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Clevedon Golf Club, (Old Course), Somerset. (1891 - 1908)

In 1891 a course was laid out to the West of Clevedon.

The Clevedon Mercury stated  in 1892 that, “Clevedon is indebted to Mr H G Hill of Clevedon for the establishment of the only golf links in the neighbourhood; the links extending from Salthouse Fields to Wain’s Hill and to the field by the sea”. An 18 hole course was laid out, but there were constant problems with tide inundation.

The club eventually moved to a nine-hole course round the hill at Walton Castle.

Result of a match played at Burnham Golf Club on 13 January 1896.

Burnham Golf Club   Clevedon Golf Club  
Rev. T Crump 4 Captain Crampton o
C R Rodwell 0 S A Rootham 0
G D Barne 4 F P Fitzgerald 0
H G Wheeler 2 B H Barnard 0
T C Hooman 0 T B Cannel 0
  10   0

In January 1900 the annual meeting was held at the club headquarters, Walton Park Hotel, in the chair was E S Willis, in the absence of the president, Sir E H Elton, Bart. The accounts showed a credit balance of £9/17s/6d. The following were the officers; C Rothwell Leach, hon. secretary; F G Leman, hon. treasurer.   

The following article accompanies the images below; “Few golf courses excel in beauty of situation more than that of the Clevedon Golf Club. It is a nine-hole course, though somewhat short (the longest is 320 yards), but shows many varied hazards, and the player who for the first time negotiates “Spion Kop, ” the gorse, and hole 6, generally finds them sufficiently sporting. The greater part of the course lies on the hill round Walton Castle, from which the most exquisite views are obtained. Walton Castle is a very interesting ruin, although its history is somewhat obscure.”


Clevedon Golf Club, Bristol. Article from Illustrated Sporting Dramatic News 1902.

From The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News 28 June1902. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The following is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1898; Membership of 100; 22 ladies; Hon. secretary - A G Newton, Walton-by-Clevedon; Entrance fee 10s/6d and subs £1/1s, ladies 10s/6d; Nine-holes; Green-keeper, G Field; Terms fo visitors, 1s a day, 2s Saturday. The course is prettily situated on the Castle Farm at Walton-by-Clevedon, overlooking Bristol Chanel on one side and a large extent of country, and the Mendip Hills on the other. It may be described as an interesting and sporting course, with natural gorse hazards etc. The greens are good, and well looked after, and, taken altogether, the course is really worth playing over.

Result of the September 1907 monthly medal; E T R Wickham, 84-12-72; J C Glyde, 87-13-74; E R Knight, 97-22-75; P W Werninck, 85-10-75.

Early postcard showing Clevedon Golf Links.


Clevedon Golf Club, Bristol. Early postcard showing Clevedon Golf Links.

Image courtesy of Frank Accleton.


The club moved to their new extended course in May 1908.

The Google Map below gives an approximate location of the early course.