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Cheddar Valley Golf Club, Somerset. (1919 - 1920s) 

First appeared in 1919 when the professional was A G Sheppard. The course was situated to the East of the village and South of the Gorge.

The following report is from the Wells Journal Friday 11th April 1919. "Cheddar Valley Golf Club - A representative was held at the Town Hall, Axbridge, presided over by Mr H Comer Teek in order to consider the formation of a Golf Club for Cheddar. It was recognised that visitors needed more opportunities of recreation than at present exist, and the outcome of the meeting was to form a club. A suitable and picturesque course has been secured near Cheddar and this is now being laid out. The course, will at the outset, consist of nine-holes but there is ample room for enlargement. The links have natural bunkers and greens so that the play will commence at an early date. A professional has been engaged and about 80 members have already enrolled. The Hon. secretary is Mr F J Hill and the Hon. treasurer W H Dunning (Axbridge,) and the executive committee consist of; H C Teek, R F Parry, W T Hopwood, G Wood, H F Hibberd, C Franklin, Mrs Openshaw, Mrs Hibberd, J T Thompson, J K Dunster, Dr Bevan Lean (Winscombe,) F Lusty and Mrs Lusty (Axbridge,) W G Burrough and A J Crowder (Wedmore.)" 

Below a report on the opening of the course in June 1919.


Cheddar Valley Golf Club, Somersat. Opening of the golf course in June 1919.

From the Wells Journal Friday 27th June 1919. Image © Local World Limited/Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below is the result of a match played against Mendip Golf Club on the Masbury course in September 1922.

Mendip Golf Club   Cheddar Valley Golf Club  
H C Budd 0 Mr Clapp (3&2) 1
F W Delafield (2&1) 1 Mr Buddford (?) 0
E Cartwright (5&4) 1 Mr Greenland 0
A B Payne (9&7) 1 Mr Patterson 0
W R Farquhar (7&5) 1 Mr Hibberd 0
A Dart 0 Mr Wickams (?) (2&1) 1
F S Caswell (3&2) 1 Mr Parry 0
H Quartley (6&4) 1 Mr Gulliver 0
Budd and Delafield 0 Clapp and Bidford (?) 1
Cartwright and Payne 1 Greenland and Patterson 0
Farquhar and Caswell 1 Hibbard and Wickham (?) 0
Dart and Quartley 1 Parry and Gulliver 0
  9   3

To the final appearance in 1926 the secretary was F J Hill, Springfield, Cheddar. The green-keepers surname was Sergant. A 9-hole course. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, 7/6 a week and 20/- a month. The nearest railway station was at Cheddar.

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