Yeovil and South Somerset Golf Club. (1907 - WW1)

The club was founded at a meeting held at the Town Hall on 7 November 1907, the Mayor, W H Cole, chaired the meeting.

A nine-hole course was laid out by Rowland Jones, the Wimbledon professional, on land at Brympton D’Evercy near Preston Plucknett which was owned by Sir Spencer Ponsonby-Fane. The station at Yeovil was about a mile away. The club closed following WW1 and the land was returned to agriculture.

From the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Tuesday 24 December 1907; "ANOTHER SCOTTISH PROFESSIONAL MOVES SOUTH - The Yeovil and South Somerset Golf Club have engaged Robert Wilson as professional. Wilson has for the past eighteen months acted in a similar capacity at the Oban Golf Club, and was previously under Willie Fernie, the ex-champion, at Troon, for twelve years. The new course at Yeovil has been laid out under the supervision Rowland Jones, Wimbledon Park, and will be completed within a very short time." 


Yeovil and South Somerset Golf Club. Appointment of professional Robert Wilson in 1908.

From the Clifton Society Thursday 2 January 1908. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The annual meeting was held in the ante-room of the Town Hall in January 1912, Sir Spencer Ponsonby-Fane G.C.B presided, supported by Colonel Yates, Capt Welby, Lionel Whitby, &c. The financial statement was produced and proved satisfactory. Sir Spencer was re-elected president as were the vice-presidents, Sir Godfrey Heneage and Mr Athelstan Rendall M.P, Colonel Yates was appointed to succeed Dr Haig as captain of the club, T Moore jnr and R Moore were joint secretaries, F W Mayo, treasurer. Committee as follows; E R Chaffey, J Johnston, L Whitby, R J Luffman, C J Trask, Capt R E Welby, W W Henley, W H Murrell, Dr Haig and H Fearnley-Smith.

Result of the Thursday medal played on 11 April 1912; H Fearnley-Smith, 84-9-75; A S Timms, 102-18-84; N C Godfrey, 106-20-86. Bogey result; H Fearnley Smith, 2down; E B Bradford, 6down; R J Luffman, 6down. (10 entries).

Result of a match against West Dorset Golf Club played in May 1911.


Yeovil and South Somerset Golf Club. Result of a match played in May 1991.

Western Morning News Monday 15 May 1911. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the Saturday medal played on 13 April 1912; R B Moore, 75scratch; F W Mayo, 87-11-76; L Whitby, 86-8-78; W H Bradford, 97-17-80; J H Worner, 107-18-89; E R Chaffey, 105-16-89. (15 entries). Bogey competition; R B Moore, 1down; F W Mayo, 2down.

The two day spring meeting was held on Thursday 16 and Saturday 18 May 1912. The weather on both days was blustery with showers. The arrangements were made by the joint secretaries, R B Moore and T Moore jnr. The course was in splendid condition, and the greens perfect, thanks to the professional, Mr Carter and his assistants. Captain Welby won the medal competition on the first day and Mr T Moore jnr won the Saturday competition. Other competitors; R B Moore, W R Drake, A N Haig, C J Marsh.

Result of a club match played away against Mid Somerset Golf Club on Saturday 8 June 1912.

Mid Somerset Golf Club   Yeovil & South Somerset Golf Club  
C C Cunningham 0 R J Luffman (4&3) 1
Colonel C J Trusk (half) 0 H Fearnley-Smith (half) 0
Rev G Swift (3&1) 1 T Moore jnr 0
Dr Lodwidge 0 D Marsh (6&4) 1
Dr Ingle 0 J Balmer (4&3) 1
Captain Phipps-Hornby(8&7) 1 F W Mayo 0
T Kelway 0 E B Chaffey (1up) 1
H T Brown 0 J H Worner (3&1) 1
  2   5

Result of the June 1912 monthly medal; L Whitby, 91-8-83; D Marsh, 91-8-83; R J Luffman, 90-6-84; T Hawkins jnr, 92-8-84.

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 7 September 1912; W G Bradford, 91-16-75; J H Worner, 95-18-77; R B Moore, 79 scratch; W W Henley, 98-18-80; T S Bradford, 97-14-83; H Helyar, 109-24-85.

Just prior to WW1 the joint secretaries were T Moore jnr and R B Moore, Higher Kingston, Yeovil. The professional was C W Carter. Membership of 200. Entry fee was £1/1/0, ladies 10/6, subs £1/1/0 and £1. Visitors' fees 1/6 a day, 5/- a week and 10/6 a month.

The Google Map below shows Brympton D’Evercy. The golf course, laid out by Rowland Jones, was located on land in this area.