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Craiglockhart Hydropathic Golf Course, Edinburgh. (1890s) 

The following is taken from the Edinburgh Evening News May 21st 1892. “The latest golf course laid out in the vicinity of Edinburgh is that in connection of the Craiglockhart Hydropathic. The first tee is immediately behind the building, and in the grounds proper, a wall and a hedge present themselves as hazards at no great distance. Up the steep face of the hill, and on a plateu, is the first putting green. The next two holes are along the south-west shoulder of the hill from which a magnificent view of the Pentlands may be had. The holes from four to eight climb the hill to the summit, considerable caution beingrequired to keep clear of the very steep slope on both sides. Hole number nine is on the north-east slope of the hill, and the next three are in the field to the north. As the hill rises in terraces, a naturally laid-out course has been possible. The greens, as yet, are in a very rough condition. The golf course is only one of several improvements that are being made at the Hydropathic just know. It is largely patronised by city people, and several medical gentlemen have begun to recommend it to their patients as a convalescent retreat”

The course was situated on Wester Craiglockhart Hill with an additional field to the north. The twelve hole course was laid out by Willie Park of Musselburgh, yardages as follows; First hole, 110 yards; second, 129; third, 210; fourth, 170; fifth, 130; sixth, 100; seventh, 90; eighth, 210; ninth, 140; tenth, 160; eleventh, 110; twelfth, 220. 


Craiglockhart Hydropathic Golf Course, Edinburgh. Layout of the course in 1892.

Above is the plan of the new course in 1892.


The Merchants of Edinburgh 18-hole course, which now occupies the site, was founded in 1907.