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Ballinluig & Logierait. Perth & Kinross. (1896 - WW2)

Founded in 1896.

The course was situated at the opening of both the Tay and Tummel Valleys. The 9-holes were varied and interesting with excellent turf. Hazards were natural and numerous and consisted of the dry channel of the river, hedges, pailings, trees and grass covered mounds.The course was laid out along the left bank of the river Tummel with the first tee close to the railway bridge over the Tummel, about 400 yards from the station.  Ballinluig Junction was a halt on the main line going north to Inverness.  From here, there was a small branch line which ran along the Tay valley to Aberfeldy.  The line closed in 1965.

The following is taken from a report on the opening of the course that appeared in the Dundee Courier on the 8 June 1896:-

The Rev. Mr Meldrum, who declared the course open, congratulated the inhabitants of Ballinluig in recognising the inestimable boon that golfing facilities conferred on a district so largely patronised by tourists. Competent judges hailing from St Andrews and other golfing centres had expressed themselves highly pleased with what they had seen, and the course, in fact, promised to be one of the most playable in the country. The place was surrounded by glorious beauty and he hoped the promoters of the movement would be fully rewarded and that the Ballinluig course would be the scene of many pleasant gatherings and would unite old friends from various parts of the country in pursuing the grand old game.

Miss Gillespie then at the call of Mr Meldrum, drove the first ball, which she did in regular golfing style. By the evening quite a crowd of members had put in an appearance and many enjoyable games were played.  

The secretary, Mr D S Grant, gave a short statement and read apologies from Mr John Scott, president of the club, regretting his inability to be present. He also mentioned the generosity of His Grace the Duke of Atholl in granting such a suitable piece of land for free. 


Ballinluig & Logierait Golf  Club course layout 1896.

Layout of the course in 1896.


In November 1896 a match was played by members from both sides of the Tummel, result below.

Logierait Members   Ballinluig Members  
D Henderson 0 D S Grant 3
R R Clark 5 James Morrison 0
A Cameron 2 Dr. Anderson 0
A Lamond 7 J S Grant 0
J Scott 8 D Reid 0
D C Bain 4 W Hitching 0
Thomas Ferguson 2 Arthur Irvine 0
William Robertson 3 A McLean 0
  31   3

In 1898 the amateur record was 37 for 9 holes and 77 for 18 holes scored by D S Grant in August 1898, par for the course was 74. The captain was Mr James Kennedy, F.E.I.S and the secretary was D.S. Grant, merchant, Ballinluig. Committee members were; Jas Scott, Jas Kennedy, A McQueen, Arthur Irvine, Don Grant, W A McIntosh and Thomas Ferguson. Monthly medal winners for 1898; A McQueen, D Reid, P Irvine, D S Grant, A Irvine and Jas Scott. Subscriptions were 5/- for men and 2/6 for ladies. Visitors’ fees; 1/- a day, 2/- a week, 3/6 a fortnight and 5/- a month.

Below is the result of a match played at Ballinluig against Blair Atholl on Saturday 6 May 1899. The course and greens were in fine condition. Angus Cameron had a score of 83 and Don Grant 84. 

Ballinluig Golf Club   Blair Atholl Golf Club  
W L Wood 0 A Cameron 9
Donald Grant 11 P Cameron 0
T Bett 11 Captain Richardson 0
D S Grant 2 Major Colquhoun 0
A Cameron 0 A Kellock 0
D R Clark 7 A B Bruce 0
D Henderson 7 A Panton 0
A M Meldrum 0 D Forbes 1
W A McIntosh 4 J S Spence 0
A Irvine 2 A McNeill 0
J McGlashan 0 J Saunders 2
  44   12

Result of a club match played away on the Invertilt course in October 1900.

Invertilt Golf Club   Ballinluig Golf Club  
A Murray 2 W L Wood 0
Wm Christie 0 D S Grant 3
Geo Christie 0 Thos Bett 1
Jaz Saunders 0 Jas Kennedy 0
P Cameron 1 W A McIntosh 0
A Kellock 3 A McQueen 0
J Hay 2 J McDougall 0
A Panton 0 James Scott 0
W Gordon 4 A Irvine 0
A Cruickshank 1 D Reid 0
  13   4


Ballinluig & Logierait Golf Club course layout in 1903.

Location and layout of the course in 1903.


In August 1908 the younger members of the club held a special competition on the course. Results; John K MacDonald, Ballinluig, 94-10-84; Charles Macqueen, Logierait, 96-12-84; Arthur Irvine, Blairchroisk, 100-15-85; Alexander Smith, Logierait, 97-10-87; John Mackinnon, Haugh of Tullymet, 102-15-87; Jas Mackinnon, Haugh Cottage, 104-15-89. Ladies; Miss Annie Robertson, Logierait, 130-20-110; Miss Scott, Logierait, 132-20-112; Miss Smith, Logierait, 133-20-113.

Result of a competition held in September 1908; John Mackinnon, Haugh of Tullymet, 98-15-83; Chas Macqueen, Logierait, 96-12-84; Alex Smith, Logierait, 95-10-85; J K MacDonald, Ballinluig, 97-10-87; Arthur Irvine, Ballinluig, 102-15-87. Ladies competition; Miss Scott, Logierait, 130-20-110; Miss Smith, Logierait, 132-20-112; Miss A Robertson, Logierait, 134-20-114; Miss Jane Vere Smith, Logierait, 139-25-114.

A W MacIntosh won the monthly medal in July 1913 with a scratch score of 80. 

In August 1913 a match was played between club members and visitors to Ballinluig, the club team winning three matches to one. W A MacIntosh in his second round equalled the course record of 37, his total of 76 was the best recorded on the “altered” course.

Result of the August 1913 monthly medal; Archibald McLean, 81-4-77; C Macqueen, 83-2-81; A Macqueen, 85 scratch; Rev C A MacDonald, 86 scratch; W A MacIntosh, 86 scratch.

In 1914 there was no entry fee. Subs for gents were 5/- and ladies 2/6d. Visitors’ fees were 9d a day, 2/6d a week, 3/6d a fortnight, 5/- a month. Sunday play was not allowed at this time.

Following is the result of the May 1914 monthly medal at Ballinluig & Logierait Golf Club; John Crawford, 77 scratch; W A MacIntosh, 80 scratch; D S Grant, Alex Maqueen and Benjamin Trappe all scored 83 scratch; Charles Macqueen, 89-6-83; John Campbell jun, 89-6-83; Arch Maclean, 90-6-84; A Smith, 92-6-86.

The club was usually known as Ballinluig Golf Club before WW1. Following the war it appears as Ballinluig and Logierait Golf Club. Membership peaked at 80 in the late 1920s and between 50 and 60 at other times. Ballinluig railway station was adjacent to the course. Local hotel was the Logierait.

Leading scores from a bogey competition played in June 1926; Gents – Dan Aitchison, 8up; John Campbell and John Menzies, 7up; William Robertson jun, 5up; William Mann, 4up; J D Peddie (Edinburgh), 3up; Robert Menzies, William Cameron, A Smith, A MacLean, 2up; Ladies – Miss Jessie Hendry, 1up; Miss J M Brown, Miss M Gold, Miss M MacIntosh, Miss G Patience, Miss C Paton, Miss M Peddie, all square; Miss G Lowe, Miss G Menzies, 2down; Mrs Gillespie, Miss M Campbell, 3down; Miss B Cameron, Miss Mabel Campbell, 4down.   

Following is the result of the 1927 ladies’ May medal; Mrs Peter Campbell, Ballinluig (winner); Miss Georgina Patience, Tynereich; Mrs Blackie, Mill of Logierait; Miss Grace Menzies, Moulinearn.

Below, result of a match played against Dunkeld & Birnam at Ballinluig in July 1929. 

Ballinluig & Logierait Golf Club   Dunkeld & Birnam Golf Club  
A Smith & A Black 1 T Low & J Robertson 0
Wm Cameron & T Penderleith 1 J Scott & A Buchanan 0
John Menzies & James Robertson 0 W D McLay & Ian Stewart 1
Alan Macdonald & D McNeill 0 J Ellis & A Macdonald 0
Rev C A Macdonald & Tom Gow 1 Fred Ellis & A J Campbell 0
A McQueen & Bailie C Munro 1 J McCrindle & E R Hart 0
  4   1

Below, result of a match played at Ballinluig against Dunkeld and Birnam Golf Club in August 1931.

Ballinluig & Logierait   Dunkeld & Birnam  
John Menzies & Alex Smith 1 T Low & J Fairweather 0
Robert Menzies & C Macnaughton 0 C C Bruce & W Buchanan 1
M Robertson & A McGregor 1 J Fraser & George Scott 0
Tom Gow & John Hendry 0 J C Nicoll & J Robertson 1
John Campbell & Alan Macdonald 0 A Buchanan & A Davidson 1
A Christie & Dr Gray 1 D Dow & G G Calder 0
A Robertson & J Nicolson 1 A Heggie & R Harvey 0
  4   3

Below is the result of a match played at Ballinluig against Blair Atholl in June 1938.

Ballinluig & Logierait   Blair Atholl  
D Aitchison & J Hole 1 W McKenzie & A Seaton 0
A Doig & G Reid 0 J Sutherland & G Millar 1
A Taylor & J Hendry 1 W Drummond & H Stewart 0
M Macnaughton & T Gow 0 K A Burns & A Panton 1
R M Irvine & W Allan 0 W R Wheyman & W Patterson 1
  2   3

Result of a competition played in July 1938 for a prize given by Mrs MacIntosh, Logierait. The format was the best two of four rounds. Mr Alexander Doig, The Inn, Ballinluig, the youngest member of the club, won with a score of 139-14-125. Other scores; J Hole, 140-12-128; J Hendry, 146-18-128; A Taylor, 152-14-138; R M Irvine, 160-22-138; M Macnaughton, 153-14-139; R D Hole, 167-27-140; W Gray, 168-27-141. 

From 1923 to closure visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 3/6d a week, 5/- a fortnight, 7/6d a month. Family tickets (not over four people) 15/- a month, 7/6d a month for residents.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1914 W A Macintosh, Logierait, Ballinluig  
1923 William Cambell, Smithy House, Ballinluig Donald Reid (g)
1924-29 William Cambell J Menzies (g)
1930-32 Miss M Barrow, Vine Cottage, Ballinluig  
1935-48 Miss McIntosh, Logierait, Ballinluig G Campbell (g)


  Amateur course records
1923 W A Macintosh
1924-1929 J Menzies
1935-1948 G M Deon and W A MacKenzie 65


Ballinluig & Logierait Golf Club course location.

Map showing Ballinluig Station (course adjoined station)

Grid reference NN97950 51980, co-ordinates 297950 751980.



Like many other courses, land was given over to crop growing effort during WW2.  Ballinluig never recovered after the war and the course and club finally closed down in 1950.