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Lowthers Golf Club, Leadhills, South Lanarkshire. (1888 - 1930s)

Founded 1888/95.

Originally known as Leadhills Golf Club prior to WW1, it was called Lowthers following the war.

From 1914 to its final appearance as Lowthers in the 1930s, the secretary was James McFarlane JP, Schoolhouse, Leadhills.  A 9 hole course. In 1914 there was no entry fee and the subs were 3/-. The visitors’ fees throughout were 6d a day, 1/6d a week and 2/6d a month. Ladies paid half fees. Sunday play was not allowed. The station at Leadhills was ¼ mile away.

Leadhills is an old lead-mining village high in the Lowther Hills in southern Scotland south of Glasgow. It has had a golf course since the 19th Century, although its present 9-hole course dates from the 1930s.

Another small course, probably 9 holes (?) was laid out privately, we believe, at the location east of the B797, Glengonnar circa 1927. Thanks to Alfie Ward for this information.

Lowthers Golf Club, Leadhills, South Lanarkshire. Postcard, dated 1932.

The above postcard is dated 1932


The current Leadhills club was founded in 1935.

The upper Google Map shows the location of the Leadhills/Lowthers course. 

The lower Google Map shows the locatio of the 1920s Glengonnar course.