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Craigiehall Golf Club, Edinburgh. (1930s) 

Craigiehall was built in 1699 and extended several times before it was sold in 1916 to the Earl of Rosebery, who intended the property to be a home for his second son, Neil Primrose, MP. Sadly Mr Primrose was killed in WW1 in Gaza. Lord Rosebery leased out the property in 1933 to Ernest Thompson, who ran it as the Riverside Hotel and Country Club, a 25 room hotel and golf course. The course continued until 1939, when the house and land was requisitioned by the Army. Ernest Thompson had a clause in his lease permitting him to buy the property from Lord Rosebery, and exercised that right after the war, presumably with a view to re-establishing the golf course. However, the Army had not vacated the premises and clearly did not wish to, because they offered to buy the property from Mr Thompson, completing the purchase in 1951.

Under a review by the Ministry of Defence in 2011, it was decided that Craigiehall would be closing in 2014/2015.

I have since found an entry list for the Eden Trophy, played at St Andrews in August 1931 that includes a four handicap player from Craigiehall name D F Davie. This obviously implies that the course was in existence prior to the dates above.  

One of the leading members of the club was Mr H R MacDougall who was originally from Perth and was a well known scholar and athlete. Mr Ian McPherson, also from Perth, was also a leading member.

See the entry for Riverside Golf and Country Club for map.