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Wormit Bay Golf Club, Fife. (1912 - WW2)

The plan of the proposed course below is from the Evening Telegraph dated Wednesday 17th July 1912.

The accompanying report is as follows “The promoters of the proposed golf course for the burgh of Newport have every reason to be satisfied with the meeting held last night in Wormit Hall.

The want of a golf course has been has been increasingly felt for the past few years, and any likely ground suitable has been the subject of considerable discussion. Not, however, until the latest scheme at Wormit Bay was mentioned has there been any practical step taken. It is satisfactory to note that everything points in the direction at no distant date of the golf course being an accomplished fact.

Considerable interest is being taken in the nature of the ground, and, while it is admitted there is a god deal of it covered with stones, the general impression seems to be that a suitable golf course could be made.

This view is strengthened by no less an expert than Mr W Auchterlonie, St Andrews, who, in the course of a report, states “that the ground would be most suitable for golf. It certainly is rough at present, but if a thicker crop of grass could be grown and all the lose stones removed quite a nice course could be made of it. Considering the matter of expense, I venture to say that it would take £200 to complete the work. Nevertheless, this sum would do quite a lot towards its construction”   

The above report was considered encouraging and it appeared that there would be enough support to carry through the proposals and that the area would soon have its longed for golf course.

Although nothing definite was confirmed regarding the layout of the course the following was a rough guide to the proposed yardages; First hole, 400 yards; second hole, 200 yards; third hole, 300 yards; fourth hole, 277 yards; fifth hole, 333 yards; sixth hole, 336 yards; seventh hole, 326 yards; eighth hole, 277 yards; ninth hole, 400 yards.


Wormit Bay Golf Club, Fife. Course location in 1912.

The course location which shows the proposed extension to the north.


Thanks to Melvyn Morrow for his help with the above information.


Wormit Bay Golf Club, Fife. The course from the north.

Wormit Bay Golf Course from the north.


The annual meeting was held in Scott's Hall on Tuesday 23rd December 1913, W Cowley, captain, in the chair. Mr A Brown, secretary, reported that good progess had been made during the first year. Mr A S Cowley, treasurer, stated that there were 248 members and 14 juniors. The chairman said "that in the course of time Mr W Auchterlonie's prediction that Wormit Bay Golf Course would be the best on Tayside would be fulfilled." The following office bearers were elected; captain, D C Maxwell; vice-captain, A Brown; secretary, T W Robertson; treasurer, A S Cowley; committee - D Macdonald, A H Jenkins, J W Callaghan, T Turnbull. A meeting of the ladies' section was also held and the following office bearers were elected; captain, Miss Macdougald; secretary, Miss Jean Forrest; committee - Mrs McKenzie, Mrs W B Milne, Mrs J M Soutar, Miss A Aitkin, Miss Murdoch, Miss Sturrock. 

At a meeting in February 1914 Mr Alfred A Jenkins, prominent member of the formation of the club, moved that the committee be authorised to proceed with the erection of a clubhouse, the total expenditure not to exceed £150, the motion was agreed. Mr Birrell asked what was the probable site, and was informed the captain, D C Maxwell, that it had ben decided to erect it at The Knoll, near the present first tee. The question of whether ladies should wear high healed boots when playing was raised as it was damaging the course, it was hoped the ladies would take the hint.

An "Old Country Fair" was to be held on Saturday 4th June 1914 to celebrate the opening of the clubhouse by Liet-Col HY, Scrymgeour Wedderburn.

In December 1914 a stroke competition was played with prizes give by Mrs Stewart Ramsay, result; Mrs Milne, 64-10-54; Miss Macdougald, 62-6-56.

The club kept a fairly low profile durimg the war but many fund raising events for organisations involved in supporting the conflict took place

In the final for the Cowley Trophy played on Saturday 28th June 1919 Leonard Macdougald beat John Hogg jun., by 5 and 4.   

In 1922/3 the secretary was G Blair, Kincraig, Wormit. A 9- hole course. Visitors’ fees were 1/6d a day. The station at Wormit was 5 minutes away.

At the annual meeting in December 1923 the following officers were elected; Hon. captain, Mrs Cowley; captain, Mr G Blair; secretary, J M Dott; treasurer, Mr J L Smith; committee - R Scott, A S Cram, J McQuoid, Miss Forrest. 

In the mid 1920s the secretary was J M Dott, Bellevue, Wormit, telephone Dundee 5492. The greenkeper was A Melville. Membership at this time was 200.


Wormit Bay Golf Club, Fife. John M Dott former secretary.

John M Dott secretary during the 1920s.


Wormit Bay Golf Club, Fife. Article from the Dundee Evening Telegraph March 1931.

From the Dundee Evening Telegraph Thursday March 26th 1931. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The prize presentation was held in conjunction with a military whist drive in Wormit Hall in March 1938. The prizes won during the season were presented by the lady captain, Miss May Walker.

Ladies’ section – Maxwell Championsip, Miss May Walker; runner-up, Miss Jean Cowley; Geddes Handicap, Miss Jean Turnbull; runner-up, Miss Ena Gleig.

Gent’s section – Cowley Championship, J Basil Wilson; runner-up, Archibald Treasure; McKinnon Handicap, F Beaton; runner-up, T Turnbull. Mixed Foursome; Mrs Hutchison & Robert Soutter; Soutar Boy’s Championship, Ian Peebles; runner-up, Ian Cowley. Monthly medals, Miss Ena Gleig and Sydney Soutter.

In 1940 and 1947 the secretary was W F Stephenson, “Glencairn” Wormit. The professional was A Kemp and the green-keeper G Melville. Visitors paid 1/- for a round. Sunday play was not allowed.

Wormit Bay Golf Club, Fife. Course location.

Location of the Wormit Bay course. Grid reference NO38990,25710, co-ordinates 338990,725710.



Wormit Bay Golf Club had disappeared by 1951.