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Aughnacloy Golf Club, Tyrone. (1888 - 1930s)

Founded in 1888 the club disappeared prior to WW1. Revived in 1924.

The original 18-hole course was laid out in the grounds of Mr. James Pringle, of Anna House, the clubs first President. The Captain was Mr. W. H. Mann, who was also a member Royal Portrush Golf Club.


Aughnacloy Golf Club, Tyrone. Entry from the Golfing Annual 1888/89.

From The Golfing Annual 1888/89.


The first monthly competition for the "Mann"Medal was played on Thursday 24th January 1889. There was a large turnout of members and though the club had only recently been formed, and members had not had much opportunity to practise, some very fine play resulted. Leading scores; J Pringle, 71 scratch; G John, 76 scratch; Douglas Brooke, 96-20-76; D J Stewart, 99-20-79; R J Browne, 99-20-79; S R Magill, 100-20-80; H S Sloan, 102-20-82; J D Meharg, 103-20-83; E V Hamilton, 107-20-87.

In July 1889 the competition for the silver putter, given by the Aughnacloy club, took place on the Portrush Links. The score was very close with W H Mann, 103-20-83 beating H C Kelly by one stroke, 109-25-84. 

Result of the captain's monthly medal played in December 1889; J D Meharg, 106-20-86; G W Hudson, 114-15-99.

Winners of the monthly Mann Medal for 1889; January, James Pringle; February, A Douglas Brooke; March, H Pringle; April, S R Magill; May, T J Abraham; June, H S Sloan; July, Dr. Abraham; August, no result; September, D J Stewart; October, no result; November, John McEndoo; December, J D Meharg. 

The Aughnacloy Challenge Trophy was played in early January 1890 between Mr D J Stewart who won with a net score of 99, he beat  Mr W H Mann net 119.

At the AGM in January 1890 Mr James Pringle JP presided, and Mr D J Stewart the secretary produced the annual report from the committee. The winners of the monthly handicaps were announced as follows; January, Mr James Pringle; February, Mr A Douglas Brooke; March, Mr H Pringle; April, Mr P R Magill; May, Mr T J Abraham; June, Mr H S Sloan; July, Dr Abraham; September, Mr D J Stewart; November, Rev J McEndoo; December, Mr J D Meharg. The following office bearers were elected for the year; President, Mr Jas Pringle; vice-presidents, Mr H De L Montgomery DL, Mr Upton Mowbray JP and Mr W H Mann; captain, Mr Douglas Brooke JP; treasurer, Mr J D Meharg; secretary, Mr D J Stewart; committee, R J Betty JP, S R Magill, T J Abraham, E V Hamilton, S R Brown and R P Mowbray.

Result of the Aughnacloy Golf Club meeting held in January 1890. The first prize of £2 was won by Mr Albert Betty, second prize a silver Maltese Cross presented by Gibson & Company, Belfast was won by Mr Stewart, the third prize, a silver golf ball was won by Mr R J Browne.

Full result; Albert Betty, 111-25-86; D J Stewart, 108-18-90; R J Browne, 125-30-95; G M Hudson, 121-25-96; S R Magill, 126-30-96, G Leslie, 117-18-99; James Pringle, 118-18-100; H S Sloan, 126-25-101; J D Meharg, 122-18-104; Dr. Abraham, 146-40-106; T J Abraham, 132-25-107; W H Mann, 117-10-107; H Pringle, 192-40-152.

From The Golfing Annual Vol. V - 1891-92; "The course, which was the first eighteen-hole course in Ireland, is about two miles in extent and only playable from December to May. There are numerous hazards in the form of watercourses, rushes, hedges and trees and the green presents opportunities for the display of the most scientific play. The course is a mile from the station and there is abundant hotel accommodation for visitors."

In 1891 the captain was Douglas Brooke.

Below is the result of a match against Dungannon in March 1891.


Aughnacloy Golf Club, County Tyrone. Result of a match against Dungannon March 1891.

From the Tyrone Courier Saturday 28th March 1891. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of a mixed foursome played in April 1891; Mrs Mann and Mr Pringle, 96 net; Miss M McLintock and J Leslie, 98; Miss Pringle and Mr Mann, 101; Miss Jones and Mr Browne, 107; Miss F Hamilton and E V Hamilton, 109; Miss H Stokes and Mr Magill, 111; Miss J McLintock and Mr Upton Moutray, 118; Miss K Hamilton and Mr Hudson, 123; Mrs M Montray and J T Montray, 123; Miss Maude Pringle and Master John Pringle, 123; Miss C H Moutray and William P Moutray, 128; Miss Stella Moutray and C F Moutray, 142.

From the Irish Times May 1897 - Aughnacloy v Clogher - The return match between these clubs was played over the Aughnacloy links on Thursday 6th and resulted in a draw. Owing to the extremely wet weather of the past few days several of the holes were nearly unplayable. and heavy showers of hail during the play rendered the greens very slow.

Below is a report on the revival of the club in 1924.

Aughnacloy Golf Club. Hopes of a revival in 1924.

Belfast News-Letter Saturday 27th April 1924. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Further evidence of the revived club - On Saturday 20th February 1932 the annual meeting was held, Dr. G A Pringle was elected president and John Craig secretary and treasurer.

Below is the result of a match played at Fivemiletown Golf Club (now defunct)in June 1932.

Fivemiletown Golf Club   Aughnacloy Golf Club  
A R Belford and Robert McLintock 1 Dr. Pringle and Mr Longmoor 0
Sergeant A J Vaughan and Ed. Bloomfield 1 Mr Montgomery and J Johnston 0
Mr Cameron and Mr Smyth 1 Mr Wishart and Mr Carlisle 0
Sam Gamble and Mr Cussack (halved) 0 T Rooney and W H Moore (halved) 0
W Boyd and Harry Bamford (halved) 0 Mr Hazlett and Mr Wright (halved) 0
John W Little and R S Tavener 1 Mr Craig and Mr Woods 0
Mrs E Bloomfield and Miss M Dagg 1 Mr Boyle and T Pringle 0
Sir Basil S Brooke M.P. and Constable Small 1 Mr Muckle and Mr Wright 0

After the match the visitors were entertained to tea by the ladies of the local club, and on the motion of Mr Hazlett, president of the Aughnacloy Club, seconded by Mr John Johnston, captain, a vote of thanks was passed to the Fivemiletown Club, whose captain, J W Little, acknowledged.

It was reported in the Belfast News-Letter in August 1956 that "After a lapse of almost 40 years the Aughnacloy Putter is to be again competed for. Mr J R Pringle, grandson of the original donor, has handed over the trophy to Dungannon Golf Club."

The current Aughnacloy club was founded in 1995.