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Chard Golf Club, Somerset. (1894 - 1935)

The first 9-hole course was situated south of Snowdon Hill, one mile from the station. 

By February 1894 thirty members had joined the club. The captain was A V Kyrke, and the Rev. J C James, hon. secretary.

It was reported in May 1894 that the first competition for the Challenge Cup, presented by Mr Sidney Clarke, of the Royal Epping Forest and Blackheath Clubs, took place on the Chard links in awful weather conditions. The cup and medal were won by Mr Darlington of Ilminster with a net score of 97. A V Kyrke was second, 108, and third was Mr Wilde, 117.

Result of the second competition for the Sidney Clarke Cup played in July 1894.


Chard Golf Club, Somerset. Result of the Sidney Clarke Cup played in July 1894.

Chard & Ilminster News Saturday 14th July 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The bi-monthly competition for the Clarke Cup was played in September 1894, scores; J Richards, 132-35-97; Rev. J C James, 152-40-112; J Forward, 156-40-116; Mr Darlington, 116 scratch; H G Heasman, 127-10-117; C Churchouse, 158-40-118.

Result of the Sidney Clarke competition for November 1894; A V Kyrke, 83; M J Dawson, 96; F P Wilde, 104; Rev C A Wimberley, 111.

Announcement of the later Chard & District Golf Club in 1903 below.


Chard & District Golf Club, Somerset. Announcement of the new club and course December 1903.

From the Chard & Ilminster News Saturday 19th December 1903. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In the 1904 Nisbet’s Golf Year Book the Chard & District Golf Club was stated as being Instituted in 1903. The secretary was H E Nangle, Stuckey’s Bank, Chard. The captain was G Darley. Subs were 21/- (10/6 ladies). Visitors’ fees were; 1/- a day, 3/- a week and 6/- a month. It stated that “The course was steadily improving. Very healthy country, and the course only needs developing to make it excellent.”   

At the annual meeting in January 1905 Mr G Darby of Waddeford House was elected captain, Mr H E Nangle, secretary, and Mr A D Paul, treasurer. It was also stated that “The club had obtained excellent links, and it was hoped that golf would improve in Chard and neighbourhood during the coming season”  

Following WW1 the secretary was M V Vaughan, High Street, Chard. The green-keeper was A Hodder. The club had a membership of 90. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 8/- a week and 25/- a month. The station at Chard was 1 ¼ miles away. Local hotels were the George and the Crown.

It was reported in December 1924 that, at the first annual meeting of the Chard Golf Club the treasurer, Mr R B Oxley, reported that in spite of the heavy initial outlay the financial prospects were quite satisfactory. Admiral the Hon. Sir A E Bethell was re-elected president and Colonel L H Noblett was reappointed captain. (It seems that this could be a separate club from the earlier one)

 In June 1928 a garden fete was held in the grounds of Rackclose House, the residence of Miss Spicer, with proceeds going to the (new) golf club. Both the president Sir A E Bethell, and the captain of the club, Captain S Donne, were unable to attend.

The annual meeting was held in February 1929, Col L H Noblett presided. The following officers were elected; president, Sir A E Bethell; captain, R Wreford; vice-captain, Mr Ploughman; joint secretaries, B Lee and Captain H W Poole, “The Moor”, Forton; treasurer, R B Oxley. The balance sheet showed a reduction of the adverse balance to £11/17s.  

At the annual meeting of the club in February 1930 Admiral Sir A E Bethell, who, since its inception, had been president of the club, was to resign his post on his departure from the district. Colonel L H Noblett was elected in his place. The following officers were elected for the year; captain, Captain W H Poole; vice-captain, W Wreford; joint secretaries, A J Dening and B Lee; treasurer, H T Morgan; committee – ladies, Miss Dening, Miss Gill, Mrs Newton and Mrs Saunders; gentlemen, Major Nicholls, J A Forward, T Halso, B Nessling, S C Major and A W Sanders.

The green-keeper was T Harris. Sunday play was allowed on the course.

The financial report showed that existing membership was still insufficient to meet the annual expenses of the club. It was decided that a determined effort would be needed by everyone concerned  to make the club a success.

At the close of the meeting the president presented the following trophies; McVitie Cup – mixed foursomes – Miss Gill and B Nessling; Bethell Cup, Mr F A Betts.

The club had closed by 1933 when it was reported that the McVitie Cup, played for at the Windwhistle Golf Club, was formerly competed for by the members of the old Chard Golf Club. 

Chard Golf Club, Somerset. Course location.

Location of the Chard golf course in the 1930s.
Grid reference ST30935,08310, co-ordinates 330935,108310.


Chard Golf Club had disappeared by 1935.