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Markinch Golf Club, Fife. (1905 - WW2)

Founded in 1905 with Col Edward Balfour of Balbirnie as its first captain.

A 9-hole course of 2,177yds with a SSS of 66 and par of 68; there was no crossing of holes and the course had natural hazards including a burn. The course was situated to the north of the town, bounded on the west by the B911 Markinch to Kennoway road, and on the east by the main Edinburgh to Dundee railway line. The station at Markinch was10 minutes away.

Report on the opening of the course in October 1905.


Markinch Golf Club, Fife. Report on the opening of the course in October 1905.

Dundee Courier Saturday 14 October 1905. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of a sweepstake competition played in May 1906; John S Allen, 77; James Diston snr, 78; James Terras and John James Ford, 83; John Baldie and David Ford, 85. The monthly medal winner was the Rev J Shannon.

Result of the January 1908 medal; Mr Sanford Imrie, 97-16-81; best scratch score, John Baldie, 81.

Result of the March medal 1908; J Black, 87-8-79; best scratch score, Rev J A Shannon, 79.

On Saturday 11th April 1908 Robert Balingall officiated at the formal opening of the clubs splendid new pavilion, following the opening speech tea was served in the pavilion. A mixed foursome followed, result; Miss N Graham and A Brand,104-18-86; Miss J Graham and J Diston jun, 98-10-88; Mrs J S Allan and Jas Guthrie, 106-18-88.

Result of a match played at Leslie in September 1908.

Leslie Golf Club   Markinch Golf Club  
E H H Bruce 1 J Baldie 0
R Robertson 0 J S Allan 1
W Black 0 J Black 1
J Robertson 0 J Diston jnr 1
W Barnes 0 A Brand 1
W Laverock 0 W A Buchan 1
E MacLeod 0 P G Terrace 1
H Archibald 1 W G Rutherford 0
R Barnes 1 J Terrace 0
J Barnes 0 D Robertson 1
G Hughes 1 T Guthrie 0
J Menzie 1 T Nivison 0
A Whyte 1 D Simpson 0
J Barclay 1 S Imrie 0
  7   7

Result of the Balbirnie scratch trophy played in September 1908; Rev J A Shannon and J S Allen tied on 80; John Black, Andrew Brand and James Ditson jnr all finished on 83. Result of a mixed foursome played in September, the three prize winning teams; John Ford and Miss N Graham, 78; T Nivison and Mrs D Robertson, 79; A Brand and Miss L Murray, 83.

Result of a bogey competition held in October 1908, prizes given by Rev John A Shannon; John Baldie won the scratch prize, 2up; handicap prize, James Walker (9) 2up; J S Allen (+2) 1down; Jas Diston jnr (2)| 1down; Ed Ross (9) 1down. Result of a mixed foursome also held in October; Miss J Baldie and J Pritchard, 84; Miss N Graham and James Walker, 85; Mrs Shannon and D Robertson, 85.

At the annual meeting in December 1908 Robert Ballingal was in the chair. The treasurer’s statement showed a debit balance of £33/11s/6d. In view of the expense entailed by the erection of the clubhouse, the statement was considered satisfactory and passed. The following office bearers were elected; President, Alfred Balfour of Balbirnie; captain, David Simpson; vice-captain, R P Wilson; Rev John A Shannon and J Wright were added to the committee; secretary and treasurer, D Robertson.

Result of the May 1913 medal; A A Brand, 81-4-77; J Marshall, 95-16-79; J S Cowe, 82 scratch; R Imrie, 86-4-82.

Result of the August 1913 medal; J Baldie jnr, 85-6-79; Rev J A Shannon, 81 scratch; Robert Imrie, 85-4-81; James Paton, 85-4-81. 

Result of a mixed foursome played on Saturday 18 October 1913; Nurse Milligan & A Allan, 87-11-76; Miss V Brand & R Imrie, 98-14-84; Mrs Craik & G Webster, 106-19-87; Miss Young & J S Cowe, 95-8-87. 

Club membership was 150 in the 1900s, rising to 175 by closure. Sunday play was not allowed.

In 1914 entry fee for gents was 5/- and ladies 2/6d. Subs for gents were 10/-, ladies 5/-. Visitors’ fees were 6d day, 2/- a week and 5/- a month.

Result of the July 1915 monthly medal; John Kerr (15) 1 up; C Dewar (11) 1 down; John Wyse (4) 2 down.

From 1923 to closure visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 3/- a week, 4/- a fortnight and 7/6d a month.

Below is the result of a Fife League match played against Newburgh Golf Club (now defunct) in June 1926.

At Newburgh.

Markinch Golf Club   Newburgh Golf Club  
J G White (half) 0 William Byers (half) 0
R Wilkie 1 H R Annan 0
William Whyte 1 A Ross 0
J A Farmer 1 William Campbell 0

At Markinch.

Markinch Golf Club   Newburgh Golf Club  
J Reid 1 J M Wilson 0
J Hutchison 1 W Whyte 0
J Herd 1 J McPherson 0
J Short 1 J Pitkethly 0
  7   0

Competition in May 1931.


Markinch Golf Club, Fife. Result of a competition played in May 1931.

Fife Free Press & Kirkaldy Guardian Saturday 23rd May 1931. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below is the result of the Fife Central League match played in April 1937 at Auchtermuchty.

Auchtermuchty Golf Club   Markinch Golf Club  
W C Leven & J Forgan 0 D Allan & R Wilson 0
J C Suttie & H G White 1 J Spiers & W Napier 0
P W Cormack & D Leven 1 G Barclay & D Sibbald 0
J Wannan & D B Scott 1 W Braid & J Doig 0
H Forgan & G Sanderson 0 R Honeyman & W Laidlaw 0
  3   0

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played at Auchtermuchty in July 1938. 

Auchtermuchty   Markinch  
Miss I Bell 0 Miss Guthrie 1
Miss B Ping 1 Mrs Kerr 0
Miss Jack 1 Miss Rae 0
Miss Bald 1 Miss Anderson 0
Miss C Waddell 1 Mrs Wilkie 0
Miss J Forgan 1 Miss Aitchison 0
  5   1

Below is the result of a Fife Central League match played at Auchtermuchty in April 1939. 

Auchtermuchty Golf Club   Markinch Golf Club  
J C Suttie 1 D M Sibbald 0
W C Leven 0 D Allan 1
J R Forgan 1 R Wilkie 0
H G White 1 A M Mackie 0
D Leven 0 J Sibbald 1
G Sanderson jnr 0 D Robertson 1
J Anderson 0 R Anderson 1
P W Cormack 1 Geo Reid 0
H A Forgan 0 G Barclay 1
D R Findlay 1 W Laidlaw 0
A C White 0 R Imrie 1
J C Forgan 1 W Braid 0
  6   6



  Secretary Greenkeeper
1914/27 Andrew A Brand, 10 Balbirnie Street, Markinch.  
1923   R Imrie (g)
1928/30 Jas G White, Croft Road, Markinsh.  
1931/49 Geo D Lumsden, 9 King Edward Street, Markinch. A G Harrison (g)


Markinch Golf Club, Fife. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the early course at Markinch.

Grid reference NO29740,02430, co-ordinates 329740,702340.



The Markinch course was required for the war effort in 1940 and never recovered. There was always a desire for a club in the area and in 1983 Balbirnie Golf Club was opened.