Watchet Golf Club, Somerset. (1929 - 1956) 

First appeared in 1929.

Below is a report on the first annual meeting.


Watchet Golf Club, Somerset. Report on the first annual meeting July 1930.

From the Clifton & Redland Free Press Thursday 24th July 1930.


A 9-hole Cliffside course to the west of Watchet. There was a rather modest clubhouse, everybody seemed to help with course maintenance, even the children were roped in during their holidays to assist. The land was eventually sold in 1956.

Following the closure many members joined Minehead and West Somerset Golf Club.


Watchet Golf Club, Somerset. View from the first tee.

View from the first tee on the Watchet course. Image courtesy of Frank Accleton.


Below is the result of a match played at Enmore Park Golf Club in April 1939.

Enmore Park Golf Club   Watchet Golf Club  
D Duckworth (4&3) 1 S R Cutler 0
F E James (5&4) 1 J H Sykes 0
E J Davis (half) 0 L W P Bevan (half) 0
A N Bowmer (3&2) 1 D Purchase 0
H S Turner (3&2) 1 W E Soar 0
E C Murch (2&1) 1 D L Norman 0
J H Cornish junr 0 W J White (2&1) 1
A Wills (half) 0 H W Morris (half) 0
Duckworth & Davis (half) 0 Cutler & Sykes (half) 0
James & Turner (half) 0 Purchase & Norman (half) 0
Bowmer & Pullen (3&2) 1 Bevan & Soar 0
Wills & Murch (5&3) 1 White & Norris 0
  7   1


Watchet Golf Club, Somerset. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Watchet course.

Grid reference ST05925,43290, co-ordinates 305925,143290.