly for raising sheep. The 1st, 2nd and 9th greens were used for our youthful cricket pitch, with the low mounds or bunkers some hindrance to an organised game!”

Cannington Park Golf Club, Bridgwater. Signpost to the  course.

A postcard of High Street Cannington with a signpost for the golf links.


Cannington Park Golf Club, Bridgwater. The ninth hole.

A view of the ninth green looking east towards the quarry.


Cannington Park Golf Club, Bridgwater. The second hole.

A view of the second green looking towards South Park.


Cannington Park Golf Club, Bridgwater. Former course to the west.

Location of the former Cannington course, to the west.
Grid reference ST24930,40520, co-ordinates 324930,140520.