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Glenarm Golf Club, County Antrim. (1926 - 1944)

Founded in 1926.

A 9-hole course. The railway station was at Larne then a bus service to the course.

Below a report on the formation of the club.


Glenarm Golf Club, County Antrim. Report on the formation of the golf club in February 1926.

From the Ballymena Observer Friday 19 February 1926. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The officials of the club were; President, Lord Antrim; vice-president, Dr Magowan J .P; treasurer, H M Johnston; secretary, William Irwin; committee – Rev. William Ramsey, Rev. Father Connon, J Mahood, J Sharpe, John McDowell and J J Walls.

The nine-hole course with a commanding view of the village and sea was situated in the demesne of Lord Antrim and was opened on Saturday 28 August 1926. There was a large crowd in attendance to see the Rev. William Ramsay present Lady Antrim with a handsome golf club bearing the inscription “Presented to the Countess of Antrim on the occasion of the opening of the new course 28th August 1926.” She then proceeded to drive off the first ball.  

It was reported in September 1926 that “Major Dobbs had made an excellent golf architect. Those who knew the grounds before they were converted into a golf course wondered at what he had accomplished in such a short time.”  

The monthly mixed foursomes were played in July 1926, result; In the semi-finals Mr McDowell and Miss Hunter beat Mr Morris and Miss Drummond by 2up, whilst Mr Sharp and Miss Foster beat J Wilson and Miss Martin by 2&1. In the final Mr Sharp and  Miss Foster beat Mr McDowell and Miss Hunter by being 1up.  

From 1935 to 1940 the secretary was F T McDowell the green-keeper was now George Heggarty. A 9-hole course with a SSS and Par of 64. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 7/6 a week, 10/- a fortnight and 15/- a month. Sunday play was allowed after 2pm.

The annual meeting was held in the Anrtim Arms Hotel in March 1939, A C Hughes presided. Following is a report from the secretary F T McDowell. “I regret to report that 1938 has not proved as successful for the club as we anticipated. The numbers of visitors to the course has fallen considerably compared with the preceding year, whilst membership has fallen from 97 to 77. This decrease may be attributed mainly to adverse weather conditions, and to the fact that owing to a breakdown, the motor could not be used for cutting the fairways, consequently the course was not in good condition.”


Glenarm Golf Club, County Antrim. Report on Captain's Day in August 1939.

From the Larne Times Saturday 26 August 1939. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In April 1940 the club bid a fond farewell to their secretary for the past six years Mr F T McDowell.

A large number of members turned out for Captain’s Day in August 1940. Winner; J Fisher, 65net; A S Hughes, 66net. Dr Robinson (captain) entertained members in the club room.  

The annual meeting was held in the People’s Institute in February 1942, George McCormick presided. The following officers were elected; President, Lord Antrim; vice-president Mr Mason; captain, Dr. W Robinson (Belfast); vice-captain, L M McKinlay; treasurer, H M Johnston; secretaries, H M Orr and J McCausland; committee the office bearers and William Wilson, George McCormick, A S hughes, J Bradley.

In the competition for the Morris Trophy played in August 1942 D Bradley, Glenarm, was the winner. The runners-up were J McCausland and H M Orr, who tied.

Result of the competition for the Williams Trophy played in September 1942; P McCollam, 72 net; J J McCausland, 75net.

The Rev. G Jackson presided at a special meeting held in the Bank House, Glenarm, on Monday 22 November 1943. The meeting was called for the purpose of considering the future of the club. Statements were submitted by the secretary, H M Orr, and the treasurer J M Johnston, which were not reassuring. It was unanimously agreed that the club should cease to function. The members present expressed regret that the club, with so many happy memories of good sport and fellowship should no longer continue.  


Glenarm Golf Club, County Antrim. Report on the Club being Dissolved in June 1944.

From the Larne Times Thursday 29 June 1944. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In February 1945 it was reported of the passing of Robert Mitchell, Ballygally, long serving captain of the Glenarm Golf Club.

It was reported in the Larne Times in March 1945 the passing of George Heggarty, the popular green-keeper of the Glenarm Golf Club.