Dungannon Golf Club, County Tyrone. (1890 - 1950s)

The club was Instituted in November 1890 and was one of the founders of the Golfing Union of Ireland.

The president was the Earl of Ranfurlly. The first captain was John R Mc Donald and the hon. secretary Rev Edward F Campbell.

The first course was situated in Dungannon Park.

Below is a report on the first competition played in January 1891.


Dungannon Golf Club, County Tyrone. The first monthly handicap competition in January 1891.

From the Tyrone Courier Saturday 24th January 1891. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Below the result of a match against Aughnacloy in March 1891.


Dungannon Golf Club, County Tyrone. Result of a match against Aughnacloy played in March 1891.

From the Tyrone Courier Saturday 28th March 1891. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The monthly competition was played at Dungannon Park on Tuesday 7th April 1891, there was, as usual, a fair turn out of spectators, leading scores; R Daniel (captain), 110-25-85; C Edwards, 133-30-103; Colonel Irwin, 138-35-103; Captain J Richardson, 143-40-103; F H Grier, 138-30-108; W Lyle, 157-40-117; James Dickson, 150-30-120; Thomas Dickson, retired.

From the Golfing Annual Vol. V -1891-92:-

"Dungannon Golf Club, Instituted November 22nd 1890; Entrance Fee £1/1s; Annual Subscription £1/1s; Membership of 51; President, The Right Hon, the Earl of Ranfurly; Captain, Rev. Edward F Campbell; Secretary, F H Greer, Howard Terrace, Dungannon; Treasurer, F Barcroft; Committee - Geo. Evans, J.P; J R McDonald, J.P; R Daniell, J.P; C Bowen; J Dickson, J.P; J Simmons; R Scott, J.P; G Greer; Green-keeper James Anderson; Green, Ranfurly Park.

Club Prizes; County Tyrone Challenge Cup (handicap) and East Tyrone Challenge Cup (handicap) on Whit Monday on the Killymoon Golf Club course; Club Shield (handicap) for winners of monthly competitions and other prizes.

Prize winners in 1891; County Tyrone Challenge Cup - Hugh Adair, 91-14-77; East Tyrone Challenge Cup - H Sloan, 103-22-81; Ranfurly Prizes; T Dickinson, 94-12-82; G Greer, 101-25-76.

Lowest Scratch Score in a club competition (old course) 94 by T Dickinson on May 2nd 1891; (new course) 101 by R Daniell and G Greer. The record for the old course is 91 by Hugh Adair. 

The course, situated in Ranfurly Park, about a quarter of a mile from Dungannon Railway Station, is now being extended to 12-holes, all of which are of a sporting character. The club is in a very flourishing condition, and the attention and trouble bestowed upon it by its noble president, who is himself an ardent disciple of the game, bids fair to place it in a very forward position amongst clubs in Ireland.

A good supply of requisites is kept on sale at Messrs Richardson and Sons, Dungannon, and balls can always be had at the clubhouse. Visitors will find very comfortable accommodation at Black's Hotel, and caddies may be procured from the proprietor."

The 1893/4 Golfing Annual describes a twelve-hole course - but by taking in six of the holes, in a second round, the orthodox eighteen are secured - a very commodious clubhouse was opened recently - at the sole cost of the president.

The following is from the Golfing and Cycling Illustrated, June 1897 (interesting to note that it was 18-holes). Dungannon is one of the few inland clubs which possess an 18-hole course. The links are in the beautiful demesne of the Earl of Ranfurlly. The club has had a prosperous career since it started in 1890.  On its links the County Tyrone Cup and the Dunbar and Burton are competed for.

Result of the Club Shield played in May 1903; James Dickson, 94-16-78; G Sugars, 109-30-79; Colonel Irwin, 105-22-83; Geoffrey Campbell, 115-30-85; Rev. E F Campbell, 112-26-86; W W Boyd, 116-28-88.

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook;**Instituted in 1900; Membership of 60; Hon. Sec., J Dickson, Miltown House, Dungannon; Captain, The Earl of Ranfurly; Entrance Fee Nil and Subs £1; Nine Holes: Green-keeper, J Trainor; Amateur Record, WW Scott 36; Terms for Visitors, 1/- a day, 2s/6d a week and 5/- a month. The links are in the park of the Earl of Ranfurly, and the course, which is of an undulating  nature, is beautifully situated and surrounded on all sides by fine timber. The ground is a fair type of inland links, the hazards consisting chiefly of a narrow stream, which has to be crossed four times, an old quarry, and trees and rushes here and there, which trap a ball driven off line.

**Interesting to note the Institution date.

Result of the December 1908 monthly medal; C Jackson, 84 net; Colonel Irwin and Captain Greer, 88 net; R B Meglaughlin, 89.

Below is a report on the move to the new course at Drumcoo in 1919. It continued at this location until 1953.


Dungannon Golf Club, County Tyrone. The move to a new course at Drumcoo in 1920.

From the Belfast News-Letter Tuesday 13th January 1920. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Dungannon Golf Club, County Tyrone. The annual meeting held in November 1923.

From the Northern Whig Friday 23rd November 1923.


T W E Brogden, outgoing captain, presided at the Annual meeting in November 1929 the following officers were elected; President Rt Hon. the Earl of Ranfurly; vice-president, J Dickson; captain, John Corr; hon. secretary, W J Neill; hon. treasurer, E Meyrick; council - W T McGimpsey, P Kelly, A Carruth, Captain W V Miller, J Broen, J F Griffith, T W Brogden, P J Scanlon.

In the early 1930s the secretary was S Thompson, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Dungannon; Green-keeper, George Wylie; Nine Holes; Amateur course record, Major T C H Dickson 70; Professional course record, H McNeil 66; Membership, 180; Visitors, 2/- a day. Sunday play not allowed.


Dungannon Golf Club, County Tyrone. The ladies' annual meeting January 1935.

From the Northern Whig Saturday 26th January 1935.


The annual meeting was held in the Ranfurly Arms Hotel in November 1936 the following officers were elected; President, J Dickson; captain, A P Orr; hon. secretary, S Thompson; hon. treasurer, J W Leebody; Council - Dr. R H Lyons, Dr. J J Campbell, D I Duffy, A Caruth, R Leith, L Sheridan, D B Anderson.

In October 1940 Bertie Colhoun, Provincial Bank, Dungannon, holed in one at the 120 yard ninth hole.

In the Captain's Prize played in June 1941 there was a tie between D D Boyle and E R Colhoun with 39 points. Also a tie in the ladies between Miss M Irwin and Miss C Kelly with 32 points. The Milltown Cup was tied between the Rev. P J McKee and F Oldham, 64.  

At the 52nd annual meeting held in December 1941 Eric Lilburn, outgoing captain presided. Mr D Boyle was elected captain, Mr Lilburn, hon. secretary and Ian Leebody, hon. treasurer.

Captain's Prize played in June 1944; Ladies - Miss C Kelly; Men - Peter Cush.

Winners of the Captain's Prize played in September 1947; Ladies' Mrs J H Clugston, 35 points; Men - R Lyons, 40 points.

At the annual meeting in December 1947 it was decided to increase subscription as follows; Men £3/3s; Women £2/2s.  Nineteen new members had joined during the year. The Following officers were elected; President, Major T C H Dickson; captain, Eric N Irwin; hon. secretary was J H Clugston, Scotch Street, Dungannon; hon. treasurer, E W Roberts; council - Capt. Barcroft, Dr. J G Bell; D A Acheson, Ian Leebody, T J Kelly, R L Cunningham, T R Browne and T Taylor.

Officers in December 1950;President, Major T C H Dickson; captain, J Graham; hon. secretary, J Burton; hon. treasurer, W F Roberts.  

In 1951 the address was Coalisland Road. The secretary was J Burton Street; treasurer, J Dixon; captain, Mervyn Gilpin. Membership of 130. The green-keeper was still G Wylie. The nine-hole course had a SSS and Par of 70. Visitors' fee on introduction, 2/- a day. Sunday play allowed.

The Drumcoo course closed in the 1950s. The club moved to their present location in 1963. 

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