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East Somerset Golf Club, Yarlington. (1913 - 1950s)

Founded in 1913 when the club was known as Wincanton and East Somerset Golf Club.

The secretary was W Wise, Cheriton House, Temple Combe. The professional was A J Cann (1913- 1917). Membership stood at 97. The entry fee was £1/1/0 and subs were £1/1/0. Visitors on introduction by a member had one day free then paid 2/- a day and 7/6 a week. Sunday play was allowed without caddies after 1pm.

Results from the East Somerset Golf Club Spring Meeting played in April 1914:-

Wednesday 15 April – Mrs Coulsons Challenge Cup (members only); Mrs O Walker and Miss Thompson tied on 89nett (Mrs Walker won the play off.); Miss Senior, 91; Mrs Gatehouse, 92; Miss Wise, 109. Club Prize (open) – Miss Moss, 83nett; Mrs Walker and Miss Thompson, 89nett; Miss Senior, 91; Mrs Gatehouse, 92; Hon. Mrs O Scott, 95; Mrs Foy, 101; Miss Wise, 109. Best gross score was Miss Moss, 95. Prize for lady members of the club (handicap competition). Prize presented by Hon. Mrs A Hamilton Russell; Mrs Liebert, 63; Mrs Walker, 70; Miss Wise, 74; Miss Gatehouse, 77; Miss Thompson, 81; Mrs Jackson, 86.

Thursday 16 April – Yarlington Challenge Cup, presented by Mr H G Wright (members only); Mr C H Paulet, 93-10-83; H J Senior, 110-24-86; C Gatehouse, 92-4-88; T E Coulson, 114-25-89; A E Blake, 111-20-91; F A C Liebert, 112-19-93; B L Paget, 127-28-99; C Kingsley-Jupp, 115-13-102.

Friday 17 April – Mixed foursome bogey competition; C Gatehouse & Mrs Liebert (17), 1down; Captain E G Hardy & Miss Moss (8), 6down; Rev T G Gatehouse & Mrs Gatehouse (15), 7down; Captain Cunningham & Mrs Cunningham (7), 9down; T E Coulson & Mrs Dauntesey (14), 10down. There were 10 no returns. 

In the early 1920s the address was given as East Somerset Golf Club, Yarlington.

In 1922 the secretary was W D O Harman, Sparkford Hall, Sparkford, Somerset. The professional and greenkeeper was A H Billet. The club had a membership of 95.

Below is the result of a match played against Shaftesbury Golf Club (now defunct) on Saturday 29 April 1922.

East Somerset Golf Club   Shaftesbury Golf Club  
P D A Courtenay (4&3) 1 Major Nixon 0
Lieut-Colonel Glyn Cuninghame (2&1) 1 General R M Poore 0
C E Gatehouse (6&4) 1 Rev King 0
Capt Phipps-Hornby  0 Major Denison Pender (1up) 1
W C Fowler (8&6) 1 Rev C Donne 0
Colonel Hardy (half) 0 Major Hile (half) 0
W Mackie (7&5) 1 Mr Hastings 0
Courtenay & Gatehouse  0 Nixon & Poore (2&1) 1
Cuninghame & Hardy 0 Rev Reece & Pender (1up) 1
Hardy & Dr Price (half) 0 Hile & Hastings (half) 0
Fowler & Mackie  1 Donne & King 0
  6   3

In 1923 Lieutenant Colonel J A Legge, “The Dogs”, Wincanton took over as secretary for a couple of years.

Result of a match played at Yarlington against Blandford in June 1923.

East Somerset Golf Club   Blandford Golf Club  
P D A Courtenay (2&1) 1 Col. Chapman 0
C E Gatehouse (1up) 1 S Walker 0
H Moron (3&1) 1 L Cherry 0
Dr. D Price 0 F Salmon (1up) 1
C W Mackie (4&3) 1 A W Heber-Percy 0
Dr. D Pascall 0 N Barron (1up) 1
D H Brown (6&4) 1 A Cherry 0
A Billett (3&2) 1 J Randall 0
  6   2

In 1925 D R Price of Castle Cary became secretary and held the post until the mid 1930s. The professional in 1925 was H Ward who continued until the mid 1930s.

Below is the result of a match played at Ashley Wood Golf Club on Saturday 6 August 1932.

Ashley Wood Golf Club   East Somerset Golf Club  
B Hunt (2&1) 1 J Hobday 0
F Walters 0 E R Bollam (4&3) 1
W J Pride (2&1) 1 K G Symons 0
L Cherry 0 W Vicarage (3&2) 1
F D Woodhouse (7&6) 1 Rev B Phellps 0
R Thornber 0 J C Forbes (1up) 1
J Smith-Marriott 0 Colonel E G Hardy (3&1) 1
G Lister (4&2) 1 Rev W M Annesley 0
C Maggs (6&5) 1 Rev A B Burnley 0
J F Pratt (7&6) 1 Lt-Comm J A Legge 0
W A Foot (2&1) 1 R W Mackie 0
A Marsh (3&2) 1 C A Hazell 0
  8   4

Entry from the Golfer's Handbook 1933; East Somerset Golf Club, Yarlington, Wincanton; Membership of 95; Hon. secretary - Lt.-Com., J A Legge, R.D., R .N.R., The Dogs, Wincanton; Professional, H Ward; Records - amateur, P D E Courtney and C E Gatehouse, 80; professional, A H Billett, 70; Nine-holes; Visitors' fees, 2s/6d a day, 10s a week, 25s a month; Sunday play without caddies. 

Result of a match played at Shaftesbury & County Golf Club (now defunct) in April 1938.

Shaftesbury & County Golf Club    East Somerset Golf Club  
Dr. Caie 0 E R Bollam 0
H J D Frith 1 Dr. D Price 0
F B Colvin 1 B C A Hartley 0
E H Russell (halved) 0 R W Mackie (halved) 0
D Brown 1 H E Ainsworth 0
G V S Tay 1 Dr. J Barlow 0
Col. Sealey Green 1 Dr. F E Coulson 0
R B Minchin 1 Lieut.- Col. J A Legge 0
R Jackson 1 G Day 0
  7   0

Below is the result of a mixed foursome match played at Yarlington against Ashley Wood on Sunday 26 May 1938.

East Somerset Golf Club   Ashley Wood Golf Club  
Dr Price & Miss Norman 0 T L Hughes & Mrs Cherry 1
R W Mackie & Mrs Price 0 W J Price & Miss Lempard 1
Dr Barlow & Mrs Barlow 0 R Gray & Mrs Gray 1
G M Robertson & Mrs Robertson 0 C E Garrett & Mrs Garrett 1
Dr Coulson & Mrs Coulson (Half) 0 W A Foot & Mrs Hughes (Half) 0
A Knight & Mrs Mackie 0 L Cherry & Mrs Tripp 1
Mr & Mrs Cake 0 D T Watkins & Mrs Watkins 1
Commander Legge & Miss Ellerton 1 F J E Pratt & Mrs Hawkes 0
  1   6

In about 1938 Lieutenant Colonel Legge again took on the job of secretary a position he would hold until the early 1950s. Throughout this period the professional and greenkeeper was H (G) Day. The 9 hole course had a SSS of 70 and a membership of 115. The course record of 70 was jointly held by amateurs P D E Courtney and C E Gatehouse and professional A Billet. Visitors’ fees 2/6 a day, 10/- a week, 25/- a month. Sunday play was allowed. The listed station was now at Temple Combe 4 miles away.

Local hotels were Holbrook House, Bear and Greyhound.

From 1951 to the clubs closure the secretary was H E Ainsworth, Westminster Bank Ltd, Wincanton and the professional and greenkeeper G (H) Day. The 9 holes had a SSS 70 and Par 72.

Club membership throughout this period was 70. Visitors’ fees 3/6 a day, 15/- a week, 25/- a month.


East Somerset Golf Club, Yarlington. Location of the golf course.

Location of the East Somerset club at Yarlington.

Grid reference ST66445,28420, co-ordinates 366445,128420.


An attractive 9-hole course of 3000 yards with a par of 72, covering about 40 acres. There was a licensed chalet style clubhouse, with an attached verandah providing views of the countryside and course. The lease was due to expire in the late 1950s and the landowner did not want to renew, so, after nearly 50 years of golf at the East Somerset club things were coming to a sad end. A closing down sale was held, all the money raised going to Mr Day, the greenkeeper, who had given the club splendid service over the years.