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Blackford Golf Club, Perthshire. (1905 - WW2)

The club was founded in 1905.

A 9 hole course of 2,086 yards over undulating ground with many natural hazards. It was stated that, “As most of the holes are uphill it gives a good pitcher the chance with the long driver”

The club membership throughout was about 60. Sunday play was never allowed. The railway station at Blackford was half mile away.

Report on the opening of the course in June 1905.


Blackford Golf Club, Perthshire. Report on the opening of the course in June 1905.

Strathearn Herald Saturday 17 June 1905. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of a competition for the secretary’s prize played in August 1910; J Donaldson (12), 66; J B Bower (16), 68; A Robertson (10), 70; M Bennett (12), 75; J Connal (14) and J Stewart jun (6), 76. 

At the annual meeting in March 1911 John Lawson was in the chair. Graeme A Whitelaw was nominated for the position of hon. president, and the following lady and gentlemen were elected hon. vice-presidents; Mrs Haldane of Cloan; the Marquis of Tullibardine, M.P; Mr T McArly, Duchally; Rev T Crawford of Orchill; Rev J Yellowlees and David Lawson. Other office bearers; Captain and secretary, A Graham; treasurer, A Robertson. The first competition of the season would take place on 22nd April. 

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1911-14 Alexander Graham, Inverlussa, Blackford J Donaldson (p/g)
1922-26 Reverend P Milne, Manse, Blackford  
1927-32 R M Hart, Hill Cottage, Blackford  
1935 G Ferguson, Moray Street, Blackford M Bennett (g)
1937-48 D Pullar, Schoolhouse, Blackford W Fraser (g)

In 1914 there was no entry fee. Subs for gents were 7/6 and ladies 5/-. Visitors’ fees were 6d a day, 2/- a week, 5/- a month.

The following players qualified for the Whitelaw Medal in May 1914; Alex Graham (captain), 88-16-72; H W Lindlay, 85-11-74; Malcolm T Bennett, 82-4-78.

Below is the result of a match played at Blackford against Auchterader Golf Club on Wednesday 27th May 1914.

Blackford   Auchterader  
A Robertson 1 John C Dougall 0
A Sinclair 0 Dr Gunn 1
J B Bower 1 Jas McBeth 0
H W Lindlay 1 Angus Grant 0
Alex Graham (half) 0 Geo Eadie (half) 0
R McLaren 0 John Mallis 1
Dan King 1 D W Logie 0
John Dewar 1 H W Melville 0
M Barclay 0 C Galletly 1
  5   3

In June 1914 the final of the Whitelaw Medal was played between Mr A Robertson and Mr J C Dougall. After a very close game Mr Robertson was the winner by 2&1. 

In 1922 course records, amateur A Robertson 77, professional Joe Anderson 70. Visitors’ fees were now 1/- a day, 3/- a week, 7/6 a month.

In the mid 1920s course records were: (a) P Watson, 74; (p) Joe Anderson, 70.

Result of a ladies’ match played at Blackford against Auchterader in June 1925.

Blackford Ladies' Golf Club   Auchterader Golf Club  
Miss Philp 1 Miss Mailer 0
Miss Sharp 1 Miss Garrie 0
Miss Bennett 1 Miss B Young 0
Miss Bell 0 Mrs Martin 1
Miss Fitzpatrick 0 Mrs Young 1
Miss Docherty 1 Miss Dunn 0
Miss Milne 1 Miss M Martin 0
Miss McKenzie (half) 0 Miss Stevenson (half) 0
Miss Hally 0 Miss A McLaren 1
Miss C Fraser 1 Miss Dow 0
Miss Scobie 0 Miss B Dalgleish 1
  6   4

Below is the result of a match played against Comrie at Blackford in July 1925. 

Blackford   Comrie  
P Watson 0 J M Rowe 1
J Cairns (half) 0 Charles Parker jnr (half) 0
W Bennett 1 J M Stobie 0
D Kay 0 Gerorge Dick 1
J McKenzie jnr 0 W E Paterson 1
James Kay 1 R Risk 0
George Elder 0 C Richards 1
Rev P Milne 1 C Richard 0
Rev A O Taylor (half) 0 C S Macpherson (half) 0
C McEwen 0 P Small 1
R Kay 0 D M Keith 1
J Arnott (half) 0 J Miller (half) 0
  3   6

The annual meeting of the club was held in the Moray Institute in March 1926, Rev Peter Milne presided. The following officers were elected; captain, Rev Peter Milne; secretary, Robert M Hart; treasurer, George Elder, Fordmouth House. The course would open for the season on 24th April. 

In 1926 the venue for the joint Sunday School Picnic was the 9 hole golf course behind the parish church.

In 1932 Major Drummond-Moray made arrangements with the expanding Gleneagles Golf Club to give part of the Blackford course to Gleneagles, with the understanding that Blackford people would be first on the list at Gleneagles.

The annual meeting was held at the Moray Institute in March 1932, John Cairns, Gleneagles, in the chair. The following office bearers were elected; hon. president, J C Dougall; hon. vice-presidents, Sir R G Monteath, G Borland, J B Chinnery Haldane, Colonel Dawson, J M Taylor, Miss Haldane; captain, John Cairns; joint secretary and treasurer, George Elder and George Ferguson; committee – Rev Peter Milne, Jack Ferguson, James Arnott, David Bell, along with a ladies’ committee, with Mrs Milne as convenor and Miss Bennett match secretary; green-keeper Malcolm T Bennett. The opening date for the season was to be 16th April.  

From the mid 1930s to the club’s closure following WW2, course records were: (a) D Scobie, 70; (p) Joe Anderson of Craigie Hill, Perth, 70. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a round, 1/6d a day, 5/- a week, 7/6d a fortnight, 10/- a month.

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the Old Parish Church. As mentioned earlier “In 1926 the venue for the joint Sunday School Picnic was the 9-hole golf course behind the parish church.”