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Busby and Clarkston Golf Club, East Renfrew. (1897 - WW2) 

Founded 1897.

A nine-hole course laid out by Willie Fernie of Troon with the first green close to the Eaglesham Road. From there players gradually approached the river bank which was the eastern boundary of the course. The longest hole was about 500 yards; the others averaged 200 yards or over. The stations at Clarkston or Busby were 10 minutes away.

The course opened on Saturday 21 May 1898.


Busby and Clarkston Golf Club, East Renfrew. Report on the opening of the course in May 1898.

Barrhead News Friday 27 May 1898.Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The first monthly competition for the medal presented by Mr John Campbell was played on Saturday 29 April 1900; the winner was Alexander Campbell, net 78; James Gourlay, 87-7-80; D W Brand, 100-15-85; J M Paton, 97-10-87.

The finalists for the medal presented by Mr William Duff of Greenholm played off on Friday 4 May 1900, result as follows; Captain J M Patton, 95-5-90; John Mather, 96-2-94; James Morgan, 101-7-94; T R White, 101-3-98; W W Wilson, 102-4-98. 

The opening of the clubhouse took place in 1900 and the following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Glasgow Herald on Monday 25 June.

“No more delightful weather could have graced the opening of the new clubhouse on Saturday. There was a large gathering of ladies and gentlemen for the event. The attractiveness of the course has been considerably augmented by this latest addition and the efforts of the committee are highly appreciated by the members. The clubhouse is erected on a most suitable site, and externally presents an elegant elevation, with a spacious projecting portico and oriel windows forming its principal features. The first tee and finishing hole are well in view from the club room. The Rev James Fraser in his speech paid a high tribute to the Royal & Ancient game of golf, after which Mr Morgan, in terms fitting to the occasion, presented Mrs Paton, wife of the captain, with a gold key set with diamonds, in the shape of two clubs, with which she formally opened the clubhouse. Amongst the many well known golfers present were; John Hutton, W M Patton, W Duff, D Brand, W Gordon Shaw. The course is one of nine-holes, the hazards being hedges, ditches and long grass. A track 40 yards wide has been cut, and if the player keeps there he has no reason to complain, as a strong driver can reach most of the putting greens with his iron for his second shot. For size and trueness it would be difficult to find greens to beat them. The par is 36 for nine holes, 72 for the two rounds, and the record is held by W W Goldie with 77. Mr David Bone with two rounds of 39 took first place in the competition that followed the opening.”

The monthly competition for the John Campbell medal took place on Saturday 25 August 1900, leading scores; James Dickie, 85-6-79; Thomas Walker, 85-3-82; James Fisher, 90-6-84; T L Davies, 111-24-87; D Fulton jnr, 105-16-89; John H Thornby, 103-12-91; M A Macfeal(t), 103-9-94; W W Wilson, 103-9-94; James Morgan, 106-12-94; G O Norval, 108-8-100.

On the New Year day Competition in 1900 Mr Robert Clark presented the prizes. There was a large turnout despite the frost bound course, this inevitably resulted in the higher scoring. Leading scores; A Macfeat, 98 – 3 – 95; James Morgan, 105 – 7 – 98; J M Paton, 105 – 5 – 100. J H Thornley won the William Duff monthly medal.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1900s-1914 Alex Anderson, Glenview, Clarkston, Busby  
1904-06 J Walton jun., 185 Albert Road, Langside, Glasgow John Melrose (p)
1906-14   Alex McColl (p)
1920s-49 Robert Law, 20 Benview Rd, Clarkston, Glasgow  
1923   E Wilson (g)
1930s   W Farmer (g)

Early 1900s the course records were: (a) Allan Campbell, 74; and (p) W Fernie, 69.

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Established 1897; membership of 314; hon.secretary - J Walton jun., 185 Albert Road, Langside, Glasgow; captain, W MacNaughton; entrance fee, £1/1s, subs 15s; professional, J Melrose; course records - professional; W Fernie, 69; amateur; A Campbell, 74.

The monthly competitions for the Overdale and Clark Cups were played in April 1910; Overdale Cup winner, J Gourlay, 85-5-80; Clark Cup winner, J Reid, 95-17-78.

In 1914 membership was 200. Entry fees were £2/2/0 and subs £1/0/0.

Ordnance Survey Map from the time of WW1 showing the golf course and pavilion.


Busby and Clarkston Golf Club, East Renfrew. O.S. Map showing the course at the time of WW1.

O.S. Map Revised 1911; © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1914}.


In 1923 membership had risen to 385. Sunday play was not allowed at this time.

Result of the Overdale Cup played in September 1930; J W Jack, 80-12-68; D C Macadam, 75-6-69; A Wallace, 75-5-70; M Smith, 77-7-70; Clark Cup – W Mather, 80-17-63; R J Holt, 95-24-71.

Proposed housing development in March 1935.


Busby and Clarkston Golf Club, East Renfrew. Proposed housing development in March 1935.

The Scotsman Tuesday 26 March 1935. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of the Overdale Cup played in March 1935; J A Macadam, 76-6-70; W Henderson, 79-9-70; Clark Cup – D E Allen, 94-24-70; D M Sayers, 90-19-71.

Result of the Overdale Cup played in April 1935; T C Sayers, 76-10-66; C B Craig, 75-6-69; Clark Cup – J C Arrel, 80-14-66; J P Smith, 86-19-67.

In the mid 1930s the SSS was 63, amended to 68 in 1938. Membership peaked at 477 in 1940.

Result of the Overdale Cup played in June 1938; D Carslaw (5) and J R Brown (11), 71; Clark Cup – W Telford jnr (13), 66; A Scrivener (13), 70.

Result of the Overdale Cup played in July 1938; J R Brown (11), 64; James Weir (12), 66; Clark Cup – J Marshall (24), 66; D Henderson (19), 67; J C Thomson (22), 67.

Result of the Overdale Cup played in August 1938; D McMillan (6), T Sayers (6) and J Macfarlane (12), 71; Clark Cup – G F Linn (18) and J C Murdoch (23), 64.

Result of the Overdale Cup played in September 1938; James Weir (9), W Telford (3), D C Petrie (7), K Watson (8), 70; Clark Cup – R Law (15), D E Allen (18), 70. 

In the late 1940s the 9-hole course had a SSS of 72 and a membership of 408. Sunday play was now allowed.


Busby & Clarkston Golf Club, East Renfrew. Location of the former course.

Locaton of the former Busby and Clarkston Golf Club. 



Busby & Clarkston Golf Club had disappeared by 1951.