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Fairfield Golf Club, Renfrewshire. (1903 - WW2)

Following article from the Glasgow Evening Times Monday 2 September1907; “The new nine-hole course of the Fairfield golf club situated at Elderslie Polices, Renfrew, was formally opened on Saturday afternoon.

The Fairfield club was started four and a half years ago, and played over the Corporation course at Bellahouston. With a growing membership, the club found its operations interfered with by the large numbers who patronised the Bellahouston course, and felt compelled to look out for links of its own. 

The course is somewhat circumscribed, but is of a fairly sporting character. A large crowd of members and their friends turned out at the opening ceremony. Mr A. Mithchell, Captain of the club, presented Mr A.A. Speirs of Elderslie with a cleek, suitably inscribed, and Mr Speirs drove off the first ball and formally declared the course open.

After tea, a capital programme of songs, recitations, and instrumental selections, varied at intervals by impromptu dancing, was gone through. Simultaneously whist drive parties were conducted in the ante rooms. The feature of the entertainment was the solo and dual dancing of Misses May and Eva Malcolm. The “House Warming” was voted by all the most successful incident in the hitherto successful progress of the club."  

Result of the 1910 August Monthly Medal; Class 1 – William Black (12), 79; William G Johnston (scratch), 80; John R Hughes (8), 80; Class 2 – A H Crawford (20), 77; Jas Smillie (15), 83. 

Result of the 1912 July Medal; Class 1 – D Cree (11), 77; C Lowden (scratch), 80; William Baxter (6), 80; Class 2 – C A Smith (15), 76; T Cowan (17), 77; D Henderson (18), 77. 

In 1924 the secretary was W Marshall, 3 Sharrocks Street, Ibrox, Glasgow. Fairfield was an18 hole course with a membership of 450 gents and 190 ladies and juniors. Course records were: (a) William Black,??; (p) Geo Duncan, 70. The tram fare from Jamaica Street to the course was 3d.


Fairfield Golf Club, Renfrewshire. The clubhouse on a postcard dated 1928.

The Fairfield clubhouse on a postcard dated 1928. Image courtesy of Graham Rowley.


In the 1930s the green-keeper was J Noon. Course records were: (a) S MacAughley, 69; (p) held jointly by M Seymour and Geo Duncan, 70. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 7/6d a week, 12/6d a fortnight and 21/- a month. Sunday play was not allowed.

Result of the 1935 January medal, played over the curtailed course; first class – W Kernohan, 65-8-57; T I McKay, 64-7-57; Jas Thomson, 64-7-57; second class – Daniel Terry, 70-14-56; J Buchanan, 75-15-60; A Lawson, 75-15-60; J Fairhill?, 75-15-60; third class – C Connell, 75-20-55; A Campbell, 81-21-60; D Dent, 86-24-62.

Following is the result of the April 1938 monthly medal; scratch – Gordon Sinclair, 74; first class – G Sinclair (5) and Jack Fairfull? (10), tied on 69; A E Hughes (12) and John McGregor snr (12), 71; second class – Duncan Finlayson (13), 69; William Toom (14), David Smith (16) and James Abel (16), 71; third class – James H Donnelly (24), 66; David Clancy (20), 67; Jack Greig (25), 69. 

Result of the competition for the Captain and Vice Captain’s prizes played in June 1938; first class – A Galloway (5), 70; W L Mackay (5), W Kernohan (7) and J C McGrath (10), 73; second class – D C Young (14), 73; David Gow (16), 74; W Thom (14), 75; third class – A Moncrieff (20), 75; J Leonard (20), 77.

Result of a ladies' competition for the secretary's prize, played in July 1938; first class - Mrs J Baillie (17), 67; second class - Miss A Hughes (31), 71.

Result of the July monthly medal; scratch – A Steel, 76; W L Mackay, 79; first class – G Harvey (10) and G K Symington (10), 72; K Steel (2), 74; second class – R Douglas (16), 68; D McLean (14), 70; D Smith (16), 73; third class – G Gould (25), 74; D McNeil snr (20), 79.  

Result of the ladies’ monthly medal played in August 1938; first class – Mrs Scott (14) and Miss Scott (17), 77; Mrs Fenton (11), 78; second class – Mrs Ferguson (29), 73; Miss Seye’s prize – first class – Mrs Scott (14), 72; second class – Mrs Ferguson (29), 71. 

Result of the gents’ monthly medal played in August 1938; scratch – C B McInnes, 73; W L Mackay, 76; first class – C B McInnes (3), 70; J M Minigle (11), 71; W L Mackay (4) and J McAllister (6), 72; second class – J Connell (14), 70; D Gow (15), 71; J Donaghy (13), D McLean (13), W Thom (14) and J B Graham (17), 72; third class – R F Scott (21), 69; J H Donnelly (19), 73; J H White (22) and J Lipton (25), 76.

Result of the autumn meeting played in September 1938; first class – D M Neil jnr (10), 70; J Neil (8), 71; J McAlister (6), 72; second class – W Thorn (14) and J M Campbell (18), 71; G Middleton (14), 73; third class – G K Thomson (22), 65; G Gould (25) and J Neill (25), 69. Best scratch – L A Munro, 75. Also played in August a ladies’ foursome, result; Mrs A S Robertson and Mrs Baillie (18½), 76½; Miss Cameron and Mrs G K Symington (18), 79.      

The club was listed in the 1940 and 1947 Golfer's Handbook; The secretary was J McDonald, 89 Ardshiel Road, Glasgow; the green-keeper was still J Noon. 18-holes with a SSS of 71, and a membership of 470 gents and 190 ladies and juniors. Visitors’ fees were now 2/6d a day, the rest as before. Sunday play was allowed after 10am. The station at Kingsinch was ½ mile away. There was also a tram and bus service from Glasgow.

In April 1941 the course and the clubhouse were closed because of enemy action and temporary membership facilities were granted to members by Cathcart Castle Golf Club. 

The club closed in 1942 when the course was taken over by Clyde Navigation Trust for construction of Deanside Transit Depot.


Fairfield Golf Club, Renfrewshire. The golf course 1914-20.

Location of the course from 1914 to 1920 and in 1939. Grid reference NS51415,67380, co-ordinates 251415,667380.


Fairfield Golf Club, Renfrewshire. Golf course location 1924.

Location of the course in 1924.

Grid reference NS51655,67185, co-ordinates 251655,667185.


The 1924 map shows that the course was extended south beyond the railway towards the Old Govan Road, reverting to the original location by 1939. The nearby Renfrew golf course is to the south.



Fairfield had disappeared by 1951.