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Cramond Brig Golf Club, Cammo, Edinburgh. (1907 - 1930)

The club was founded in March 1907.

The club was unusual as, a Company limited by guarantee was formed in 1908 to take over the assets of the unincorporated Cramond Brig course and "to provide a golf course at or near Cramond Bridge"

There were 350 members in 1908 rising to 700 during the early 1920s.

The 18-hole course was laid out on land leased from the Maitland Tennant family. The lease expired in 1929 and the Cramond Brig Golf Club disappeared. The greens at Camo were removed and re-laid at the Dalmahoy Golf Club. The Camo course reverted to farmland and although the original lodge clubhouse still stands today it’s in a sorry state. The station at Barnton was 10 minutes from the course.

Report on the new club in February 1908.


Cramond Brig Golf Club, Cammo, Edinburgh. Report on a meeting for the new club in February 1908.

The Scotsman Friday 28 February 1908. Image © Johnston Press plc.


Report on the opening of the course in July 1909. 


Cramond Brig Golf Club, Cammo, Edinburgh. Report on the opening of the club/course July 1909.

The Scotsman Friday 16 July 1909. Image © Johnston Press plc.


The summer meeting of the Edinburgh Caithness Golf Club was held on the Cramond Brig course in June 1911. About 30 members turned up for the competition. The weather was ideal and the course was in first-class order, although the dry weather had made some of the greens "keen." Leading scores; A Doull, 90-12-78; W H Sutherland, 93-15-78; G K Coutts, 77+2-79; W S Keith, 87-8-79; D R Sinclair, 88-9-79.

On Monday 17 June 1912 the Cramond Brig Club hosted a "Professional Tournament" on the course. Practically all of the professionals of note in Britain, together with a large representation from abroad were in Scotland for the Open Championship at Muirfield, and many of them took the opportunity of playing in the Cramond Brig tournament, for which over £100 was given in prize money for the 36 hole stroke play competition. A couple of weeks before, the Dundee Courier had reported there were to be 113 entries.  Vardon and Braid were playing at Dunbar on the same day but most of the rest of the top professionals turned up (except J H Taylor and Massy).  

Below are scores for the first 18 holes:-.

George Duncan (Hanger Hill), 67; Wilson (Berkhamsted), 68; Fred Leach (Northwood), Robert Thompson (North Berwick), 70; Tom Williamson (Notts), W I Ritchie (Worplesdon), Jack Bloxham (Leamington & County), 71; David Watt (Mortonhall), P E Taylor (Woodbridge), Edmunston (Bromborough), Robertson (Braid Hills), 72; J Ockenden (Wembley), Ben Sayers junior (Royal Wimbledon), A E Hallam (North Manchester), W T Jeffries (Hallowes), 73; W H Fulford (Moortown), Watt (Birleton), Osborne Jacobs (Bedford), 74; Osborne (Newbury), James West (Harrow), Tom R Fernie (Turnberry) 75.

During the afternoon Ted Ray (Oxhey) returned a score of 63. Details; Out, 4,3,5,4,3,3,3,3,4=32, In, 4,4,3,3,4,3,4,3,3=31. Other later scores; Batley (Bushey), 68; Tom Ball (Rayne’s Park), Mayo (Burhill), 69; Jack B Ross (Langley Park) 70; Charles Ralph Smith (West Middlesex), Robert McInnes (Whitecraigs), George Cawkwell (Guildford), Corlett (Dorset), 72; G E Smith (Deeside), Edward Smith (Halifax West End), Louie (Bromley), Chas Roberts (Woolton), 73; Gray (Beckenham), Pope (Belfast), Charles Wallis (Verulam), T G Renouf (Manchester), Percy Hills (Harrogate), Gaudin (Hexham), George Braid (St Andrews), 74; Cyril Hughes (Chester), J H Turner (Denham), Harry Fulford (Bradford), P G Wyatt (North Middlesex), 75.

The final scores and prize-winners were:-

E Ray (Oxhey), 63+70=133 won £50; Charles Mayo (Burhill), 69+68=137 - £15; George Duncan (Hanger Hill), 67+71=138 - £5; P Leach (Northwood), 70+68=138 - £5; R Thomson (North Berwick), 70+68= 138 -£5; The following all earned £1 in prize money; R G Wilson (Berkhamsted), 68+72=140; J Ross (Langley Park), 70+70=140; Alec Herd (Coombe Hill), 72+68=140; G Cawkwell (Guildford), 72+70=142; C H Corlett (Broadstone), 72+71=143; P Rainford (Llangammarch Wells), 70+73=143; L G Ross (Birmingham), 72+71=143; R McInnes (Whitecraigs), 72+71=143; J Adwick (Trentham), 68+75=143; G E Smith (Deeside), 73+71=144; Perry Hills (Harrogate), 74+70=144; J B Batley (Bushey Hall), 68+76=144; H J Frostick, (North Surrey), 73+71=144; L H Ayton (Bishops Stortford), 74+70=144; T Williamson (Notts), 71+74=145; C Roberts (Woolton), 73+72=145; W E Reid (Banstead Downs), 69+76=145; E Jones (Chislehurst), 75+70=145; T G Renouf (Manchester), 74+71=145. 

Thanks to Douglas MacKenzie for the above information on the "Professional Tournament".

In 1913/4 the secretary was D F Sutherland CA, 123 George Street, Edinburgh. The club had a membership of 430 gents and 100 ladies. Entry fees for gents were £5/5/0, ladies £3/3/0. Subs for gents £1/15/0, ladies £1/5/0. Visitors were only allowed to play on introduction.

The 1916 Annual General Meeting reported membership gentlemen 405 (had been 615 at the end of 1914 so around 30% had enlisted).  Lady members 98 with 63 on waiting list.

Thanks to Edinburgh's War at for the following information. “Private Robert Jamieson was the third son of Charles Jamieson, a Farm Servant, and Margaret Jamieson, of Lambden, Greenlaw, Berwickshire. Robert was employed as the Head Green-keeper at Cramond Brig Golf Course and lived at Cammo House Clubhouse. Enlisting at Edinburgh, he entered France on or around 24 August 1916. He was wounded in 1917 and then killed in action on 22 April 1918, age 32. The 1911 Census states that John Jamieson was employed as the Club-master, his wife, Marjory was the Club-mistress. Robert was the Green-keeper. So John just carried on the duties after the War”

Rear Admiral the Hon. Victory Stanley presented (30 Nov 1919) the Fleet Cup to the club in gratitude to the facilities having been made available to the Grand Fleet (officers only!) during the war.


Cramond Brig Golf Club, Edinburgh. The clubhouse in its heyday.

The Cramond Brig clubhouse during WW1. It also shows the green-keeper mowing what is probably the final green.


In 1922 the secretary at Cramond Brig Golf Club (then in Linlithgowshire) was William Marchbank, 45 York Place, Edinburgh and the greenkeeper J Jamieson. Membership was now 450 gents and 125 ladies. The amateur course was record held by W F G Scott, 69. Visitors were only allowed on nomination of two members, at 2/6d a day, 7/6d a week, 15/- a fortnight and 21/- a month.

In the Ladies Golf Championship at Burnham in May 1923 Miss Doris Park from Cramond Brig beat Mrs Lewis Smith (Stanmore) 5 and 4 in the first round. The competition was eventually won by Miss Doris Chambers (Wirral) who beat Mrs Allan Macbeth (Bowdon) 2up.


Cramond Brig Golf Club, Edinburgh. Miss Doris Park.

Above, Miss Doris Park playing in the Ladies’ Championship at St Andrews in June 1922.


Below is the result of a match played at Lothianburn against Cramond Brig in June 1923.

Lothianburn Golf Club   Cramond Brig Golf Club  
W Finlay & J H Dargo 1 W G Scott & J A Fowler 0
A F Simpson & Andrew Watson 1 T McWalter & H B Murdoch 0
Alex Black & T M Plenderleith 1 W D Johnston & J M McIntosh 0
Jas Scott & G C McIlwrick 1 T Craik & D K Anderson 0
W McLeod & Alex Watson 1 R A M McCrostie & J S Johnston 0
R Moore & D E Cormack 0 R T Lawrie & A Wood jun 1
A L Cooper & D Fisher 1 F Pool & A M Edmonston 0
W Watson & R D Grant 1 J S Speirs & F M Renison 0
A A Gunn & J H Gunn 1 I Murdoch & G H Tait 0
J W Black & G A Scott 1 A Sinclair & A L Glegg 0
E D Smith 1 W A Frater 0
  10   1

The Grand Fleet Cup competition was played on Saturday 2 May 1925.


Cramond Brig Golf Club, Cammo, Edinburgh. Competition result from Whitsuntide 1925.

The Scotsman Monday 4 May 1925. Image © Johnston Press plc.


Cramond Brig Golf Club, Cammo, Edinburgh. Lapel badge for Cramond Brig Golf Club from the mid-1920s.

Lapel badge from the mid 1920s.


In the Amateur Championship in May 1930 Kenneth Forbes of the Cramond Brig Golf Club beat Rowland Saunders (Florida) 3 and 2 in the third round. Kenneth Forbes was beaten by R Rutherford (Burhill) in the fourth round at the 20th hole.


Cramond Brig Golf Club, Edinburgh. A recent picture of the former clubhouse.

The former clubhouse which has seen better days.


Cramond Brig Golf Club, Cammo, Edinburgh. The golf course on the 1915 Ordnance Survey Map.

Location of the golf course. Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1915}.


Cramond Brig Golf Club, Edinburgh. Location of the course.

Location of the Cramond Brig golf course.

Grid reference NT17585 74860, co-ordinates 317585 674860.