Dupplin Castle Golf Course, Perthshire. 

Thanks to Ian Cairns, author of “Golf over two Inches, the story of Perth’s historical courses” for the following information. 

“John, I do not know too much about this course but there certainly was one in the grounds of the castle which is the hereditary home of the Earls of Kinnoull a peerage which goes back to the 1600s. Dupplin is just a few miles outside of Perth. As to what length and how many holes I do not know. However John Sharp a noted featherie ball maker in Perth also included green-keeping in his CV. He had premises in Perth and attended to the the (Royal) Perth Golfing Society’s needs in the 1850s. Later he was green-keeper for the Earl on his private course at the castle.”

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of Dupplin Castle.


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