Muthill Golf Club, Perthshire. (1911 – WW1)

Reports on a proposed golf course first appeared in 1904, a further attempt was made in 1907, without success.

A more positive approach was made in 1911 when Willie Park visited Drumlaken, Park, Muthill, report below.


Muthill Golf Club, Perthshire, (1911 - WW1). Report on the visit of Willie Park to Drumlaken Park in July 1911.

Strathearn Herald Saturday 29 July 1911. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


A concert was held in September 1911 in the Public Hall in aid of the golf club.

Report on a general meeting held in March 1912.

Dundee Courier Friday 15 March 1912;– “NEW GOLF CLUB AT MUTHILL – A general meeting of the newly formed Muthill Gof Club was held in the Public Hall, when the Rev. Andrew Mutch, presided over a fairly good attendance. Mr Mutch, as convenor of the committee appointed to carry out the preliminary arrangements, reported on the progress made with regarding to forming the greens etc., in Drumlaken Park, and Mr Stuart, hon. secretary, submitted a good financial report. Officer for the ensuing season were then nominated as follows; Hon. president, the Earl of Ancaster; hon. vice-president, R T N Speir of Culdees; president, Rev. R P R Anderson; secretary and treasurer, George Stuart; captain, James Muir; committee – Misses Morrison, Underhill; C V Ewing, Pitkellony; C Irvine, Kirklea; John Gow, Stewart Fearn, William Callander. John McCulloch, Lohgelly, hassent a medal for monthly competition among the membersand it is understood that the first of these competitions will commence next month.”

Result of the April 1912 medal.


Muthill Golf Club, Perthshire, (1911 - WW1). Result of the April 1912 monthly medal.

Strathearn Herald Saturday 20 April 1912. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Strathearn Herald Saturday 30 August 1913; “The lady members of Muthill Golf Club played over the course this week in a stroke competition for a jelly-dish and other prizes, which were sent as relative to the recent cake and candy sale. The following were the leaing scores; Mrs G Stuart, 80-18-62; Miss Laurence, 86-18-68; Miss C Irvine, 79-10-69.”

The annual meeting was held in the Public Hall in April 1915, Rev. Mr Jenkins in the chair. There was a fair attendance of members. The teasurer submitted a satisfactory financial report. Officers for the season; All hon. presidents and vice-presidents were re-elected; Re. Mr Anderson and and John Gow were elected vice-presidents; captain, secretary and treasurer, G Stuart; committee – D C Smith, R Muir, R M Inkster, Miss C  Ewing; green committe – Rev. Mr Condie, Rev. Mr Anderson.

The annual meeting was held in the Masonic Hall in May 1916, Rev. R P R Anderson presided. Secretary and treasurer, G Stuart, read the reports, finances showing a credit in favour. 

The club went into abeyance following WW1. 

Drumlaken can be seen on the Ordnance Survey Map below which was published in the early 1900s, prior to the golf course being laid out.


Muthill Golf Club, Perthshire, (1911 - WW1). Drumlaken on the 1901 Ordnance Survey Map.

O.S. Map Revised 1899 - © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1901}.


The present club came into being in 1934.