Glenfarg Golf Club, Perthshire. (1902 - WW2) 

Founded 1904.

The first mention of a golf course appeared in a newspaper report in February 1902. It stated that the recently elected committee, who were instructed to find a suitable site for a golf course, held a meeting in the library on Tuesday 4 February 1902. The Rev J W Jack, in the chair, reported that they were unable to come to an agreement regarding the land on the estate at Glendouglie, but arrangements had been made with Mr MacGregor of Argnask to rent a piece of that estate. It was hoped that these negotiations could be concluded.

It was reported in the Dundee Evening Telegraph Monday 2 June 1902 that "On Saturday the new course at Glenfarg was formally opened by Lord Provost Macgregor, Perth. Unfortunately the weather conditions were of the most unpropitious character".

A 9-hole, well kept, hilly course with natural undulating greens; holes varied from 170yds to over 300yds. It was extended to 10 holes following WW1. Sunday play was not allowed. The station at Glenfarg was ¼ mile away. Local hotels were the Lomond and the Arngask.

Report on the formation of the club in April 1904.


Glenfarg Golf Club, Perthshire. Report on the formation of the club in April 1904.

Dundee Courier Thursday 14 April 1904. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


It was reported that the course on the Easterton Estate, Glenfarg, was formally opened on Saturday 4 June 1904 by Mr R Simpson, Edinburgh. The nine-hole course situated to the west of Glenfarg and was 800 feet above sea level. It was laid out by W Auchterlonie of St Andrews who was assisted by the green-keeper, Mr McKinnon. Considering what was described as “the somewhat rough state of the ground” Auchterlone returned a very creditable score of 36 on the new course. 

Professionals at Glenfarg Golf Club; A Smith, 1904-1906; *Robert Herd, 1906-1908; James Laing, 1908-1914; A Smith, 1920-1922.

*The following is courtesy of the PGA and their Golf Remembers project. Robert Herd was Professional at the defunct golf club at Glenfarg from 1906-1908. He was later to die from wounds received on 25th April 1917. He was a Private, 11th Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Service No. S/3613. He is buried in St Andrews Eastern Cemetery after being invalided home from the trenches. Robert was born in St Andrews in 1886. He lost his father early in life so was raised by his mother Barbara. Yet to find out how he began in the profession but after Glenfarg he went to Carlsbad 1908-1911 later returning to the UK at Bournemouth GC. 


Glenfarg Golf Club, Perthshire. On the golf course.

On the Glenfarg Golf Course.


The following is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1904; Number of members, about 50; Hon. Secretary, Rev J W Jack, United Free Church, Manse, Glenfarg; Captain, Rev J W Jack; Entrance fee nil, and subs for gentlemen £1, artisans 10s, ladies 10s and youths 10s; nine-holes; professional, A Smith; professional record Wille Auchterlonie, 36; Visitors' fees 6d half day, 1s a day, 3s a week (ladies 2s), 7s/6d a month (ladies 5s); The course is hilly, being on top of the Ochil Hills, with the starting point 800ft above sea-level. There is a magnificent view from the south of Loch Leven to the North Grampians. The holes vary from 170 to 300 yards in length. The course is new, but most careful attention is being paid to it in the way of improving the greens, which are of natural turf and undulating. Several medals and prizes are to be given this next season.  

At the annual meeting held in February 1908 William Deas, president, was in the chair. The treasurer’s report showed a balance in hand of £8. The secretary, Mr Burnie, stated that there had been an increase in membership to 92 and with the popularity of golf on the up it was hoped that the membership numbers would grow. Office bearers were appointed as follows; Hon president, R R Simpson, W.S, Edinburgh; president William Deas, J.P, Glenfarg; captain, Rev J W Jack, Glenfarg; tary William Burnie; treasurer, W Deas; greens chairman, J E Bett.

Result of a club match played at Glenfarg against Perth in May 1908.

Glenfarg Golf Club   Perth Golf Club  
J E Bett 1 J Mailer 0
W Burnie 0 G Fraser 1
J W Jack 1 R Halley 0
A Deas 1 A Fraser 0
C Mackarsie 0 Dr Stuart 1
W Deas snr 1 A Speedy 0
  4   2

In 1914 the club had a membership of 80. There was no entry fee. Subs for gents were £1/1/0, artisans 10/-, ladies 10/- and youths 7/6.


Glenfarg Golf Club, Perthshire. The town from the golf course.

Glenfarg from the former course.


Opening of the new pavilion and course in July 1915.


Glenfarg Golf Club, Perthshire. Report on the opening of the new pavilion and course in July 1915.

Dundee Courier Monday 5 July 1915. Image © D.C.Thomson & Co. Ltd. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1923 membership was 60. Visitors’ fees 1/- a day, gents 7/6d a week (ladies 3/-), gents 10/- a month, (ladies 7/6d). Family tickets were also available.

In the mid 1920s visitors’ fees were gents 1/6d a day, 7/6d a week, 10/- a fortnight and 15/- a month; ladies 1/6d, 5/-, 7/6 and 10/- respectively.

Throughout the 1930s membership was about 50. Course record and fees as before.

The club held their annual whist drive and prize presentation in the Public Hall in October 1938, D M Broadhead, club captain, was in the chair. It was to be a sad occasion.

Dr Jack reported that the financial situation at the club was serious, and said that the club might have to close down, he added that Glenfarg would be a poor holiday resort without a golf course. It was hoped that a way could be found to solve the problem before the general meeting.

The prizes were presented by Mrs D M Broadhead as follows; Marindin Quaich – J Greig; runner-up, A Smith; Captain’s Cup – W Deas; runner-up, R Buist; Forbes Cup – W Deas; runners-up, J Greig and J Smith; Watson Medal – J Sanderson; runner-up, R Buist; Monthly Medal – R Buist; runner-up, J Sanderson; Junior Medal – W Deas. 

  Secretary Professional/green-keeper
1904   A Smith (p)
1906 Wiliam Burnie, Mayville, Glenfarg. R Herd (p) Andrew Smith (g)
1914 J Chocrane James Laing (p) 1908 - 1914
1923 Rev J W Jack, The Manse, Glenfarg. Robert Stark (g)
1925 Rev J W Jack Robert Lackie (g)
1930s Rev J W Jack John Keay (g)


  Course records
1906 Andrew Smith (am) 35 W Auchterlonie (pro) 36
1920s A Smith (am) 32


Glenfarg Golf Club, Perthshire. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Glenfarg course.



The club disappeared in the late 1930s.