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North Western Golf Club, Glasgow. (1895 - 1920s)

Following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Glasgow Herald Wednesday 6 November 1895. “Last night a meeting of gentlemen favourable to the formation of a golf club for Maryhill district was held in the Public Halll, Kelvinside Avenue. Parish Councillor Kerr was unanimously appointed to the chair. The chairman dealt with what had been done by the provisional committee as to securing suitable ground for a course, and mentioned that after much trouble the committee had come to an arrangement with an insurance company, which only required the sanction of the meeting to be carried out. The ground was situated at Gilsochill, and comprised of 40 acres, which was suitable for a nine-hole course. A five year lease was stipulated, the rental being fixed at £80 for the first year, £90 for the second, and £100 for the remaining three years. It was agreed, on the motion of Mr Weston, seconded by Mr Fraser, that a club be formed, to be named the “North Western Golf Club”. The entry fee was to be one guinea for the first 200 members with an annual subscription of one guinea. Already 120 members have been enrolled. Mr Strachan was appointed captain, Alex Hay vice captain, Mr Kinninmonth secretary and treasurer.”

Result of the April 1898 monthly medal; First Class - W Fleming, 88-1-87; C Spalding, 95-8-87; Second Class - George Sievewright, 98-17-81; J M Ross, 103-18-85; J F Geggs, 96-10-86; William Gowans, 102-16-86.

In July 1898 the final of the mixed foursomes for the Victoria Diamond Jubilee Cup was played. The competitors were Miss Emma Young and Mr Hugh F Macneal against Mrs Johnston and Mr W D Strachan, after a close game Miss Young and Mr Macneal won 2up. This was the second year running that Miss Young had won the trophy.

John McAndrew was the professional in the early 1900s, he moved to Cruden Bay in 1908. He had made a success of his time at North Western. William Cadzow was his successor. By 1910 James Walker was the professional.

Report from the Scottish Referee Friday 30 March 1900 - "North Kelvinside have lost their present ground through the North-Western Golf Club having bought over the ground for their own golf course".

The ladies’ monthly competition was played on Friday 4 May 1900, the winner was Miss Findlay, runner-up Miss Alice Young.

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 11 August 1900; first class – W D Strachan, 92-12-80; R Weston, 90-7-83; W Armour, 86-2-84; A Neilie, 88-4-84; second class – John Robertson, 95-18-77; G S Williams, 103-18-85; A Mercer, 100-15-85. 

There was a large gathering of both members and spectators on Saturday 17 November 1900 when the club opened its new 18-hole course at Ruchill. Bailie Cleland was presented with a golf club and he duly hit the opening drive and declared the course open. 

On Monday 17 June 1907 North Western played a return match against St Andrews at Ruchill. Earlier in the season the St Andrews team entertained the Glasgow side at the “Mecca” the home team winning convincingly. The match at Rushill was massive 33 a side match. A keen interest was taken in the play of Jamie Anderson against the course record holder at Ruchill, H F MacNeal. They were level to the sixth, where MacNeal took the lead, he then pulled away, evenyually winning 5up. The full result below.

North Western Golf Club   St Andrews Golf Club  
H F MacNeal 1 J Anderson 0
F Carr 0 T Melville 1
W Cadzow 1 P Walker 0
J M McLeish 0 J Anderson 1
W H Birrell 0 L Rodger 1
A Eddie 1 J Sorley 0
O R Wilson 1 J Anderson 0
J Kelly 1 D Auchterlonie 0
D Mitchell jnr 1 D Jolly 0
J Dickson 0 J S Gibson 1
A Gardner 0 A K Dewar 1
M Johnson 1 P Craig 0
W G Campbell 1 J Young 0
J Alexander jnr 1 A Wilson 0
W N Webster 0 R Whyte 1
R G Smith 0 G Ayton 1
G F Robinson 0 H Hamilton 1
T A Hayward 0 A Dewar 1
W G Clark 0 G Law 0
J Wilson 0 A Blythe 1
J Gilfillan 1 G L Munro 0
D Mitchell sen 1 A M McGregor 0
W G Highet 1 J D Spence 0
R Weston 1 P J Smith 0
C Watt 1 J Gilmour 0
A E Frost 1 J Linder 0
H M Clark 1 J Elder 0
J Dick 1 R Robertson 0
J M Blake 1 C Ness 0
Prof Latham 0 H M Singer 0
Rev J Anderson 1 P Hutton 0
A Stark 1 J Bennett 0
R C Paterson 0 J Suttie 0
  20   10

On Saturday 18 April 1908 North Western again took on St Andrews at the home of golf, this time it was a more reasonable 14 a side match.

St Andrews Golf Club   North Western Golf Club  
L Ayton 1 A Mitchell 0
D Simpson 1 W H Birrell 0
F Baldie 1 R J Austin 0
J Auchterlonie 1 W G Clark 0
P Craig 1 T Gay 0
P J Smith 1 W Amour 0
D Jolly 1 J S Armour 0
J Suttie 1 A E Frost 0
J Bett 1 R Weston 0
G Law 1 J M Moire 0
A Simpson 1 C Watt 0
T Law 0 J Dick 0
R Condie 0 A Black 1
J Gilmour 0 W Black 1
  11   2

Following the game a highly enjoyable “smoker” was held in the clubhouse. Mr H M Singer, the captain of St Andrews, presided, supported by the vice-captain Mr G Millar, and Mr W Armour, captain of the Glasgow North Western Golf Club.

Result of a mixed-foursomes match played in August 1910; Miss M Campbell and J W Gibson (8), 86; Mrs Forbes and T A Hayward (11), 88; Miss McKinlay and J Armour (13), 89.

Below is the result of a match played at Dundonald Golf Club in October 1913.

Dundonald Golf Club   Glasgow North Western Golf Club  
J M Moir ? (half) 0 W H Birrell (half) 0
William Reid 0 J M McLeish 1
G H Scott 1 J Kelly 0
J G Girwood 1 A E Frost 0
James Tait 0 M Johnston 1
R Ritchie 1 J S Armour 0
J M Moir? 0 Ralph Brown 1
R Gordon Smith 0 C M Campbell 1
J M Stewart 0 Thomas Gray 1
A P Maclochlan 0 J Alexander jnr 1
John Rowe (half) 0 R J Hall (half) 0
W M Paton 0 R A Murray 1
  3   7

In 1914 the secretary was A Hay, 3 Yarow Gardens, Kelvinside, Glasgow, telephone number Maryhill 188. The professional was J Walker. An 18-hole course with a membership of 450 gents and 250 ladies. Entry fees were £5/5/0 and subs £3/3/0. Visitors who were non residents to Glasgow paid 2/6d a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Ladies had to cease play at 6pm on weekdays and at noon on Saturdays and bank holidays. Sunday play was not allowed. The Station at Maryhill was a 5 minute walk away. Cars were available to transport players from the City centre to the clubhouse.

The following report is from the Daily Record Friday 21 December 1917; "Out of 123 members on the roll of honour of the Glasgow North Western Golf Club, 15 have made the supreme sacrifice."

In 1923 the secretary was Donald Peffers. The professional was James Walker and the green-keeper J Watt.  Membership was now 476 gents and 191 ladies. Course records were: (a) Alex Mitchell, 70; (p) Arnaud Massy, 67. Fees for visitors on introduction 2/6d a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Station at Maryhill now 10 minutes away.

In June 1923 the annual competition was played on the North Western course between the Glasgow North Western Golf Club and the Glasgow Golf Club. There were 15 players each side with victory going to the Glasgow club by 10 matches to 5. 

In 1926 the secretary was C M Campbell, Ruchill House, Bilsland Drive, Glasgow, telephone Maryhill188. The green-keeper was E L Parker. The amateur  course record was now held by J Semple (68).

The Hilton Park Golf Club was formed in 1928 and was the amalgamation of two clubs, the Glasgow North Western Golf Club, one of the oldest in Glasgow and the Bankhead Golf Club. The courses of both of these clubs were acquired by Glasgow Corporation for housing schemes.

In 1928 the council laid out the nine-hole Ruchill Golf Course on the land that remained following the housing development. 


North Western Golf Club, Glasgow. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the North Western course. Grid reference NS57610,68760, co-ordinates 257610,668760.



North Western Golf Club disappeared in the 1920s and amalgamated with Bankhead Golf Club and became Hilton Park Golf Club.