Puxton Park Golf Club, Somerset. (1992 - 1998)

Puxton golf course was designed by R Hemmingway & Partner and opened in 1992.

There were originally plans for 36-holes with a hotel complex and housing.  However, planning permission for the housing development was refused, and this eventually led to the clubs demise. It was still listed in 1998 as Puxton Park, Woodspring Golf and Leisure Park, an 18-hole course of 6,559 yards with a SSS of 70. It’s likely that it had reduced to nine-holes and may have already closed by this date.

Puxton Park Golf Club, Somerset. Location of the former golf course.

Above is the location of the Puxton course, now an adventure park with farm shop, restaurant and boating lake.

Grid reference ST39810,62980, co-ordinates 339810,162980.