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Edinburgh Ladies' Golf Club, Blackford Brae Course. (1890s - 1918)

First appeared in the 1890s at South Oswald Road.

The club was re-instituted in 1904.

The course was required for food production in 1918 and did not recover. The land was eventually taken over by the Astley Ainsley Institute buildings during the 1920s.

Report from August 1894 on the Edinburgh Ladies' Golf Club.


Edinburgh Ladies' Golf Club. Report on the club from August 1894.

"Golf" Friday 10 August 1894. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


On Saturday 7 June 1902 the third competition of the season was held, result; Miss J G Broun won the scratch prize with a score of 73; Miss Whyte and Miss Watson tied for the net prize with 77.

On Saturday 5 July 1902 the fourth competition was held, result; Miss N Rolland won the scratch prize with a score of 39+44=83; The handicap result, Miss S Dryburgh 42+42=84-10-74; Miss H White, 46+42=88-6-82; Miss A A Chalmers, 49+43=92-8-84.  

In 1902 the first Ladies’ Golf Union Coronation Medal Competition took place at the Edinburgh Ladies’ Club course at Morningside on Saturday 4 October 1902. Thirty two ball matches were to take part, the full draw and result as follows:

Mrs Drummond , Stirling (8) and Miss N Wardrop, Portobello (3); Miss J G Broun, Edinburgh (7) and Mrs D Crawford, Portobello (4); Miss J Park, Portobello (1) and Miss M F Bishop, Troon (2); Miss Adamson, Portobello (18) and Miss J Brown, Musselburgh (24); Miss Higginbotham, Stirling (8) and Miss J M Bishop, Troon (2); Miss M Longmuir, Troon (10) and Miss Aitchison, Edinburrgh (2); Mrs J M Williamson, Musselburgh (22) and Miss Logan, Stirling (25); Miss A Chalmers, Edinburgh (20) and Mrs Royburn, Stirling (18); Miss M Park, Portobello (scratch) and Miss S Drybrough, Edinburgh (12); Miss Ferguson, Edinburgh (18) and Miss Thomson, Musselburgh (16); Miss Goodfellow, Stirling (15) and Miss McCuaig, Edinburgh (20); Mrs Todd, Stirling (10) and Miss W A Robertson, Troon (6); Miss M Yellowlees, Stirling (8) and Mrs A Gilmour, Troon (7); Miss N Rolland, Edinburgh (10) and Miss Wardrop, Portobello (1); Miss G B Robertson, Troon (9) and Miss Colquhoun, Stirling (10); Miss G Syme, Edinburgh (18) and Miss McPherson, Musselburgh (22); Miss Briton, Musselburgh (18) and Mrs Stevenson, Edinburgh (25); Mrs Millar, Musselburgh (22) and Mrs Rainie, Edinburgh (19); Miss E McCankie, Musselburh (15) and Mrs Whyte, Stirling (20); Miss Bell, Stirling (7) and Miss C B Duncan, Aberdeen (11); Mrs Gerrard, Musselburgh (9) and Miss Simpson, Portobello (10); Miss Cairns, Edinburgh (16) and Mrs R H Whyte, Musselburgh (13); Miss Whyte, Stirling (8) and Miss Lugton, Edinburgh (scratch); Miss M McPherson, Musselburgh (15) and Miss Watson, Edinburgh (15); Miss Mitchell, Aberdeen (2) and Miss Stark, Edinburgh (11); Mrs Windebank, Portobello (16) and Miss N Turnbull, Edinburgh (15); Mrs Ronaldson, Edinburgh (19) and Miss D N Cotton, Edinburgh (23); Miss Wakelin, Musselburgh (11) and Mrs McCuaig, Edinburgh (8); Miss Clapperton, Musselburgh (5) and Mrs Rush, Edinburgh (9); Miss E Robertson, Troon (10) and Miss Prain, Edinburgh (7).

Under the direction of Mr Lindsay, the secretary, a start was made at 11.30. Mr W J Menzies, W.S., Captain of the Edinburgh Ladies’ Club, presented the prizes to the following; Miss Cairnes, Edinburgh won the medal with a net 60. Miss Lugton, Edinburgh won the scratch trophy with a score of 72.

On Thursday 2 July 1903 a return mixed match (reported as a ladies' match)  was played at Craigmillar, the home team ran out easy winners, result below:

Craigmillar   Edinburgh  
Miss Paterson & Mr W G Ritchie  7 Miss Lugton & JohnTaylor 0
Miss Nicolson & Mr G H Rees 0 Miss J G Broun & Douglas Currie 2
Miss R Cownie & Mr F Ritchie 0 Miss N Rolland & Mr Rush 0
Mrs Kennedy & Mr C D O Morrison 0 Miss Chalmers & Mr H Bell Scott 1
Miss Brown & Mr J Paterson 9 Miss Ferguson & Mr J M Usher 0
Mrs Robertson & Mr Banks 9 Miss Prain & mr A Cathles 0
Miss Hamilton & Mr R Gray 2 Miss McCuaig & Mr H Inglis Lindsay 0
Miss E Cownie & Mr W Matheson 0 Miss Watson & Mr D N Cotton 2
  27   5

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1904; Number of members 250 - 125 gentlemen; Joint hon. secretaries - H Inglis Lindsay, W.S., and H M Rush, 16 Queen Street, Edinburgh; Captain, Colonel J H Cowan; Entrance fee 10 shillings and subs £1; Nine-holes; Green-keeper, John Hunter; Ladies' record - Miss Aitchison, 70 (18-holes). Terms for visitors - 6d per day, 5s  a month. The course is situated in a park facing the Blackford Braes and Pentland Hills. The putting greens are good, and for hazards there are a number of artificially formed bunkers, and a wall crossed twice. 

The second competition of the season was held on Saturday 26 May 1906. The first scratch prize was won by Miss M A Cairns with a fine score of 70, which equalled the course record; 3,4,4,4,6,4,4,3,4,3,5,5,4,4,3,3,3,4. Other scores; second scratch, Miss J G Broun, 73. Handicap scores; Miss M Young Scott, 81-12-69; Mrs A G Ross, 82-10-72; Miss Lugton, 74+2-76; Miss H Harvey, 94-18-76; Miss J Blair, 79 scratch; Mrs Rush, 79 scratch; Mrs Green, 99-18-81; Miss C R Lownie, 93-12-81; Mrs Aikmen, 100-18-82; Miss MacDonald, 91-8-83; Miss Cotton, 84 scratch; Mrs George Cotton, 93-9-84; Mrs D N Cotton, 92-8-84.

Result of a mixed match played at Craigmillar in May 1909.

Craigmillar Golf Club   Edinburgh Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss Nicolson and Mr G G Crease 1 Miss J G Broun and Mr H M Rush 0
Miss J Patterson and J N Lang 0 Miss E B Black and E Werthemann 1
Miss R Brown and J Jack 1 Miss May Wakelin and J G Wakelin 0
Miss Burne and J T Gray 0 Miss E Lowe and W H Meikle 1
Miss J B Stewart and J L Forbes 1 Miss A A Chalmers and H Bell Scott 0
Mrs Robertson and D Drysdale  1 Miss Watson and John Taylor 0
Miss Faill and Janes McEwan 1 Miss M Cotton and H G H Sprott 0
Miss Craig and R Gray 0 Miss J Gibson and C L Macdonald 1
  5   3

The course is to be given over for food production in February 1918.


Edinburgh Ladies' Golf Club, Blackford Brae Course. The course is given over for food production in February 1918.

The Scotsman Saturday 16 February 1918. Image © Johnston Press plc.


Edinburgh Ladies' Golf Club, Blackford Brae Course. The course being played in February 1918.

Daily Record Thursday 28 February 1918.Image © Reach plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The Edinburgh Ladies' Golf Club make a donation in August 1923.


Edinburgh Ladies' Golf Club, Blackford Brae Course. The Ladies' Club make a donation in August 1923.

The Scotsman Saturday 18 August 1923. Image © Johnston Press plc.


 The Blackford Brae golf course on the 1900s Ordnance Survey Map.


Edinburgh Ladies' Golf Club, Blackford Brae Course. O.S. Map from the 1900s showing the golf course.

O.S. Map Revised 1906; © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1909}.


Edinburgh Ladies' Golf Club. Blackford Brae Ladies golf course.

Location of the Blackford Brae Ladies golf course and pavilion in the 1920s.