Limpley Stoke Golf Club, Bath, Somerset. (1906 - WW1)

First appeared in 1906.

The following report appeared in the Wiltshire Times in 1906 – “There is a movement afoot to establish a golf club for Limpley Stoke and Freshford. Dr Gerard Carre, at the Hydro, is the hon. secretary and the Rev. R W Angelsmith, vicar of Freshford, is interesting himself in the movement.”


Limpley Stoke Golf Club, Bath. Proposed Golf Club at Limpley Stoke.

From the Wiltshire Times and Trowbridge Advertiser 7th April 1906. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Interesting to note that the advert below states that the Hydro-Hotel at Limpley Stoke is “within three miles of the Combe Down Golf Links.”


Limpley Stoke Golf Club, Bath. Undated advert for the Limpley Stoke Hydro-Hotel.

Undated Limpley Stoke Hydro advert.


The golf club disappeared prior to WW1.