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Delvine House Golf Course, Perthshire. (1930 - 1947)  

Many thanks to Richard Craig who allowed us to use the following extract from his article which appeared in the British Golf Collectors – “Through The Green” in June 2014.

“At Delvine House policies is one of the few relict courses in Perthshire where there are upstanding remains due to the course being located over the protected archaeological site of Inchtutil Roman Fort. The course occupied most of the parkland to the south-east of the house and was enclosed by a tree plantation. It was most likely commissioned by Hugh Hogarth who acquired Delvine Estate in 1921. The first mention of a golf course on a Perth valuation rolls is the 1930-1931 roll and the last one 1946-1947 roll. On the ground most of the golf course features are easily identifiable. Bunkers survive as grassed over semi-circular raised mounds, tees as small raised platforms, the definition of some of the greens have been lost in grassland. The prominent remains of the bunkers hint at a quality course where, money time and effort were spent in its construction and upkeep.” 

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the course. The Roman Fortress can clearly be seen and many features of the former course can be made out.


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