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Ranfurly Castle Golf Club, Renfrewshire. (1889 - 1904)

Ranfurly Castle was formed in 1889 and moved to its current location in 1903/4.

The Ranfurly Castle Ladies Club was formed in 1924 and found its way into the main club around WW2. This was not, however, The Bridge of Weir and Ranfurly Ladies Golf Club which was formed in 1896. 

The report below is on a general meeting held in August 1889.


Ranfurly castle Golf Club, Renfrewshire. Report on a general meeting held in August 1889.


Ranfurly castle Golf Club, Renfrewshire. Report on a general meeting held in August 1889.

From the Paisley & Renfrewshire Gazette Saturday 17th August 1889. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The formal opening of the course took place on Saturday 2nd November 1889. Sir Archibald C Campbell, Bart., M.P., performed the opening ceremony and then hitting the opening drive in front of a large crowd. An exhibition match followed involving Willie Fernie, Troon, and William Campbell, late of Prestwick, (now Ranfurly.) 


Ranfurly Castle Golf Club, Renfrewshire. The Golf Links in 1902.

Ranfurly Castle Golf Links on a 1902 Postcard.


From the Golfing Annual Vol. V - 1891-92; "Ranfurly Castle Golf Club, Instituted August 3rd 1889; Hon. President, Sir Archibald Campbell, Bart., of Blythswood; Vice-President, Horatius Bonar; Captain, Dr. Henry F Mudie; Secretary, J M Porteus; Green-keeper, Willie Campbell.

The course, which was laid out by Willie Campbell, the well known professional, is equal to any inland green in Scotland. It is of a thoroughly sporting character, hazards, in the form of rocks, ditches, a quarry and a deep ravine, which has to be crossed twice, being sufficiently numerous to render play exciting. It at present consists of nine-holes; but, as there is ample room for eighteen the round will, in due course, be extended." 

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 4th February 1893, despite the recent bad weather the course was in fine condition, result as follows; Mr D McLeish (18), 78; Neil Robson jnr (30), 80; John Dalziel (25), 82; J B Scott (scratch), 84; Richard Fleming (16), 87; J A Scott (18), 90; R Park Lyle (4), 93; Captain Ross (15), 98; J R Scott (15), 98.

The club championship was played for the first time on Saturday 3rd June 1893, result as follows; Thomas Carruthers jnr, 89; W N Scott, 90; J M Porteous, 91; John Sangster, 91; D Ballingall, 91. The monthly medal was played in conjunction with club championship, medal result as follows; D Ballingall (12), 79; J M Porteous (6), 85; John Sangster (6), 91; A M Gray (24), 85; T Carruthers jnr (3), 86; T J Scott (7), 86; John Ronald jnr (18), 87; Robert Stevenson (10), 87; J H Scott (15), 88; Alex Fullerton (20), 89; George Taylor (8), 89; J L Wilson (9), 89W N Scott (scratch) 90; John Daniel 10), 95.  

Old Ranfurly Golf Club founded in 1905 plays on the site vacated by Ranfurly Castle in 1903/4.

The map below shows the earlier Ranfurly Castle Golf Course, now Old Ranfurly. The golf course in 1898 stretched to the north east of Shillingworth Farm.


Ranfurly castle Golf Club, Renfrewshire. The former Ranfurly Castle course on the 1898 O.S map.

© Crown Copyright {1898}


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former Ranfurly Castle golf course, nowadays the home of the Old Ranfurly Golf Club.