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Crook of Devon and Rumbling Bridge Golf Club, Kinross. (1895 - WW2)

The club was founded 1895.

The following report recording the opening of the course appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News on My 11th 1895. “The Crook of Devon course has been opened and a club has been formed in connection with it. The course is situated on the south side of the Devon Valley Railway, about five minutes walk from the Crook of Devon Railway Station and one mile from Rumbling Bridge. The course contains nine holes and is a good sporting one, there being many rising grounds and knolls, which are chiefly covered in very short heath, and also a small stream to cross. The elevation is about five hundred feet above sea level, the air is pure and bracing while the course is in a sheltered position”


Crook of Devon and Rumbling Bridge Golf Club, Kinross. Course layout.

The layout of the nine hole course from the Edinburgh Evening News May 1895.


The 9 hole course was situated on high and dry land with firm turf and gravelly soil. There were plenty of hazards consisting of ditches, dykes and woods. The course had lots of knolls, and many of the greens were blind from the tees. Membership at the club was about 50 in the early years rising to 80 by WW2, Sunday play was never allowed at the club. Prior to WW1 the bogey score was 39, the SSS in the 1930s/40s was 66. Railway stations were at Crook of Devon 3 minutes and Rumbling Bridge 1 ¼ miles. Local hotel was the Rumbling Bridge, Crook of Devon.

In 1906 visitors’ fees were 6d a day, 2/- a week, 3/6d a month and 5/- per annum. Prices had hardy increased by closure in the 1940s, they were; 1/- a day, 3/6d a week and 6/- a month.

Below is the result of a match played over the Lochside course at Kinross on Saturday 13th September 1902 against the Crook of Devon Golf Club. 

Kinross   Crook of Devon  
J M Stevens 0 J A Beveridge 5
Rev F H Williamson 4 Rev P B Thom 0
J M Ross 4 W Younger 0
F J C Stark junior 2 W P E Conter 0
A Templeman 7 F Macrae 0
J Millar 3 J Davidson 0
F Adamson 4 W D Robieson 0
E J Michie 4 R Alexander 0
T Livingstone 0 J Thomson 0
G D Todd 4 A Duncan 0
J H Sands 3 R Younger 0
J Menzies 5 A Wallace 0
  40   5


Crook of Devon and Rumbling Bridge Golf Club. Competition prize won by John Watt.

The plaque on the barometer reads; Crook of Devon Handicap Prize 1904-5. Presented by John Watt Esq – won by William Younger.


Thanks to Brett Younger, Winnipeg, for supplying and allowing us to use the above image. Brett is the grandson of William Younger.

Result of a match played at Kinross (also defunct) in May 1906.

Kinross   Crook of Devon  
Rev Mr Williamson 1 W Younger 0
J M Ross 1 W McLachlan 0
G D Tod 1 W Bett 0
D Leitch 0 A Hutton 0
A Cumming jnr 0 F McCrae 1
M Brown 0 J Stewart 1
D McKay 0 W D Robieson snr 1
J Adamson 1 P Syme 0
D Sands 0 J Hutton 0
C Hepburn 1 W D Robieson jnr 0
A Duff 0 M W Robieson 0
W Adamson jnr 1 W Simpson 0
J Adamson 1 J Wallace 0
  7   3

Result of a home club match played against Kelty (also defunct) in May 1908.

Crook of Devon   Kelty  
W Younger 0 T Lindsay 0
A Reid 1 A Thomson 0
W Bett 0 I Smith 1
J Scott 0 J Fisher 0
R Robinson 1 A Fisher 0
J McDonald 0 W Fortune 1
W D Robinson 0 J Dickson 1
J Adamson 0 D Wallace 1
J Wallace 0 W Younger 1
T McCrea 0 W Izatt 1
R Hall 0 J B Calder 1
  2   7

A driving, approaching and putting competition held in July 1911, results; Gentlemen driving – first, E McNaught, Coatbridge; second, William Caunter, Glasgow; Longest drive – E McNaught; Approaching – first, J B Hutton, Crook of Devon; second, James Stewart, Alloa; Putting – first, James Simpson, Corstorphine; second, F McRae, Crook of Devon; Ladies’  the driving  and approaching were both won by Miss J McNaught, Coatbridge; Putting, Miss Mitchell, Alloa.

In 1914 there was no entry fee. Subs for gents were 7/6d and ladies 5/-. Family tickets were available at £1/1/0.


  Secretary Greenkeeper
1906 Finlay Macrae of The Lodge, Briglands, Fossoway.  
1914 F MacRae, Linnbank, Fossoway.  
1920/5 Geo Donald, Westfield, Fosoway, Kinross.  
1926/31 Ian M McInnes, Lorrain, Fossoway.  
1932/35 Miss A S Mill(a)er, Verona, Fossoway 1935 R Honeyman
1936/47 Miss N Donald, Westfield, Fossoway, Kinross. 1936 Onwards R Battison


  Course records, amateur
1906 William Younger  40
1920s W P E Caunter 34
1930s J Scott Davidson and T C Borthwick 33


Memories of Crook of Devon Golf Club from R M Rogers. “The village, which takes its name from a bend in the River Devon, a small but prolific brown trout stream was very much a one street location with a public house on one side and a sub post office on the other. It was here that tickets to play golf could be purchased. The course was accessed by a track up the side of the shop and provided nine holes of enjoyment set in peaceful hill surroundings. Although set in the hills the course itself was relatively flat.

The grass on the fairways was of the wiry hill variety and the rough best avoided if at all possible. In summer the fairways were covered with wild pansies and about the only sound to be heard was the singing of skylarks, which seemed to follow you all round the course and the air was the sweetest imaginable. Very few players ever used the course, bearing in mind that this was a very small village, the bus service was infrequent. Few people had their own transport and not many in that part of the country could afford to play golf anyway. The situation became worse during wartime and the course was closed shortly thereafter and very soon reverted to nature. It is many years since I visited the “Crook”, as it was known locally but I shall always remember it as a course which provided joy to a young budding golfer”

Crook of Devon and Rumbling Bridge Golf Club, Kinross. Location of the former course.

Location of the Crook of Devon Golf Club course.

Grid reference NT03380 98980, co-ordinates 303380 698980.