Kinross Golf Club, Perth & Kinross. (1884 - WW2)

The club was founded in 1884.

The Reverend Mr David of St Paul’s was elected as the club’s first captain. It was a short time after the foundation date that a 6-hole course was laid out at Kirkgate alongside Loch Leven by Tom Morris, who was paid £3/3s/8d for his services; a lawnmower and roller were purchased for Mr Duncan the greenkeeper. In 1908 Mr Porteous provided land for the layout of a 9-hole course at Turfhills with a total yardage of 5,340 and a SSS and Par of 69. Membership was 75 prior to WW1, peaking at 150 in the 1930s. Sunday play was not allowed.


Kinross Golf Club, Perth & Kinross. Entry from the Golfing Annual 1888/89.

Entry from the Golfing Annual 1888/89.


Below is the result of a match against Dunfermline Golf Club on Saturday 4 May 1889.

Kinross Golf Club   Dunfermline Golf Club  
W G Downie 0 J Robertson 1
W Ferguson 8 J T Spence 0
C Hepburn 0 W Robertson 6
W Wilson 1 G Tennant 0
J Brough 0 R Reid 1
G Wilson 0 Dr. Nasmyth 1
J M Ross 0 P Goodall 14
J Sands 0 W Aikman 1
  9   24

Result of a match played at Kinross against Dollar Golf Club in May 1892.

Kinross Golf Club   Dollar Golf Club  
H B Ferrier 1 Dr. Cownie 0
Rev. J F Cameron 7 Dr. Spence 0
Rev. F Williamson 4 J Gibson 0
J M Ross 0 J Fleming 4
Rev. Mr McDougall 6 W G Cruickshank 0
W Ferguson 0 M Anderson 1
A Hain 0 Dr. Thom 7
J Balfour 0 J Smith 5
C Hepburn 0 W Annand 6
A Smith 0 N Gunn 1
W G Downie 4 R Archibald 0
W Galloway 6 J S Henderson 0
  28   24

The monthly competition for the gold charm was played in May 1893, result; J Wilson, 111-28-83; F Williamson, 95-3-92; W Galloway, 105-12-93; W Ferguson, 101-8-93; T Dobbie, 114-20-94.

Result of a club match played at Kinross on Wednesday 7 July 1897 against Cowdenbeath.

Kinross Golf Club   Cowdenbeath Golf Club  
W Roger 4 D McCartney 0
J Stevens 1 T Lindsay 0
A Hain 0 J Murray 4
Rev. F Williamson 0 Dr Craig 2
J M Ross 4 W Hodge 0
C Hepburn 0 A Drylie 1
J Wilson 0 D Hogie 1
Dr Oswald 6 P Dundas 0
A Latto 1 J Stormouth 0
T Dobbie 0 A Strachan 3
W Dow 3 D Beveridge 0
  19   11

The final tie for the Diamond Jubilee Medal was played on Saturday 21 April 1900, in the final William Roger beat Charles Hepburn.

Result of a club match played against Tillicoultry at Kinross on Saturday 7 April 1900.

Kinross Golf Club   Tillicoultry Golf Club  
H B Ferrier 2 R Duff 0
W Roger 3 Mr Blair 0
Rev Mr Williamson 3 Rev Mr McFadyen 0
J M Ross 6 Rev Mr Calder 0
C Hepburn 2 R Archibald 0
J Sharp 0 J Campbell 0
W Wilson 0 R T Whitney 1
G Miller 4 W McLauchlan 0
W Dow 0 C Farquhar 2
  20   3


Kinross Golf Club, Perth & Kinross. Layout of the Lochleven course,

Above is a newspaper report from April 1902 detailing the return to the Lochleven course.



Below is the result of a match played over the Lochside course at Kinross on Saturday 13 September 1902 against the Crook of Devon Golf Club. 

Kinross Golf Club   Crook of Devon Golf Club  
J M Stevens 0 J A Beveridge 5
Rev F H Williamson 4 Rev P B Thom 0
J M Ross 4 W Younger 0
F J C Stark junior 2 W P E Conter 0
A Templeman 7 F Macrae 0
J Millar 3 J Davidson 0
F Adamson 4 W D Robieson 0
E J Michie 4 R Alexander 0
T Livingstone 0 J Thomson 0
G D Todd 4 A Duncan 0
J H Sands 3 R Younger 0
J Menzies 5 A Wallace 0
  40   5

On Saturday 4 April 1903 a competition over the Lochside course for a golf club, result; Alexander Ferguson, 114-20-94; E J Michie, 107-12-95; J M Ross, 98-3-95.

Result of a ladies competition for a golf club held in April 1903; Miss Stark, 65 scratch; Miss Ruthven, 92-20-72; Miss B Stevens, 113-30-83.

Result of the January 1904 medal; James Sharp, 107-14-93; A Templeman, 99-6-93; John Stewart, 98-2-96; James Millar, 114-12-102.

The final of the ladies monthly medal for April 1904; Miss C McDonald, 77-10-67; Miss Stark was second 71. Miss McDonald also won the captain’s prize for the best handicap score during the years competitions. Averages as follows; Miss C McDonald, 63; Miss B Stevens, 64; Miss Stark, 66; Miss A Stevens, 68.

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1885; over 100 members; hon. secretary - R B Stupart, Hazel Bank, Kinross; captain, Rev. F H Williamson; entrance fee nil and subs 12s/6d (ladies 7s/6d); nine-holes; professional, J Horne; amateur record - R B Stupart, 78; visitors; 6d a day, 2s/6d a week. The course lies at the south end of the town, around the edge of Loch Leven - and is over 2,000 yards in length. The ground is flat and the hazards consist of a brow, a bog, a hedge, a dyke and bunkers.

Result of a match played over “the greatly improved Lochside course” in May 1906 against the Crook of Devon club (also defunct).

Kinross Golf Club   Crook of Devon Golf Club  
Rev Mr F H Williamson 1 W Younger 0
J M Ross 1 W McLachlan 0
G D Tod 1 W Bett 0
D Leitch 0 A Hutton 0
A Cumming jnr 0 F McCrae 1
M Brown 0 J Stewart 1
D McKay 0 W D Robieson snr 1
J Adamson 1 P Syme 0
D Sands 0 J Hutton 0
C Hepburn 1 W D Robieson jnr 0
A Duff 0 M W Robieson 0
W Adamson jnr 1 W Simpson 0
J Adamson 1 J Wallace 0
  7   3

Report on the opening of the new clubhouse and course at Kinross on Saturday 9 May 1908. The new nine-hole course was situated on the estate at Turfhills, adjoining Kinross railway junction and a ten minute walk from the town. The new spacious pavilion with verandah (having a series of five arches surmounted by a Grecian cornice, with a red roof in the Italian style) was formally opened by Mrs Porteous in ideal weather. Tea was provided, while the proceedings were enlivened by Mr Beardsell’s orchestra during the afternoon. Amongst those present; Sir Charles and Lady Bruce of Arnot; Colonel and Mrs Porteous and party; James Simpson of Mawcarse and the Misses Simpson; Mr and Mrs Riddell of London and Miss Riddell; Mr W Ruthven, Edinburgh; Mrs Henry, Broughty Ferry; Miss Forgan, St Andrews and many others. Mr J M Ross MA, captain of the club, gave apologies for Lord Moncrieff and Sir Charles E Adam who could not attend but had always taken a great interest in the club. Mr D McKay, the secretary, presented Mrs Porteous with a silver key as a souvenir of her having performed the opening ceremony.

Result of a one sided mixed foursomes match played at Dollar in September 1908.

Dollar   Kinross  
Miss A Laurie & Mr Wyles 1 Miss Stark & Dr Carment 0
Miss Cruickshank & Mr Bett 1 Mrs Gibson & Mr Williamson 0
Miss Paul & Mr Gullen 1 Miss Farquharson & Mr Todd 0
Miss Strachan & Mr Harvey 1 Miss Young & Dr Gibson 0
Miss Macbeth & Mr Lockie Ewing 1 Miss Smith & Mr Hay 0
Mrs Gibson & Mr Scott 1 Miss Shepherd & Mr Cumming 0
  6   0

Just prior to WW1 there was no entry fee and the subs were 15/- for gents and 10/- for ladies. Visitors’ fees were 6d a round, 1/- a day, 3/6d a week, 5/- a fortnight and 7/6d a month.

In 1930 visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 5/- a week, 8/6d a fortnight and 12/6d a month.

Result of the Todd Quaish competition played in August 1931; D Sutherland, 74-6-68; J Clark, 84-14-70; G Stewart, 79-8-71; A G Cook, 78-6-72; D M Hutchison, 87-13-74; F Q Clark, 92-18-74; D H Sands, 85-9-76; J Symingham, 89-13-76.

Result of the monthly stroke competition played in August 1938; F P Dickie (4), 65; W Watters (9), 68, A Coutts (21), 70; J Symington (17), 73. 

Result of the May 1939 monthly stroke competition; J F Horne, (15) and D D R Farquharson, (9) 69; J N Piper, (4), D Sutherland, (5) and G Young (15) 70; H Gordon, (5) and J Waddell (24) 71.  

In 1940 the course at Turfhills was turned over to agriculture and the club was once again homeless.

In 1947 land for a 9-hole course at Beeches Park was acquired. It continued to be known as Kinross Golf Club until the mid 1970s. The current club is Green Hotel.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1914 W A Gillies  
1920s Rev E T Vernon , West Manse, Kinross. G Arnott (p/g)
1930 A G Cook, Montgomery Street, Kinross. F Ford (g)
1935 F Q Clark, Montgomery Street. W Watters (g)
1940 D A R Cuthbert MC JP, County Buildings, Kinross. W Watters (g)


  Course records
1930 A P Bett (am) 67 G Lockhart (pro) 69
1940 A P Bett, H Coulter and P Ogg (am) 67 G Lockhart (pro) 69


Kinross Golf Club, Perth & Kinross. Location of the course at Turfhills.

Location of the course at Turfhills.

Grid reference NO11015,02565, co-ordinates 311015,702565.